Creatures of Sonaria tier record of all creatures



On the very prime of the Creatures of Sonaria tier record, yow will discover probably the most highly effective creatures with virtually no weaknesses. They take much less time to coach, as they’re much less demanding by way of tools.

  • Boreal Warden
  • Celeritas
  • Gobli
  • Crata Peretina
  • Gnolrok
  • Gramoss
  • Gyroudus
  • Hellion Warden
  • Hygos
  • Kendyll
  • Lmakosauruodon
  • Lus-Adarch
  • Sar’Hingaro
  • Iztajuatl
  • Sigmatox
  • Syroudon
  • Yeba’idi
  • Brequewk

Boreal Warden

Boreal Warden at the top of the CoS tier list
The Boreal Warden is a terrestrial herbivore creature that was as soon as accessible throughout Winter Occasions 2021-2022. The creature itself is mysterious and uncommon, which may be very onerous to seek out in Sonaria. These giants are somewhat passive, serving to neighbouring herbivores who’re on the lookout for safety.


Gramoss creature
Gramoss is a terrestrial herbivore. This species is offered within the Herbivore gacha. Gramoss is an obedient and sociable herbivore, able to empathizing with different creatures. The creatures can typically be seen sheltering small creatures below their our bodies as they graze looking for meals. Gramoss’s physique form is much like that of Koryser. It has small wings, which it’s unable to make use of for flight. Its design and identify could also be a reference to gargoyles lined in moss.


Lmakosauruodon creature in Creatures of Sonaria
Lmakosauruodon is an herbivore that lives on the bottom. You possibly can receive it within the Herbivore Gacha. It appears to be like like a sauropod dinosaur. It has a beetle-like crest on the top of its nostril and plenty of spines on its neck. Its colors are turquoise, brown, and yellow.



The creatures on this record are very sturdy and have one extremely sturdy or a number of sturdy sides.

  • Aolenus
  • Archalium
  • Ardor Warden
  • Arsonos
  • Axothan
  • Boskurro
  • Buff Eulopii
  • Sturbi
  • Chamei
  • Yggdragstyx
  • Zeoarex
  • Cryptoth
  • Exterreri
  • Imeaorn
  • Opralegion
  • Dieamarjla
  • Jotunhel
  • Kohikii
  • Laharpes
  • Luxsces
  • Lerachu
  • Lure
  • Magnarothus
  • Militrua
  • Gryvila
  • Moemoea
  • Nyctoxon
  • Polymonstrum
  • Qurugosk
  • Fleuralis
  • Salrahn
  • Heisoteri
  • Sana’ata
  • Turgeon
  • Ura
  • Novus Warden
  • Kavouradis
  • Varskela
  • Venatrox
  • Verdant Warden
  • Verklixin
  • Vetemortem
  • Yohsog
  • Slaiorn
  • Zethines

Buff Eulopii

Buff Eulopii creature
Buff Eulopii is a terrestrial herbivore. This species is not accessible in Gacha. Nonetheless, it may’ve been obtained throughout the Easter Occasion 2021 occasion by preventing the Buff Eulopii boss.

It was later returned throughout the Easter Occasion 2022 as a random drop from the Scrambler boss.

Buff Eulopii is much like Eulopii. The primary variations between the 2 are that the Eulopii Buff appears to be like bigger, bipedal, extra muscular, and has a broad torso and abs.


Polymonstrum creature
It is a terrestrial herbivore. This species is offered within the Herbivore Gacha. These tall beauties are pleasant creatures. In the event that they ally with different herbivores, they take excellent care of the animal’s life. Their horns attain the foliage excessive up on the timber, thus making noise. This helps to scare away any dwelling creatures within the timber in order that different creatures won’t eat them.


Sana'ata in Creatures of Sonaria
Sana’ata is a terrestrial carnivore. The species is just accessible within the Rotation Retailer. Relating to Sana’ata, they’re spoken of as sluggish and really cumbersome creatures, discovered principally close to minerals or caves. They’ve pickaxe-like limbs over their shoulders, in addition to a pickaxe-like outgrowth on the top of their tail. These are used for each fight and mining.



On this part of the Creatures of Sonaria tier record, we now have the creatures which can be an important choice for a beginner. Most of those have particular talents.

  • Adharcaiin
  • Aereis
  • Aesho
  • Aholai
  • Amolis
  • Buukon
  • Sang Toare
  • Chrysos
  • Citrulantis
  • Dragonixsauria
  • Faecalu
  • Oxidaizen
  • Garra Warden
  • Ghibli
  • Gorgonichus
  • Gloracus
  • Halaqual
  • Hikorshi
  • Kehmador
  • Keruku
  • Khetheral
  • Knalriki
  • Coniferon
  • Koipise
  • Koryser
  • Morinus
  • Murlk
  • Nindyr
  • Norskogg
  • Athulyth
  • Nymphasuchus
  • Lenarabu
  • Auraron
  • Reviiaton
  • Sarchias
  • Hisolidium
  • Sleirnok
  • Sochuri
  • Taurolystris
  • Equenix
  • Ovufu
  • Gurava
  • Therolachus
  • Bazelii
  • Teinook
  • Tohukos
  • Phyremia
  • Puffwump
  • Tarakotu
  • Fellisio
  • Trikylo
  • Trutholbyeva
  • Chisudo
  • Tundrik
  • Undoli
  • Valkurse
  • Vaumora
  • Veludorah
  • Yama’tu
  • Ura
  • Zohdok
  • Zoocuu
  • Cenicara
  • Frigiboa
  • Zwevealisk


Knalriki is a terrestrial omnivore. The species is offered within the Session Gacha. Since knalriks are small, they’re very nimble creatures which can be very keen on meals. They will typically be discovered gathering round carcasses within the hope of getting full.

Knalriks are long-limbed creatures with spines operating alongside components of their our bodies and scorpion-like barbs on the top of their lengthy, skinny tails. Their heads are slender and converge to a degree, although they don’t have any eyes and have quite a few tooth that protrude from their mouths even when closed.


The Therolachus is a semi-aquatic herbivore. The species is offered within the Herbivores Gacha and Semi-Aquatic Gacha. Therolachus resembles a hippopotamus with slender legs. Conduct-wise, the Therolachus is much like a rhinoceros or hippopotamus. They reside in teams of as much as 10 to 12 people, normally led by the alpha male. They’re efficient each on land and in water. If you’re instantly chased by this creature, don’t worry that it’ll comply with you for a very long time as they don’t cost past their territory.



B tier contains easy creatures that may assist in battles however spend much more person effort and time to take action. As with the A tier, it might take longer for a creature to develop into stronger.

  • Archinax
  • Galeostra
  • Arrainoa
  • Yenyasha
  • Bengon
  • Cantapodi
  • Cottol
  • Diemarjla
  • Diesura
  • Xenolif
  • Diokrine
  • Doragonix
  • Emphines
  • Denjzi
  • Euvias
  • Ferrah
  • Flixlit
  • Etheralotus
  • Hemokai
  • Hushike
  • Ikoran
  • Ibetchi
  • Khiku
  • Kiridian
  • Kriprik
  • Kyiki
  • Laibonich
  • Lissiceous
  • Momola
  • Nytoltalus
  • Pernirex
  • Phugu
  • Therokis
  • Mordelium
  • Borenhir
  • Traiboros
  • Veldys
  • Vin’rou
  • Maiueve
  • Molangai
  • Volnoirve
  • Wystora


Dioctrine is a terrestrial photocarnivore. This species has been obtained in a Restricted Gacha however is not accessible in any Gacha. The Dioctrine is a inexperienced theropod with options much like the dinosaur Dilophosaurus, that includes foliage ruffles and a head crest with a brilliant blue underside. These beasts are at all times hungry and looking for meals. They’re nimble, quick, and clever. However regardless of the above info, the creature is weak and unlikely to have the ability to assist the participant.



These creatures must be given most consideration if you wish to get nice fight efficiency out of them. It is best to restrict utilizing them till the most effective creatures fall out.

  • Alkaksu
  • Ani
  • Astrothi
  • Beezu
  • Belluvaraptor
  • Valkyrie
  • Eulopii
  • Saikarie
  • Viridex
  • Moonelle
  • Levoneh
  • Rorolo
  • Fernifly
  • Parahexilian
  • Shro
  • Fyluf
  • Ghalgeya
  • Jeff
  • Irdegarde
  • Kemoti
  • Kiiwin
  • Kriffin
  • Galtekron
  • Mekmek
  • Miik
  • Minawii
  • Nimoona
  • Pero
  • Prabiki
  • Ralokai
  • Saukuryn
  • Rukig
  • Shiyaro
  • Yiepir


Pero is a flying omnivore. The species is offered within the Omnivores Gacha and Sky Gacha. The Pero has a bird-like physique kind with a tiny beak-less face. There are two rows of glowing lights on its neck and tail, for a complete of eight lamps. Pero is a feathered chook with exceptional flight capacity. As Pero grows, they’ve mild bulbs that allow them assume an invisible situation and conceal from predators.


This tier record just isn’t a panacea. A correctly grown and used C-tier creature will be simply as efficient as an S-tier one in various conditions. We hope you discovered the Creatures of Sonaria tier record helpful and that you could now begin coaching these on the prime. We have now lined lots of totally different Roblox titles, so you can even discover Anime Dimensions Simulator tier record, Anime Warriors tier record, My Hero Extremely Influence tier record and a reroll information for many of them.


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