As we speak’s Wordle Reply #494 – October 26, 2022 Resolution And Hints

The answer to right now’s Wordle puzzle (#494- October 26, 2022) is flout. We have provided the definitions above, however the etymology of the phrase is essentially unsure. Based on Merriam-Webster, it’s in all probability from Center English “flouten, which is itself from “floute,” which means to play the flute, though that bears no apparent correlation to its present utilization.

Flout is steadily interchanged with the phrase flaunt, though the latter is extra common for which means “boastful show” than “scornful disobedience”. In actual fact, some grammar puritans nonetheless frown on the utilization of flaunt in the identical context as flout, however you would not be improper to take action.

We solved the puzzle in 4 tries right now, utilizing the phrase prepare as a gap guess. It is one of many expert-recommended Wordle starter phrases, though it is not as common as crane or slate. After that, we tried the phrase shout, which was an excellent fortunate guess. We guessed the phrase clout subsequent, earlier than the reply turned clear.


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