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Degree Up (A5E) – ENterplanetary DimENsions: Odd Objectio


ENterplanetary DimENsions has one final airplane that can go away your adventurers modified and it’s in all probability Mike’s favourite: Odd Objectio!

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Stated to be the realm of gods worshiped by objects, none know the origins of Objectio for sure. Some declare it serves an afterlife for objects destroyed lengthy after their use ended, or the dimension was crafted by sentient magic objects that attained mastery over spells, or that it’s the work of a deranged deity lengthy since forgotten. Curious as it’s, this place bears similarities to different extra mundane realms—the numerous present extra for the few, although they achieve this with a singular appreciation for craftsmanship that’s troublesome for a typical particular person to really perceive.

No matter the way it got here to be Objectio is populated not by individuals within the common sense: every particular person a strolling and speaking object. Tables stroll, devices sing, wagons speak, and flagons drink. They reside in any other case extraordinary albeit celebrated lives, most embracing the aim decided by their kind and excelling—devices play superlative music, shovels dig with peerless effectivity, carts virtually by no means throw a wheel, and civilization chugs together with nary a wrench in its workings. People who buck the development can succeed at different duties, although they’re normally outcasts regarded down upon for resisting the circulate of society regardless of how exhausting they fight or the standard of what they’ll do.

Planar Traits. Objectio has the next planar traits and the Narrator ought to make use of any encounter components acceptable for a given locale on this dimension. When it’s potential to take action, noticing considered one of these encounter components earlier than it’s too near keep away from requires a DC 15 Engineering examine.​

Perform Following Kind

Except for having limbs, facial options, and the opposite hallmarks of sentient peoples nearly all of Objectio’s populace are unremarkable; a violin native to the dimension is Tiny-sized and more likely to love music, however it isn’t a magical merchandise or advanced conjured figment. There’s no scarcity of people of bizarre proportions nevertheless, and vacationers stranded on this airplane lengthy sufficient to completely bear Objectification are simple to select from a crowd (nonetheless the identical relative peak as once they arrived).

Widespread Objectians. The statistics for a standard NPC in Objectio is decided by its measurement (because the animate objects spell however with a Pace of 30 toes, common imaginative and prescient, and an Intelligence rating of 8 + 1d6, Knowledge rating of 8 + 1d6, and Charisma rating of 8 + 1d6) with any extra actions, assaults, or traits decided by the Narrator and the character of the NPC’s kind. For instance, a rope might need a better Maneuver DC or a wagon a better Pace. Vegetation of considerable progress (not less than Small measurement) are additionally sentient though solely barely (as woke up shrubs and woke up timber with Intelligence 5 and proficiency in Widespread), utterly subservient to anybody that manages to meaningfully talk with them.​

With a inhabitants predisposed to succeed with their given duties civilization has achieved a staunch dependability. The rulers of the land—objects imbued with arcana or divinity—have cemented their authority over centuries of gradual progress, capitalizing on the spectacular heights of the humanities to distract the plenty whereas quietly dismantling significant insurrections. Councils of bookseers (every a tome of spells or historic historical past) information the actions of sentient magic merchandise royalty as kingdoms vie for sources, working to craft new denizens or convey destruction to the forces of their rivals. Those that usually are not destroyed within the wake of their sovereigns’ cruel ambitions turn out to be the one true objects on this unusual dimension, passing away when the supplies that make them up decay past cohesion and their options recede, their limbs shriveling into nothing.

Turning into Objectian. An object not native to Objectio that’s left unattended for 7 (2d6) days good points sentience, grows limbs, and turns into a assemble. Magical objects take longer to be affected by Objectio, usually are not charmed afterwards, and achieve a fly pace of 30 toes and the power to hover, however in any other case comply with the foundations of Seeping Sentience (see Mergia).​

Synthetic Nature

Whereas there are some bugs and critters which have managed to outlive (or within the case of mice thrive), most of nature’s infrastructure in Objectio is aided or enacted by thorough farming, forestry, and pollination practices. Within the spring wagons are laden with flowering vegetation and despatched throughout routes that change every year, tended to in the summertime by laborers not fairly as efficient as nature. Though autumn’s harvests are meager compared to the efforts expended upon them they’re ample sufficient to maintain—whereas objectians require air, meals, water, and relaxation like people do, they solely eat half as a lot.

Tough Foreign money

Like each different object in Objectio, cash live and considering beings. Most of them respect their position and are completely satisfied to vary fingers when it is sensible, however anybody that harms others to take their wealth would possibly discover that a few of their ill-gotten good points have slipped away, unwilling for use by a brigand. Pickpockets on this airplane are fast to muffle any objections their prizes would possibly shout, and thieves’ guilds have all kinds of strategies to implement servitude from unruly forex.

Outrageous Objectification

Unlucky souls drawn to Objectio not often handle to flee earlier than being modified in weird methods.

Object Transformation

After remaining in Objectio for plenty of quick or lengthy rests equal to its hit cube, a humanoid undergoes the primary section of Objectification and good points the listed feat (or if it already has that feat it as a substitute will increase one capability rating of its selection by 2, or it might probably enhance two capability scores of its selection by 1). After plenty of days equal to its hit cube a humanoid undergoes a second after which third section of transformation. The advantages of the phases of transformation and the feats gained are listed on Desk: Objectification.

The character of a humanoid’s transformation is decided by its future, and the way Objectification modifications a humanoid’s look begins first with its head (remodeling into the described object), adopted by its torso, till lastly its legs and arms shorten or lengthen (relying on the article) till they bear no resemblance to earlier than. Objectification doesn’t alter a humanoid’s measurement. The third section of Objectification grants the Assemble-Like trait.

Assemble-Like. For the needs of options, spells, and traits, the humanoid counts as each a assemble and a humanoid. The humanoid good points immunity to illness and poison, and immunity to psychic injury. As well as, it good points an experience die on saving throws made to withstand being charmed or frightened, and its unarmed strikes deal an additional 1d4 bludgeoning injury.
These items usually are not with out value nevertheless because the humanoid’s altered kind is each much less in a position to understand its environment and relate to others. It has drawback on Notion checks, and on Deception, Perception, Intimidation, and Persuasion checks made in opposition to humanoids. As well as, when the humanoid turns into bloodied it additionally turns into rattled.​

On the Narrator’s discretion a special kind of object will be chosen for a given future, and a humanoid might bear some distinguishing options (like a distinguished scar or distinctive tattoo) that stay after transformation.

Regressing the Change

As soon as reworked by Objectio highly effective magic is required to reverse a creature’s destiny. A creature that has undergone Objectification can regress from the second section to the primary section (or undo the transformation of the primary section) with a casting of better restoration, however solely the want spell is ready to take away the consequences of the third section Objectification from a humanoid. Any feat gained from Objectification stays after regressing the change.

Desk: Objectification

Future Object Feat Second Part
Chaos Die Survivor If you see a creature inside 30 toes make an assault roll or saving throw, you should utilize your response to throw your self susceptible and power the creature to reroll.
Coming of Age Easy toy Attentive If you see a creature inside 60 toes make a capability examine or assault roll, you should utilize your response to throw your self susceptible and power the creature to roll with drawback as you distract it.
Devotion Shrine Mystical Expertise Prices are eradicated for the non secular devotion downtime exercise whenever you make sacred choices utilizing your self because the receptacle.
Dominion Throne Hardy Adventurer You achieve a 1d12 experience die on Deception, Perception, Intimidation, and Persuasion checks made in opposition to a creature sitting on you.
Excellence Musical instrument Thespian You achieve a 1d6 experience die on Charisma checks. As well as, you may have benefit on capability checks made to play music with your self.
Data Bookcase Ceremony Grasp You achieve a 1d6 experience die on Intelligence checks. As well as, after storing plenty of nonmagical books in your physique equal to your Intelligence modifier, you understand their contents whenever you end an extended relaxation.
Metamorphosis Umbrella Future’s Name You should utilize a bonus motion to open or retract. If you are open your Pace is decreased by half, and in your flip you’ll be able to orient your self to grant three-quarters cowl (+5 to AC, Dexterity saving throws, and talent checks made to cover) to creatures in a 15-foot cone behind you. Creatures lose this cowl in case you transfer, are knocked susceptible, retract, if a creature strikes out of the realm, or whether it is focused by an attacker that isn’t in entrance of you.
Revenge Weapon Vendetta You achieve a slam pure weapon assault with which you might be proficient. On successful you deal 2d6 injury of a kind (bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing) decided by your form.
Underdog Crowbar Pure Warrior You may have benefit on Energy checks when you’ll be able to lever your self.
Wealth Coin Empathic You achieve proficiency in Sleight of Hand (or an experience die if you’re already proficient). As well as, you achieve proficiency with the Mugging Hit and Painful Pickpocket maneuvers, and do not need to spend exertion to activate them.

objectio coin person basic.png

Portal Patterns

With the speedy and everlasting modifications Objectio forces on guests it’s no shock that almost all arrive totally accidentally. In dimensions like Corzcunath, Darakoa, the Dreaming, Inphasmada, Mergia, Ostium, or the Wheel its portals are simple to identify with shimmering borders that include an unobstructed view of the lands beneath (and any objectians that occur to be wandering by). When these portals seem elsewhere (together with the Materials Aircraft) they are often as small as a toddler’s fist and are full voids, hidden within objects which were in proximity lengthy sufficient to absorb arcana or divinity that connects it to this unusual place. Recognizing such a portal is troublesome (DC 20 Investigation or Notion examine, or discovered instantly with detect magic) and even then understanding what it’s or the place it goes requires 8 hours of research and a DC 20 Arcana examine.

When a creature touches a portal to Objectio (even when it does so with a held object as a substitute of its physique) it’s instantly sucked via to the opposite facet, dragging alongside any creatures it’s holding or being held by. Most of those portals exit 40 toes above the bottom someplace within the dimension however disappear after a short time, although every follows a sample and finally reappears at a predictable time (decided by the Narrator).

Quarry Quests

Solely humanoids endure transformation on the whims of this airplane and the rulers of this place contemplate different trespassers unseemly, wanting to see the order of society restored after a monster falls out of a portal to wreak havoc earlier than fleeing into the wilderness. When this happens near sizable settlements close by bookseers have vegetation within the space canvassed to find the place the intruding creature is, then dispatch scroll case couriers to recognized adventurers with contracts which have beneficiant rewards for its seize or slaying—and if they’re new arrivals the promise of assist figuring out when a brand new portal is more likely to seem.

Objectian bards have many a tune telling of horrible dragons and liches that invade the dimension to seize their kin, breaking victims down into parts for fell rituals and potent evil curses. Whether or not or not these are true or the propaganda of royalty is unknown however their impact is similar, and any such creature is in equal components feared and persecuted by commoners and nobles alike. What’s actually true is the hazard posed to the realm’s nobles—planar sages know of this place and that it’s dominated by sentient magic objects, and loads of adventurers have ethics versatile sufficient to make kidnapping one an inexpensive endeavor.

Dying in Objectio

The dying of an objectian is of considerably much less concern than in different realms as a result of they know that save for a number of grisly methods to die (similar to being burned to ashes or corroded into nothing) that for them there is no such thing as a true finish. After they shuffle off their mortal coil their stays will probably be repurposed into one thing new, part of them residing on in perpetuity.

When a residing creature that isn’t a assemble dies whereas in Objectio nevertheless, its physique turns into an object—and similar to every other object it will definitely good points sentience. In contrast to a typical mundane object, when a non-construct creature’s corpse good points sentience it turns into a carrionette.


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