Embers Adrift’s Newest Video Tells You What You Must Know in 60 Seconds

For those who haven’t heard of Embers Adrift but, then it looks like at present could also be your fortunate day. The crew at Stormhaven Studios has launched a one-minute video that explains every little thing you should know in regards to the indie title that’s set to launch later this 12 months.

It feels nearly like yesterday that we reported that Stormhaven Studios could be rebranding their sport Saga of Lucimia to a brand new title that’s rooted extra deeply inside their sport world. In actuality, the title change to Embers Adrift occurred a 12 months in the past, and since that point Stormhaven Studios has made some nice strides with sport updates and expanded Beta testing occasions. With the sport slated to launch this 12 months, barring any delays, it’s no surprise why the event crew determined to supply an elevator pitch to new gamers, within the type of a brief video.

The video simplistically explains how Embers Adrift differs from different trendy MMORPGs, by bringing the philosophies of traditional MMORPG’s and tabletop video games into the design selections they’ve included inside their very own growth. The present Beta of the sport has transitioned from being accessible solely on Wednesday evenings, to incorporate weekends as properly. Earlier this month Stormhaven posted a prolonged video that supplied specifics over their accomplishments.

A few of the progress they’ve made, which we have lined previously, needed to do with remodeling characters stats and skills, new zones, increasing the crafting system and a few aesthetic updates to beautify the world. Embers Adrift is ready to launch later this 12 months, although right now we can’t verify of an precise launch window. For those who’re concerned about hopping in and testing the group-oriented PvE sport throughout their restricted weekly check home windows, you are able to do so by pre-ordering the sport, which is able to run you $50.00 USD.


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