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As we speak’s Wordle Reply #530 – December 1, 2022 Resolution And Hints


The answer to right this moment’s Wordle puzzle (#530 – December 1, 2022) is eject. It is from Latin “eiectus,” which implies “thrown out,” and is the previous participle of “eicere,” that means to solid out, expel, or drive into exile (through Etymonline.com).

It took 4 guesses for us to determine the reply right this moment. Our opening Wordle guess, “chortle,” was laughable in how unfortunate it was. WordleBot stated there have been nonetheless 767 potential solutions, however we solely had 5 tries left! However this is what makes Wordle an thrilling (and mathematical) recreation — after our second guess, “drive,” there have been solely 60 potential solutions left. The third guess, “scoop,” narrowed that quantity right down to only one, which we bought on the fourth attempt.

It is much more satisfying that we solved the puzzle one step quicker than WordleBot, and we hope you do even higher. If you happen to do not need to wait an entire day for an additional puzzle, listed here are different video games like Wordle to delay the enjoyable.


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