D&D Adventurers League Unveils New DungeonCraft Doc with Planescape In Focus

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League (DnDAL) has been embracing the creativity of its group with the Dungeoncraft program since November of 2020. This initiative empowers Dungeon Masters to design their very own adventures for D&D Adventurers League campaigns. The newly launched Dungeoncraft Design Information, efficient from November ninth, 2023, offers complete directions and requirements for crafting these adventures.


Exploring Planescape Choices in Dungeoncraft​

The Planescape setting, efficient from November 4th, 2023, presents distinctive alternatives for Dungeoncraft creators:

  • Planescape as a Setting: Whereas being part of the Forgotten Realms marketing campaign, Dungeoncraft adventures in Planescape should focus totally on the Planescape setting. Adventures should begin with the code PS-DC.
  • Allowed Assets: A number of assets, together with “Morte’s Planar Parade” and “Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants,” are authorized for crafting adventures in Planescape.
  • Journey Setting Assets: The primary supply is “Planescape: Adventures within the Multiverse.” Creators are suggested to not contradict present info or destroy a airplane, and to contemplate the themes and philosophies of every airplane.
  • Tiers and Rewards: Creators can design adventures for any tier and choose consumables from authorized assets. Rewards have particular limitations to keep up stability.
  • Publishing Deadlines: Adventures supporting this season should be revealed on the Dungeon Masters Guild by December 31, 2024, and might be performed via March 31, 2025.

You’ll find the newest DungeonCraft doc within the D&D Discord, within the #al-updates channel (you should be a D&D discord member to comply with the hyperlink).

Creating Your Personal Adventures with DungeonCraft​

The Dungeoncraft program permits creators to design their very own D&D Adventurers League adventures. These might be tailor-made for numerous D&D campaigns, every with particular useful resource books, useable monsters, and magic merchandise rewards. All Dungeoncraft adventures should align with the world of the featured marketing campaign setting, with out crossing into different settings or worlds until explicitly allowed by that marketing campaign’s guidelines.

Technical Necessities​

Creators should use a selected template supplied for Dungeoncraft adventures, together with the Group Created D&D Adventurers League emblem. Familiarity with the D&D Model Information and adherence to the DMsGuild Content material Pointers are additionally required.

Journey Crafting​

Adventures ought to be designed for both a two-hour or four-hour play time. The information specifies learn how to deal with monsters, together with annotations for racial talents and magic gadgets, and prohibits altering the problem ranking of monsters/NPCs or creating new creatures. The journey should happen inside the designated setting and mustn’t end result within the destruction of main places or NPCs.


This system outlines particular guidelines for choosing magic merchandise rewards and different consumables primarily based on the journey’s tier and length. These embody limits on the categories and numbers of things that may be chosen from designated tables. There are clear pointers for group financial rewards primarily based on the tier and length of the journey.

Story Awards​

Not every thing is price gold; a narrative award is a persistent award given to characters that meet the requirement within the journey. In contrast to tangible rewards like gold, gadgets, or expertise factors, a Story Award sometimes represents a story achievement or a change within the character’s standing inside the sport world. It may embody recognition of alliances fashioned, enemies made, secrets and techniques uncovered, or particular information gained. These awards don’t present mechanical advantages however fairly enrich the character’s private story and may affect their interactions and experiences in future adventures inside the AL framework. Story awards in Dungeoncraft Adventures usually are not allowed to offer mechanical advantages or circumvent the boundaries of different listed rewards.

Publication and Compliance​

Creators have the choice to publish their adventures on the Dungeon Masters Guild. The adventures should adhere to particular coding and design requirements, and solely the designers are allowed to run the journey till it’s revealed. There are strict compliance guidelines, and adventures might be faraway from the DMsGuild in the event that they fail to fulfill these requirements. Non-compliance may also result in suspension or revocation of the creator’s capacity to proceed creating and publishing sanctioned content material beneath these guidelines.

DungeoncCraft Adventures​

One of the best ways to discover ways to write DungeonCraft adventures is to see how others have written them. Listed below are 5 adventures from the DMsGuild:

Dohwar Heist (SJ-DC-DWR-01)​

Within the “Dohwar Heist” journey, the Silver Beak service provider cartel’s dohwar on the Rock of Bral face threats from mercane and a raid by vampirates, which leads to the lack of their manufacturing amenities for candy honeyfish mooncakes. Adventurers should infiltrate the vampirate stronghold, retrieve the cargo, and escape unnoticed. This four-hour Spelljammer Dungeoncraft Journey for Tier 2 characters, optimized for APL 8, features a PDF journey information, NPC and creature stat blocks, high-resolution maps, participant handouts, and writer notes. It is impressed by heist motion pictures and presents numerous play types however focuses totally on motion. Content material warnings embody alcohol, drowning, fantasy violence, and kidnapping.

The Solitude of Solace (WBW-DC-DMMC-01)​

This Silver Greatest Vendor, and 5 stars from 8 scores is a 4-hour psychological horror journey for Tier 2 characters, optimized for a mean celebration degree (APL) of 8. The storyline entails looking for a misplaced woman who seeks a treatment for her dying mom, main gamers right into a realm stuffed with horror. The journey, designed for digital tabletop (VTT) play, contains maps and an journey PDF. It is vital to notice that this journey accommodates mature themes corresponding to physique horror, youngster endangerment, gore, and psychological well being points (together with abuse, despair, grief, and trauma), and isn’t really helpful for younger kids or these delicate to such content material.

Forlorn however not Forgotten (SJ-DC-PHP-FLN01-01)​

Forlorn however not Forgotten is an 5 begin reviewed (by 8 scores), Silver Greatest Vendor. This 2-hour Spelljammer journey for ranges 1-4. Set within the Wildspace system of Forlorn, gamers are tasked with aiding an astral elf to find his misplaced lover, marking the primary a part of the Crystalstar Trilogy. This journey, ultimate for newcomers, presents a mixture of role-play, fight, and exploration. Content material warnings embody attainable abduction, loss and mourning, and strangulation.

Starfall (SJ-DC-ECHO-01)​

In Starfall, the Silver Greatest Vendor and 5 star (from 7 scores) journey, Githyanki pirates have stolen a sacred relic from the Hesperides Temple. On this two-hour journey for Tier 3 characters, optimized for a mean celebration degree (APL) of 13, gamers should retrieve the relic earlier than time runs out. Set within the Wildspace system of Echo, the journey comes with a content material warning for demise by hearth and a possible phobia set off involving spiders. The product contains an journey PDF and a map pack, with each customary and printer-friendly variations of the maps.

DungeonCraft highlights the D&D AL admins needs to innovate in organized play storytelling. By immediately involving the group of Dungeon Masters, this system democratizes the journey creation course of. It permits Dungeon Masters to not solely run pre-designed adventures but additionally to craft and share their very own tales inside the established D&D universes. This method empowers the Dungeon Masters, giving them a platform to showcase their creativity and contribute to the increasing lore of D&D.


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