Dying, The place Is Thy Sting?


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Dying, The place Is Thy Sting?

Wizard of Journey Auke requested on the RPT Discord: “I watched Dungeon Craft’s latest video about PC demise, which made me marvel, how do you take care of this in your video games? Are PCs immortal? Do they drop like flies?”

Nice query! Right here was my reply:

Sponge Up That Gold

For my OSE marketing campaign, demise is a treasure siphon.

The group voted from 1-10 how lethal they wished the marketing campaign. Votes have been 7, 7, 6, 7 IIRC. So we’re anticipating a couple of PC deaths.

A lifeless PC could be raised by the church, reincarnated by druids within the Wildwood, resurrected by a sure particular elf, or roll for divine intervention.

The social gathering may also quest for a Legendary Merchandise that’ll do the job if they need.

Every possibility prices one thing.

Or they will depart the poor PC as-is, fried, shaken, or stirred, and a pin cushion no extra.

You Gotta Danger to Win

Moderator Exile In Paradise additionally had some nice feedback:

From a fantasy sport perspective: PCs can get themselves killed – and I’ll allow them to.

With no likelihood for demise – RPGs are simply idle-clickers – you gotta danger to win.

Resurrections could also be potential – however will not be computerized – it’s a must to persuade the resurrectionist (many occasions money is king) – however you additionally should persuade the ability they name up (deities, demons, and many others).

Typically a struggle with Dying is required to reclaim the social gathering member – and the deity you paid for assist might or might not intervene.

TL;DR – Reclaiming your comrade from Dying is a side-quest … and now that I’m interested by it – you would completely 5RD it with the fallen social gathering member because the reward on the finish.

Once I was a child – my first character was a fundamental outdated fighter – roll 3d6 for every stat so as – get an armor, protect, and poker and go! My uncle was the GM, and his massive unhealthy killed my fighter in a grand vogue – decapitation for brashly leaping on the again of his horse behind him (yay leather-based armor!) and dousing him with holy water whereas making an attempt to stab him (having been stripped of sword turns earlier).

And I believed I did effectively since not less than I didn’t get my cranium used as a bowl just like the paladin did…half-vampire baddie decapitated him too AND drank his blood from the top. In the long run, we decapitated the baddie, staked his half-vampire corpse, and returned the top to city as proof we’d saved the day (finally).

So it’s been a couple of scorching many years since then – however I very effectively bear in mind it. And I bear in mind getting one other character sheet and beginning rolling whereas everybody completed the fight. And that’s why it issues to me that PCs can die. Now, in the event that they reside to max stage – they “win” by turning into a legend of the land and retiring or getting promoted to mythic standing and going to Valhalla or wherever your setting likes. And the primary time you retire a personality … simply as memorable … story for one more day.

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RPT GM: How about you? How are you dealing with character demise in your present marketing campaign? Is it an possibility? How can PCs come again from the opposite aspect? Do you cease the sport whereas the participant makes a brand new character? How do you’re employed new characters into your story?

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