Fangamer’s Attractive Banjo-Tooie Vinyl Field Set Is Now Accessible

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Again in 2019, Fangamer launched a somewhat lovely-looking set of Banjo-Kazooie goodies that was exhausting for a few of us right here at Nintendo Life to withstand. Inside that assortment was a stunning vinyl set for the primary sport with tracks curated by the composer himself, Grant Kirkhope!

After all, us Banjo followers anticipated Banjo-Tooie to get the identical remedy — similar composer, much more bloomin’ marvellous music, and all that. We have needed to wait a bit longer, however lastly, the sequel’s music has now been immortalised in stunning vinyl kind.

Priced at $64 — which is identical as the primary sport’s set — Banjo-Tooie’s soundtrack field set has been as lovingly put collectively as its predecessor. From the skeletal Gruntilda, subsequent to her sisters, holding up the blackboard (you’ll be able to see her toes on the backside) to the six Jinjos taking to the stage alongside the hen and bear duo and Mumbo, the duvet is engaging and filled with the sport’s cartoony power.

But it surely’s the sleeves once more that do it for us! You’ll be able to spot a lot of Banjo’s transformations on the sleeves; there is a t-rex from Terrydactyland, the detonator from Glitter Gulch Mine, and the van from Witchyworld (amongst all the others). You may as well spot the funfair stage’s boss, Mr. Patch, Lord Woo Fak Fak from Jolly Roger’s Lagoon, and each button-masher’s nightmare Canary Mary. We’re being selective, however this can be a celebration of Banjo-Tooie — just about everyone seems to be right here!

Here is a bit extra of an in depth look, and if this does not make you go “guh-huh!”, then we do not know what to say.

You’ll be able to order your self a duplicate from Fangamer’s US retailer proper right here, the place the Banjo-Kazooie vinyl set is additionally again in inventory! There’s additionally a stunning, model new Slipmat for you Banjo collectors on the market for $12.

EU readers, do not be too dismayed — whereas the European Fangamer retailer does not have both of those in inventory but, you’ll be able to join notifications to seek out out after they’ll be out there. Or you’ll be able to pre-order each collections from Black Display Data or chipfreq at Vinyl Guru, the place they every value £64.99 / €69.00.

Will you be getting jiggy with this newest vinyl assortment? Tell us within the feedback!


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