Easy Methods to Improve Your Magic Objects

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In todays’ Roleplaying Ideas Publication, I’ve obtained the next GM suggestions for you:

3 Easy Methods to Improve Your Magic Objects

How can we spruce up magic objects in order that they aren’t boring +1 shields? Jonathan Hardin (sojournersawake.com) reveals us how by way of three fast modifications we are able to make to an merchandise’s properties.

The best way to GM a Dynamic Marketing campaign?

A reader asks me for assistance on the way to have the sport world change in response to character actions.

Two Methods to Kick Adventures Off With Good Roleplaying

On this nice reader tip, we uncover a pair of particular methods to spur RP in our periods.

Asserting The Demonplague for Fantasy Grounds Unity

Earlier than we dive into right now’s suggestions, I wished to let a couple of new product launch.

In case you are a Fantasy Grounds Unity GM, then you definitely could be excited to find my whole degree 1-20 epic D&D 5E Demonplague marketing campaign is on the market by way of the Fantasy Grounds Forge.

You should buy the complete Demonplague marketing campaign for FGU right here.

The whole marketing campaign was coded by Demonplague GM Darren Anderson.

He loved the marketing campaign a lot he supplied to port it into Fantasy Grounds.

And he did a tremendous job. He now receives a portion of every sale as thanks for the large quantity of labor, love, and element he poured into the conversion.

Please word that the phrases of service limit me to solely being allowed to promote this by way of the FG Forge retailer. I can’t promote, give away, or in any other case present the FG recordsdata anyplace else in some other method.

Nevertheless, if you buy the Fantasy Grounds model from the FG Forge, please e mail me your transaction quantity and I’ll ship you again the complete PDF package deal so you may reference the marketing campaign outdoors of FGU when desired.

3 Easy Methods to Improve Your Magic Objects

A pal talked about that what initially drew him to the sport was this world of exploration round magic objects.

I additionally play weekly video games with my youngsters and their pals, and within the elementary college years I observed gamers largely loved amassing and exploring magic objects.

Magic objects change into boring if they continue to be static.

The Defend of Dragon’s Breath does simply that and that alone — protects you from dragon’s breath. This leaves little room for participant interplay and the enjoyable of exploration.

My tip right now is to make use of the next instruments to deal with your magical objects as toys to your gamers to find.

Let’s convey some magic again into the sport!

Alter the Parts

Introduce an encounter that collides the merchandise with a component comparable to water, fireplace, earth or wind.

This ingredient prompts an unexplored property of the merchandise. In case your gamers want a touch of this, introduce the property by way of NPC or guide clue.

For instance, our Defend of Dragon’s Breath collides with air. Maybe the wielder can take flight for 1d4 rounds after deflecting a dragon’s breath assault.

Think about that second. It’s the creature’s flip. The large maw opens. There’s an enormous consumption of air. Sir Valiance raises his protect and steels himself for the assault.

After everlasting moments in what seems like a furnace, Valiance lowers his protect, flies by the air, and strikes onerous in a shock counter-attack!

Alter the Particular person

In a world comprising completely different species, introduce an encounter the place one other individual of a special species makes use of the merchandise.

In case your world entails just one species, use an unseen characteristic like blood kind to introduce the change.

The merchandise then responds to its new grasp and adjusts its properties.

With our magic protect, maybe it consumes the reminiscences of fallen wielders so it may possibly assist future warriors be taught from the previous.

When Sir Valiance picks up the protect for the primary time, it fills their thoughts with chaotic pictures of the lifetime of one other half-elven knight who bore the merchandise. It’s as much as Sandy and different gamers to tug the timeline collectively and make sense of the dire warning the protect provides.

Alter the Time

Introduce an encounter that showcases a brand new characteristic of the magic merchandise primarily based on the season or the moon part.

Maybe the merchandise modifications properties extra regularly, comparable to in daylight and dusk.

For instance, every new moon the protect proprietor can scry for close by dragons. It’s a brand new moon proper now, and Sir Valiance melees in opposition to nasty thieves’ guild members who need to promote the notorious protect.

Every blow Valiance rebuffs along with his protect delivers a sudden and kinetic imaginative and prescient. Full color, movement, and sound.

It lasts moments. And it returns subsequent time a rogue weapon strikes in opposition to the steel boss.

After a couple of blocks, Valiance’s participant realizes he’s receiving the senses of a residing dragon! He goes on full protection and waits for extra flashes to see if he can acknowledge the creature’s environment.

A Few Examples

Now that now we have a couple of methods to regulate the magic merchandise, let’s take a look at a couple of extra examples.


The Dawnsword decreases in dimension to a handheld merchandise from dawn to sundown. It appears to be like like the one enemies it is going to sunder would be the brokers of darkness.


This nice silver ring shelters you from prying eyes. Who knew this ring of invisibility grew 500 occasions heavier when positioned in water?


This wizard’s wand is nice. It could forged 3 of your favourite spells as soon as a day and is consumer pleasant to any member of your social gathering! However the sound it makes may wake the lifeless. If solely you would discover out the place that silencer is situated….


This pocket watch shops a capability to show again time 6 seconds, however at the price of beautiful the consumer for a spherical. Did you additionally know that you should utilize it as a easy gentle supply?


Increase the Workers of the Timeless! With this glorious merchandise and a few fortunate cube rolls, you single handedly defeated the villain. It’s minions scatter as your social gathering cleans up the lair. After which immediately, the primary day of spring begins and the workers begins the journey to its house. When will you be capable to take it up once more?

Character Talents

The fighter’s favourite elven boots depart minimal footprints and footsteps. However do you know that if an elf wears them, the elf can stroll alongside partitions and ceilings like a spider?


The Demonlords Compass at all times factors to the closest portal to its lair, however in case you learn the tough inscription, you achieve well being, and your entire weapon injury is wreathed in fireplace.


Did you actually suppose that Gleaming Armor was solely meant to look fairly within the daylight? Because it threatens to blind your enemies in daylight, it jolts your thoughts with vitality. You will should strive more durable to sleep and relaxation given the ability the armor brings.

Don’t Overlook to Depart a Clue

In any case of this work in improvement, it might be no enjoyable if gamers assume this shiny factor does nothing greater than the handbook says it does.

And that leaves the invention, and the enjoyable, nonetheless hidden.

Drop these hints to your gamers to allow them to know not all is because it appears.

  • “The merchandise begins to rattle and shake”
  •  “The merchandise takes on one other colour”
  • “A quiet voice whispers in your listening to originating out of your pocket”
  • “A pleasant NPC exclaims concerning the rarity of your discover.”
  •  “A hostile NPC makes an attempt to steal the merchandise exclaiming that you just mortals don’t have any idea of magic and its energy.”

Or fairly merely, you share lore in your world by individuals, locations like libraries, and issues like signal posts of ruined websites, that objects bearing the arcane image had been at all times crafted with multi capabilities.

The Recipe for Enjoyable

As a sport grasp, I need to style a dynamic world.

This implies giving my gamers one thing to play with, secrets and techniques to find, and properties to unearth.

  • Select any magic merchandise and provides it two different properties that may be found.
  • The gamers discover it and stow it away.
  • Nudge the gamers in direction of the potential discoveries by describing the merchandise utilizing the hints.
  • Preserve observe of its capabilities over time and house the place the gamers take the merchandise. Keep constant.

I promise you one factor. In case you succeed at this as soon as, your gamers will perpetually tinker and toy with the magic objects in your world.

Might your Story Proceed!

Ideas From Roleplaying Ideas Recreation Masters

Have a roleplaying tip you’d prefer to share? E-mail it to [email protected] – thanks!

The best way to GM a Dynamic Marketing campaign?

RPT GM Anthony asks:

How do you establish a world/multiverse state influenced by the characters’ actions when the journey is dynamic?

Much more pertinent is do their actions really have an effect on your world state?

In my video games, they’re closely interconnected when the characters are “mid-grade” in degree or larger. (For me, 1-5 is low, 6-10 is mid, 11-15 is excessive, and 16-20 is superior/pre-epic).

Nice query, Anthony. Thanks!

For me, a dynamic world comes down to 5 issues:

  1. Individuals
  2. Locations
  3. Issues
  4. Occasions

In sport phrases for me, that’s:

  1. Solid of Characters (PCs and NPCs together with villains)
  2. Gazetteer (notable places)
  3. Quartermaster (particular objects, magic objects, plot objects, expertise, and so forth.)
  4. Occasions (encounters, Plot Factories, conditions)

The fifth factor is Relationships. How do these different 4 issues join to one another in literal phrases and that means?

For instance, a villain could be crafting his evil orc military by reworking weaker creatures at an evil website. The NPC has a relationship to that location, the situation has a relationship to evil of some variety, and a military has a relationship to the villain and website.

So when the gamers impact modifications on this planet, they’re both:

  • Altering the character of one thing
  • Altering the relationships between two or extra somethings

For instance, the great wizard says the PCs can save the world by curing the evil of the place the villain’s utilizing.

Doing that modifications the character of the place. In flip, that impacts the relationships I discussed.

After periods, due to this fact, I’m reviewing my session log and seeing if the characters’ actions consequence within the nature of one thing altering, or the connection between somethings altering.

Two Methods to Kick Adventures Off With Good Roleplaying

From RPT GM Steve

Hello Johnn,

I discovered that when operating 5 Room dungeons it’s essential to rapidly present a great foundation for function taking part in.

The 2 issues I’ve discovered that speaks to this are:

1. Eucalyptus_Geometry:

  • Your character ought to have a purpose for adventuring generally
  • Your character ought to have (or develop) a purpose for sticking with this social gathering

2. Becaus789:

I run a drop in sport.

Originally of every session I’ve every participant write 2-3 sentences about their character on the prime of an index card.

Then they cross their card to the left.

Every participant writes 1-2 sentences about how they know the character.

It may be so simple as “we shared drinks collectively as soon as and swapped tales lengthy into the evening” to “we’ve been on a couple of adventures collectively earlier than, and that is how I really feel about them.”

Established relationships can develop upon what they’ve been as much as collectively since final time adventuring collectively.

Optionally, I can have every participant clarify their relationship with a specific NPC I’ve briefly outlined who can be within the journey, typically on the very begin if I need to begin in the course of the motion.

“Barleycorn the Centaur Senator? Oh. She taught me astrology.”

“Very nicely. We start at Barleycorn’s court docket the place she has summoned you for a dire want.”

Bam, we’re off and going.

Then repeat the passing till they get their unique card.

Then gamers learn off their card.

It’s large enjoyable and begins the journey off wherever I would like, typically in the course of the motion.

Consider the start of many motion films, like Pirates of the Caribbean. They typically begin in the course of an motion sequence, in an effort to hook the viewers.

In that sequence I can seed foreshadowing of the approaching journey, set up my antagonist and get the gamers invested in them, begin the gamers off on their journey, and set the tone for the journey.


Focus on these sport grasp suggestions on this thread on the official Roleplaying Ideas neighborhood discussion board.


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