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At present’s Wordle Reply #475 – October 7, 2022 Resolution And Hints


The answer to as we speak’s Wordle puzzle (#475 – October 7, 2022) is dandy. Issues are dandy once they’re going nicely, and a person is a dandy if he preens. Based on Etymonline, the origin of the phrase in its noun type is unsure, however essentially the most widespread guess is that it’s from the French phrase “Dandin,” a mock surname for a silly particular person. The etymology of its utilization within the adjective type is basically unknown as nicely, however Etymonline studies that it goes way back to 1786. 

We did not clear up the puzzle till the sixth strive as we speak, which was a fairly shut shave, and one which ends the three-try streak we stored up till yesterday. Our first guess was the phrase practice, which is someplace on WordleBot’s checklist of really useful starter phrases, however it did not yield a lot. Subsequent, we tried the phrase aircraft, however that was unfortunate as nicely. The third time was nearly the allure, as our guess “sandy” had 4 right letters. Sadly, we guessed the phrases randy and bandy earlier than the reply turned obvious on the sixth guess. We hope you do significantly better than we did.


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