Courageous Zenith

Writer: Roll 4 Tarrasque

Welcome to Courageous Zenith!

Courageous Zenith is a post-fantasy tabletop RPG, set in a world impressed by Brazilian tradition and lengthy summer time nights taking part in JRPGs on a pirated PS1. With a set of straightforward interpretative guidelines, that concentrate on participant creativity and creativeness, discover the ruined world of pastpresent, meet vibrant (and lethal) creatures, see the sights of the Second Metropolis, partake in scrumptious Monkey Oil and turn into an adventurer:

Formidable, indebted, BRAVE.  


Easy decision mechanic: roll 2d6, add bonuses, examine to a goal quantity. That is just about it.

3 Origins

  • People – lovers of ideology, most likely depressed (and accountable for ending the world).
  • Catfolk – cats that stroll and speak, lovers of meals and hospitality.
  • Jellies – wobbly and goofy, unburdened by custom, probably scrumptious.

6 Vocations

  •  Freelancer – Hit stuff, be sturdy, put on a cool jacket.
  • Mixologist – Make up your very personal particular grog,  get drunk, make mates.
  • Thief  – Steal stuff, create disguises, go away no locked door behind. 
  • Magic Person – Create spells, manipulate the mists, put on a cool hat! 
  • Dancer – Really feel the key rhythm of the world, flip your physique right into a weapon. 
  • Hunter – Develop into one with nature, use your toxic tongue, get a cool pet. 

Referee Part: a whole instrument set that will help you run your  Courageous Zenith video games.

Bestiary: face over 10 distinctive creatures in your adventures:

  • Capymera – Half capybara, half jabberwocky, 100% monstrous.
  • Observer – Eldritch sea urchins with laser eyes. Behold their glory.
  • Mermaids – Children changed into 4 armed sea creatures, able to steal your stuff.

An entire starter journey, ZANDOR’S MANSE: 

You gained a magical lamp out on an evening of consuming and playing, however as an alternative of a want you bought a job: clear the mansion of a lazy and merciless genie earlier than he returns or die making an attempt.“


Sport Design: Giuliano Roverato & Rodrigo Melchior

Emblem Design: Bruno Sabino

Graphic Design/Structure: Tatyane Frankalino

Artwork: Silva João & Lucas Waroshi


Enhancing: Vitor B J Mattos “Maik”

Undertaking Administration: Matthew Sanders & Zachary Cox

Brave ZenithValue: $12.50


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