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At the moment’s Wordle Reply #515 – November 16, 2022 Answer And Hints


The answer to at this time’s Wordle puzzle (#515 – November 16, 2022) is baker. The phrase is from Center English bakere, which was “baken,” itself a substitute of “bachare,” which works again to Previous English “bæcere,” all that means “to bake”.

It is a tad shocking that it took the typical participant 4 to 5 tries to unravel at this time’s Wordle, contemplating the reply is such a typical phrase. Additionally, its letter mixture shouldn’t be unusual — it even incorporates two letters from the highest advisable Wordle-starter phrase, slate, which is a prime decide as a result of it incorporates a number of the most typical letters within the Wordle reply pool (though the NYT is making some modifications to that now). Then once more, Okay is not a very fashionable letter, so that may have been the stumbling block for many gamers.

Our beginning phrase, scout, was a really unfortunate first guess, which has been the case currently. There have been 720 remaining potential options, however after guessing the phrases “mind” and “berry,” the reply was clear. We hope you remedy the puzzle sooner.


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