As we speak’s Wordle Reply #512 – November 13, 2022 Resolution And Hints

The answer to at the moment’s Wordle puzzle (#512 – November 13, 2022) is inane. If one thing is inane or somebody behaves inanely, they’re exhibiting a scarcity of depth or substance. The phrase is generally used as an adjective, however it’s acceptable as a noun as effectively, so you may say a promising dialog veered off into the inane. The phrase has a really succinct etymology — it traces again to an unique Latin phrase “inanis” which suggests empty or void (through Etymonline).

We solved the puzzle one step quicker than WordleBot at the moment. Our opening guess phrase, hoist, was unfortunate — there have been nonetheless 243 potential choices! However after guessing the phrase diner subsequent, that quantity went down to a few, after which we made an accurate (and fortunate) third guess. That makes it the second day in a row that we’ll have a three-try triumph. We hope you are having fun with even higher luck.


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