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Echoes of Mana Overview – Hardcore Droid


Home windows to the Previous

Sq. Enix promotes Echoes of Mana as a recreation for each collection veterans and newcomers alike. The primary Mana recreation since 2014, Echoes lets gamers meet characters from throughout the collection’ lengthy historical past. And whereas the sport might not be everybody’s cup of tea, it’s a stable gacha motion RPG that works as a superb introduction to the collection.

I ought to make clear that Echoes of Mana is my first expertise with the collection. Nonetheless, if Sq. Enix hopes it’ll renew curiosity in Mana, I can say the motion RPG does that successfully.

Heroes of Legend

Echoes of Mana combat

Gamers take the function of the Mana Swordsman, an amnesiac adventurer in service to the settings mana Goddess. Gamers select between a male or feminine character, with the character they didn’t choose showing later as a recurring NPC. Echoes of Mana additionally introduces a number of different authentic characters to fill out the participant’s social gathering. Nonetheless, most are acquainted faces recruited through the sport’s gacha mechanics.

Each character has an ordinary assault, two normal Skills, and a Particular Method. Skills drain every character’s restricted pool of motion factors. In the meantime, every normal hit fills up the character’s Particular Method gauge. These Methods are potent assaults that often hit a number of enemies without delay and sometimes kill weaker enemies with a single strike. The social gathering additionally shares a single Mega Spirit Magic gauge. Gamers can faucet the icon as soon as the gauge is full to unleash a devastating elemental AOE assault.

As a substitute of the usual RPG lessons, Echoes of Mana characters have an Factor and Weapon Kind. Every weapon class has a number of distinctive options, akin to better attain from Polearms and Axes having an alternate charged assault. Nonetheless, two characters could fill totally different roles whereas technically carrying the identical weapon. In the meantime, Components are uncommon in that they oppose however don’t counter one another. Water, for instance, offers further harm to Fireplace but additionally receives it in return.

Fight is sort of enjoyable, although managing your social gathering may be troublesome. Gamers can swap between their energetic social gathering members at any time however can’t command them in battle. Uncontrolled social gathering members assault the closest enemy and are solely mediocre at utilizing their talents. This works advantageous with normal engagements however is usually a legal responsibility throughout boss fights.

Echoes of Mana boss fight

The Destiny of Worlds

After a short fight tutorial, the participant character is whisked away to the realm of the Mana Goddess. She explains that the worlds of the Mana collection are disappearing and that she is now too weak to convey them again. Nonetheless, reminiscences of those misplaced worlds and other people nonetheless exist because the fruits of the Mana Tree, which the Goddess personifies. Thus, she sends the participant character on a quest to enter these reminiscences and retrieve the legendary Mana Sword. Doing so will restore the Goddess’ fading energy to recreate the worlds that had been.

This units up the fundamental construction of the plot. Gamers enter a reminiscence of the misplaced worlds, encountering individuals and locations from numerous installments within the Mana collection. They meet up with returning characters and be part of them on a brief journey. Repeat as wanted till the hero finds the Sword.

The best way developer Wright Flyer Studios makes use of the reminiscences has the facet impact of robbing the story chapters of any actual connectivity. The participant character isn’t looking for the Mana Sword a lot as randomly leaping between reminiscences till they discover it. The story’s purpose is that the participant character doesn’t know what every reminiscence accommodates till they get there, however I didn’t personally discover it very satisfying. I suppose it’s a good excuse to point out off bits and items of the present collection. Nonetheless, it contributes to robbing the protagonist of any actual company. This gives the look they’re simply alongside for the experience as a substitute of an energetic participant within the plot.

Echoes of Mana dialogue

An Straightforward In

Echoes of Mana additionally doesn’t have time to point out gamers a lot in regards to the worlds they’re visiting. Nonetheless, it’s fairly good at characterization and conveying that gamers are solely seeing a small a part of a a lot grander story. At occasions, the writing can come throughout as a bit like fan fiction, with established characters immediately befriending the largely mute protagonist. Nonetheless, Echoes of Mana not less than acquired me invested sufficient to think about testing the collection’ earlier video games.

Along with the single-player story, there are a selection of optionally available quests and even a co-op multiplayer mode. Sadly, there was an issue with matchmaking, and I by no means efficiently discovered a co-op companion.

Finally, I believe Echoes of Mana succeeds at its major targets. The sport presents returning gamers an excuse to revisit their favourite characters and is a superb entry level for the Mana collection. Gameplay is enjoyable and thrilling, and the writing is general fairly good. There are particular issues that I believe builders may have carried out higher, however it’s nonetheless a terrific cellular motion RPG.

Is It Hardcore?


Whereas not good, Sq. Enix and Wright Flyer Studios’ Echoes of Mana is a superb motion RPG and a terrific introduction to the Mana collection.


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