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Should you’ve been in search of an excuse to drink concern not, for as we speak’s EN5ider brings an finish to your quest with a cupboard filled with miraculous alcohol!

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  • 483. Enchanted Trinkets: Prime-Shelf Trinkets. What’s higher than a little bit of wonderful liquor? A little bit of enchanted liquor! This batch of magical booze particulars unbelievable concoctions from the dreamy archfey’s delight to a bolstering shot of confidence, communication-enhancing soliloquy wine, and extra—plus important consuming implements like Alvis Kegswill’s pick-your-poison pouch flask or the jar of slick victory! Make libations a will need to have to your adventuring by selecting from the bard’s private assortment, turning an evening of revelry on the tavern into not only a good time however an occasion unto itself. Designs distilled by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Herman Lau.
  • 482. Mini-Journey: Void Chrysalis. An historical and primal pressure seeks to as soon as extra take maintain in Elissar, an entity that consumes warmth and lightweight till all is as frozen as its soul. This chilling terror has been banished from the realms materials however a relic in a position to carry it again—the Void Coronary heart, a gemstone that distills the impossibly chilly void into corporeal kind—has reached chrysalis, its process practically full. For each drop of the entity it brings into the world the following winter in Elissar will final for an additional month, and its fast results are already troubling the land with just one gathered to date. Delicately designed by Mike Myler as a part of the Elemental Journey Path (following EN5ider #481 – MA: Wildwynd’s Return), illustrated by Yihyoung Li, and that includes the cartography of Dyson Logos and Russ Morrissey.
  • 481. Mini-Journey: Wildwynd’s Return. Historical and horrible hazard has been unleashed upon the realm of Ostinad, a tempest of such unbelievable measurement and ferocity that it threatens to tear the lands of the horse lords asunder. Within the eye of this savage storm its calm winds swirl a few anonymous temple in a forgotten canyon—and it’s right here the place the primordial elemental Wildwynd whirls, rising in energy with each passing day. To greatest this monster the social gathering should uncover and destroy shrines empowering it, although the bloody stays of those who have tried already show that it’s no easy or simple process. This mini-adventure for 4–5 PCs of twelfth degree is the primary in a 4 half Elemental Journey Path collection set in Elissar, dreadfully designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Asgraphics13, and that includes the cartography of Dyson Logos and Russ Morrissey.
  • 480. Spells: Tribwil’s Troublesome Illusions. Illusionists are the trickiest of mages and their mendacious follow of magic is as manifold as their imaginations. One among their most celebrated practitioners was the gnome Tribwil, his work with figments famed for its nuance and the lofty heights of arcana it reached. This text contains greater than a half dozen of his unbelievable spells: aggressive id sublimation, chaotic crowd, drastic distractions, engagement alteration, illusory onslaught, multiversal alternative, and perceived prowess! Deceptively designed by Tyler Omichinski, illustrated by Erik Davis Heim.
  • 479. Journey: Nightmare of Corrin’s Mound. Humble farmsteads and pleasant smiles cover a secret within the idyllic area of Shining Valley—way back the Dreamers magocracy dominated the realm via the ability of psionics, and the ruins of their capital sit in Alldeep Forest. The Cult of Terror (feared throughout the land) have found a web site of nice energy there the place they’ve conjured an alien from the Realm of Desires. Its affect has now unfold to the village of Insolo and threatens to achieve additional nonetheless, the goals of these throughout the Shining Valley drawing them to the Cave of Terror or denying them the succor of sleep altogether. Contains statistics for the warlock Xalyn Narcona (CR 3) and Dream Watcher (CR 5). This journey for 4 PCs of third–fifth degree was dreamily designed by Levi Thompson, illustrated by Herman Lau, and options the cartography of Mike Myler and Xanditz.



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