Flying mountains and pig hybrids – Tito RPG

After Epaminondas gained two rows of shark’s tooth, darkish and wet clouds appeared on the sky (see the final journey report right here).

The rain, a mere drizzle at first, picked up and shortly drenched the group. At any time when a raindrop touched the stone, it turned to snow.

The group debated somewhat, however determined to go again and promote their goblin scalps and mycolol.

They stored close to the street, however utilizing the timber as cowl. The street nonetheless, was nothing greater than a muddy river, smooth and soggy. Some areas had been deep sufficient to cowl a dwarf.

After some time the group a headstone in a small clearing, and upon nearer inspection it was doable to see that the grave, newly dug, belonged to “Tonho”, a Fairmead businessman.

Whereas they’re distracted by the empty grave, two goblins on a tree anticipate a thunder to crash, and hearth their rifle on the group. It nearly hits Joaquim on the pinnacle, and the get together rushes to shut the gap.

The half superior and the goblins fired once more, however ended up getting killed in a flurry of assaults that depart the tree in items.

After that the group made camp underneath a big cashew tree, and spent a quiet night time.

Within the morning the get together feels a powerful scent of ozone, and is roofed by a gargantuan shadow. Trying up, they see a complete mountain floating excessive above, shifting slowly in the direction of Fairmead.

Touring underneath the shadow of the mountain is surprisingly nice, being sheltered from the tough solar or rainfall. Animals and birds flee from unnatural shadow.

It was then that the group reached a river that cuts the island in half, marking the boundaries of civilization.

Past the river the get together sees a bunch of peasants that that they had encountered, and beat the crap of, earlier than.

Nonetheless, the peasants have been mutated into pig-human hybrids, and method Anuin the elf in a menacing method.

Considered one of them tries to chunk the mad elf, however he’s grabbed by Alma the rogue and will get stabbed proper within the coronary heart. The remainder of the hybrids flee, aside from one which bites her proper on the left butt cheek.

Whereas the group fights the creature, Joaquim (the barbarian) is put to sleep and dragged in the direction of the town in nice haste.

In the meantime the mountain glides low and approaches the town partitions, producing a mud cloud underneath it.

The get together is considerably disoriented, however manages to see that Joaquim, being dragged by an rising mob of pig-humans, is torn aside! (The participant went AWOL, and I’ve zero endurance to run Participant Characters).

Because the get together fought the pig-humans, the flyibg mountain gained velocity, and in its flight path scraped the highest of the town partitions and knocked down towers and tall roofs.

When Gorgoradin, Anuin and Epaminondas got here nearer the solar was setting, however the metropolis was underneath the ominous shadow of the mountain. The Dwarf mob-militia fired catapults and ballistas, whereas the residents fled as they might. Fires broke out and illuminated the nightfall.

The get together then took a final breath earlier than marching in.


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