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Degree Up (A5E) – ENterplanetary DimENsions: Vitiating Veskrollo | EN World | Dungeons & Dragons


There’s fowl play on ENterplanetary DimENsions as we speak as we pig out on a dimension that’s gone to the canine (together with another animals): Vitiating Veskrollo!

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It’s no exaggeration to say that Veskrollo brings out the beast inside—each mortal traveler that stays too lengthy quickly finds themselves all of the sudden just like the animalistic those who dwell right here. Plain humanoids are a uncommon sight on this dimension and should rapidly discover egress lest the transformation take them too, but those that stay on this unusual realm quickly discover that the sight of an unchanged individual attracts many eyes. Whether or not hero or villain they’re rigorously watched, both cheered on or knowledgeable upon by denizens that know that if nothing else their presence guarantees a bit of pleasure.

Each thoroughfare, settlement, and market is stuffed with all kinds of animal folks going about their lives whether or not that’s crafting, farming, buying and selling or in any other case. Some discover bonds with their less complicated kin (just a few caring for a loyal pack, tending to a treasured herd, and even migrating with a well-liked flock) however most Veskrollans are like commoners in another medieval realm—they wrestle to outlive towards the hardships of a harmful world the place monsters nonetheless lurk within the darkness as energy slips between the clutches of sovereigns.

Planar Traits. Veskrollo has the next planar traits and the Narrator ought to make use of any encounter components acceptable for a given locale on this dimension. When it’s potential to take action, noticing an encounter component earlier than it’s too near keep away from requires a DC 13 Notion examine.

Buying Animalization

After remaining in Veskrollo for a variety of lengthy rests equal to its hit cube, a creature undergoes its first part of Animalization and features proficiency within the listed ability (or whether it is already proficient, it as an alternative features an experience die and a specialty in that ability) and an experience die on saving throws made towards spells of the listed college. After a variety of weeks equal to its hit cube a creature undergoes its second part of transformation. The advantages of the levels of transformation and the abilities gained are listed on Desk: Animalization. The character of a creature’s transformation is decided by its background or kind, and the way Animalization adjustments a creature’s look begins first with its head adopted by its limbs. On the Narrator’s discretion a distinct kind of animal will be chosen for a given background.

Desk: Animalization




Spell Faculty

Second Section





You acquire benefit on Stealth checks made to cover in a crowd and on saving throws towards confusion.​





Whereas your palms are empty you acquire a fly velocity equal to half your Pace.​





You acquire benefit on Perception checks and Intimidation checks.​





You acquire an experience die and benefit on means checks made to contort or squeeze.​





You acquire benefit on Deception and Persuasion checks.​





You’ll be able to over eat and retailer Provide equal to your proficiency bonus. When you don’t eat any Provide you as an alternative use a saved Provide. You can’t eat Provide whilst you have saved Provide.​





You acquire benefit on Survival checks made to observe tracks and on saving throws made to Dash.





Whereas your palms are empty you acquire a fly velocity equal to half your Pace.

Folks Hero​




You acquire an experience die and benefit on saving throws made towards concern.​



Sleight of Hand​


Whereas your palms are empty you acquire a fly velocity equal to half your Pace.​





You acquire benefit on saving throws made towards fatigue and strife.​





You acquire a swim velocity equal to your Pace and scale back the crafting time for mundane objects by half.​





You acquire a burrow velocity equal to half your Pace and acquire benefit on saving throws made towards strife.​





You acquire benefit on means checks made to leap and saving throws to withstand being charmed.​



Historical past​


You acquire a climb velocity equal to your Pace, and are capable of climb on ceilings and different vertical surfaces.​





Whereas your palms are empty you acquire a fly velocity equal to half your Pace.​





Whereas your palms are empty you acquire a fly velocity equal to half your Pace.​





Whereas your palms are empty you acquire a fly velocity equal to half your Pace.​





You acquire benefit on saving throws made to withstand fatigue and your Pace will increase by 10 ft.​



Animal Dealing with​


You acquire immunity to ingested poisons, and whereas your palms are empty you acquire a fly velocity equal to half your Pace..​





You acquire benefit on saving throws made to withstand being knocked down, moved, or slowed.

Regressing the Change

As soon as remodeled by Veskrollo highly effective magic is required to reverse a creature’s destiny. A creature that has undergone Animalization can regress from the primary part with a casting of larger restoration, however solely the want spell is ready to take away the consequences of each the second and first part of Animalization from a creature. Any proficiencies or specialties gained from Animalization stay after regressing the change.

Keen Escapes

The character of how this dimension transforms folks isn’t any secret—from a younger age native youngsters hear tales about it, and when requested any commoner is keen to share what they know of Veskrollo’s penchant of bringing out the animal inside vacationers that stay lengthy sufficient. These holding the reins to energy are all too conscious of the nervousness newcomers really feel once they understand how the realm will change them (some having skilled it themselves) and don’t hesitate to leverage that concern, searching for out interloping adventurers for duties that vary from easy political intimidation to sabotage, subterfuge, and even homicide.

Spellcasters able to transporting folks out of Veskrollo (and librarians possessing data of portals or the like) are rigorously watched and often refuse to supply such magical transportation with out realizing that these being helped have the blessing of somebody who’s obtained them below the proverbial thumb (or claw, or hoof, or talon). This isn’t all the time the case nevertheless, and adventurers may as an alternative discover themselves tasked with an unseemly or tough quest by considered one of these highly effective mages or monks as they’re to be angled into working on the behest of one other.

Fowl Friction

There’s all the time an undercurrent of violence between the animalfolk of Veskrollo for as generations go the avians proliferate, their many eggs sprouting many youngsters that develop into troopers for an empire that’s practically toppling over from the burden of its civilization. Not all are sure by their shared bestial kinship—there are saboteurs and spies aplenty amongst all factions, people pushed by goal, greed, or revenge to show the tides of battle—however the traditions of parentage have resulted in societies sure by feathered-gaolers, most kids following within the footsteps of their ancestors.

Though people differ (particularly commoners), the next animalfolk correspond with the given NPCs of a faction kind in Veskrollo and acquire the advantages of each phases of Animalization (a gecko noble features an experience die on Historical past checks, a specialization in Historical past, an experience die on saving throws towards psychic spells, and climb velocity of 30 ft whereas a duck commoner features proficiency in Nature, an experience die on saving throws towards nature spells, and a fly velocity of 15 ft, and so forth).

Avian Empires

Tilling the fields and harvesting the crops earlier than migrating with the nice and cozy climate because the seasons change, geese are far and away essentially the most generally seen staff within the rural components of Veskrollo year-round (relying after all on which fields one is taking a look at). Cities all over the place are stuffed with the works of creative cranes, pleasure from vagabond playing pigeons, commerce pushed by enterprising vulture retailers, and posturing chickens galore. Dogfolk are frequent in each settlement seeking to shield others, loyal to their obligation even when circumstances might sound to benefit doing in any other case. Out within the seas are pelican-sailed ships, and the wilderness is the realm of many a scouting hawk or studious owl. When push involves shove nevertheless all of the feathered people are able to throw down the instruments of their commerce to choose up swords within the identify of their shared flock, and with their immense numbers they’re unlikely to undergo true defeat till they’ve inflicted it upon themselves.
Avian Empire NPCs: hen (scout), crane (alchemist), canine (guard), duck (druid), hawk (strider), owl (mage), pelican (bandit), pigeon (cutthroat), vulture (crime boss).

Placid Individuals

The subsequent largest group of peoples in Veskrollo are the animalfolk who merely don’t take care of battle or are advantageous with no matter outcomes if it means having relative solitude. Ingenious beavers search to deal with their crafting, devoted sheep to look at over their prices or observe their religion, and lonesome mole folks with a thoughts to maintain to their very own enterprise enable the tyranny of avian overseers to proceed as long as they’re largely left alone. In the meantime feline bandits and murine lawbreakers are uncaring of who has energy and who vies for it, discovering a wealth of alternatives in locations the place battle reigns. Sometimes the richest amongst anybody in Veskrollo—the geckos—are a lot the identical, joyful to pay lip service to whoever they need to whereas hoarding their wealth and wallowing of their opulence.
Placid Participant NPCs: beaver (alchemist), cat (bandit captain), gecko (noble), mole (apprentice mage), rat (thug), sheep (priest).

Rugged Resistance

Sometimes the least joyful and most revolutionary animalfolk within the vitiating dimension are these with little incentive to quiet down, vagabonds that discover their wanderlust hampered by pointless restrictions, guidelines, or imposed taxes. Lauded for his or her energy (even when they’re meek) are bear heroes that roam the realm on paths impressed by a litany of legends about ursine warriors undoing nice evils—tales among the many many sung by porcine bards in taverns amidst settlements or the wilds. Equine mercenaries use their swift hooves to journey from firm to firm searching for glory and gold, however the counterparts of the nobles are way more cautious; prison chameleons have been recognized to steal fortunes from the established reptilians hoarding it. Additionally juxtaposed are lupine sellswords, generally hated for it often takes a whole squad of canine guards to take one of many lone champions down, and the heretical goats spreading fell beliefs among the many populace (often properly sufficient to take root and produce to bear horrible forces in bids to upset the stability of energy).
Rugged Resistance NPCs: bear (knight), chameleon (spy variant cutthroat), goat (cult fanatic), horse (soldier), pig (minstrel), wolf (gladiator).

Loquacious Locals

Not solely are commoner animalfolk fast to elucidate the distinctive state of affairs newcomers are in when arriving in Veskrollo, they’re keen to assist as profitable adventurers typically share a few of the coin acquired for no matter process they’re satisfied to undertake. Checks made to search out lore, examine suspicious happenings amongst the populace, or drum up native rumors in Veskrollo have benefit. As well as, for every part of Animalization a PC features an experience die on means checks made to work together with NPC animalfolk of the identical sort as they’re.
Cautious Consuming. The weight loss program and cuisines of Veskrollo are much like these present in any medieval tavern, however there may be after all a distinction between a strolling, speaking chickenfolk and their less complicated, smaller cousins—and naturally some private discretion as a goat chef is very unlikely to prepare dinner up considered one of their very own in a stew. This can be very taboo for animalfolk to eat of their very own sort (reminiscent of a pig individual consuming a slice of bacon) and phrase quickly travels when somebody is discovered conducting such cannibalism. Ought to a PC be revealed to be a cannibal (or efficiently framed for the heinous act) they’re shunned for a variety of months equal to their Status ranking. Whereas shunned they’ve drawback on Status checks and Charisma checks that don’t use Intimidation.


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