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There are tons of FNAF characters, with every having their very own distinctive lore and ranging ranges of significance at midnight, weaving story of this spooky sequence. That will help you catch up and get your head round all of the completely different names flying about in these sneaky case information, exposure-dumping cutscenes, and the abundance of YouTube theories on the market, we’ve compiled this listing of crucial 5 Nights at Freddy’s characters to make an look within the video games which have hit cell and Change up to now. So, seize your Golden Fred Bear and your basket of unique butters, it’s time to dive in.

In case you’re seeking to dive even deeper into the monsters’ maws, take a look at our FNAF jumpscares information, our FNAF Safety Breach Change launch date hypothesis, and impartial character guides for FNAF Chica, FNAF Cunning, and FNAF Vanessa. We even have lists of all Poppy Playtime characters, together with Poppy Playtime Boogie Bot, Poppy Playtime Bron, Poppy Playtime Boxy Boo, Poppy Playtime PJ Pug-a-Pillar, Poppy Playtime Mommy Lengthy Legs, Poppy Playtime Sweet Cat, and Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy.

So, let’s end up the lights and get into our listing of FNAF characters.

Three versions of the FNAF character Freddy

FNAF Freddy Fazbear

Because the mascot of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant, Freddy is the titular character of the sequence. He’s an animatronic bear, and makes a number of appearances all through the video games, taking a wide range of completely different types. He’s the lead singer of the restaurant’s band, and was one of many unique animatronics within the pizzeria again when Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza opened in 1983.

Nevertheless, after an incident the place a toddler was harm in 1987 (often called the ‘chew of ‘87’), he fell into disrepair, turning him into Withered Freddy. In November of 1987, Withered Freddy was changed by Toy Freddy, to mark the grand re-opening of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. You possibly can learn extra about him in our FNAF Freddy information.

He’s since appeared in all kinds of variations, as seen beneath.

Variation Appearances Description
Withered Freddy FNAF 2 A decayed model of the unique Freddy animatronic
Toy Freddy FNAF 2 An upgraded, shiny and toy-like model of Freddy, with opposable joints like an motion determine and a black bowtie and hat
Shadow Freddy FNAF 2, FNAF 3, Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator A black, shadowy model of Freddy, with white eyes and menacing enamel
Fredbear/Golden Freddy FNAF 2, FNAF 3, FNAF 4, Final Customized Evening A golden bear with a purple or black hat and bowtie
Phantom Freddy FNAF 3 A hallucination of Freddy with burnt, yellowish-green fur, a lacking leg, white eyes, and wires hanging from its physique
Nightmare Freddy FNAF 4 A decayed, withered model of Freddy with an enormous, menacing maw, lined with razor-sharp enamel, and cruel steel claws
Freddies FNAF 4, FNAF VR: Assist Needed Miniature, plush-like animatronics that resemble Nightmare Freddy
Nightmare FNAF 4 A monstrous model of Shadow Freddy. Nightmare has black, nearly translucent pores and skin, rows of dangerously sharp enamel, glowing crimson eyes, and a yellow hat and bowtie
Funtime Freddy Sister Location, Final Customized Evening A white and magenta, metallic model of Freddy. He wears a black high hat and bow tie and a Bonnie hand puppet referred to as BonBon. He additionally holds a microphone, and has a speaker and two buttons on his chest
Helpy Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator A miniature model of Funtime Freddy that seems as decor
Rockstar Freddy Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria  That includes the acquainted Freddy design, Rockstar Freddy has brown fur, rosy crimson cheeks, and joints much like Toy Freddy’s. He has a yellow star on his chest, a metallic purple hat and bowtie, and his jaws are separated by an endoskeleton mouth and 4 metal bars (all the higher for chomping you with)
Lefty Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria A black model of Rockstar Freddy with a crimson hat and bowtie and one all black eye, designed to deal with the Puppet and her spirit to convey them again to the Pizzeria as a part of Henry’s plan
Yenndo Sister Location A naked endoskeleton of a Freddy animatronic
Molten Freddy Sister Location A scrap monster made of varied animatronics, wires, and mechanical eyes, that includes a predominantly brown and white color scheme. See Enard for extra particulars

Three versions of the FNAF character Bonnie

FNAF Bonnie

An animatronic rabbit, Bonnie is likely one of the unique animatronics at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza alongside Freddy, and is the guitarist of his band. Like Freddy, he debuted in 1983, however fell into disrepair in 1987, changing into Withered Bonnie, after which he was additionally changed by Toy Bonnie. He has additionally appeared in different types all through the sequence, as seen beneath.

Variation Appearances Description
Withered Bonnie FNAF 2 A decayed model of Bonniewho’s lacking an arm, and his outer pores and skin is torn to indicate the endoskeleton of his foot and hand. His face is sort of utterly destroyed, leaving a gaping gap of wires, two rows of enamel on his backside jaw, and glowing crimson eyes
Toy Bonnie FNAF 2 A vibrant, toy-like model of Bonnie with brilliant blue pores and skin, rosy crimson cheeks, a crimson bowtie, and inexperienced eyes. He has opposable joints like a toy, and is the upgraded substitute for the unique Bonnie
RWQFSFASXC (Shadow Bonnie) FNAF 2, FNAF 3 A mysterious, utterly black model of Toy Bonnie with white, glowing eyes and enamel
Nightmare Bonnie FNAF 4 A monstrous model of Bonnie with charred, black fur, a gap in his chest, a crimson bowtie, and a number of rows of vicious enamel
Rockstar Bonnie Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening Just about an upgraded model of Toy Bonnie in look, Rockstar Bonnie has blue pores and skin, pink cheeks and knees, golden stars on his chest, and a crimson bowtie. He has a crimson bass guitar

FNAF’s Bonnie additionally intently resembles Springtrap, also referred to as Spring Bonnie. Nevertheless, we’ve given Springtrap his personal part afterward because of his important function within the sport, and his personal big selection of variations.

Three versions of the FNAF character Chica

FNAF Chica

This odd (and terrifying) animatronic hen is one other basic mascot from the early days of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza eating places, first showing again in 1983. She’s the backup singer of Freddy’s band, and is normally seen sporting a bib and holding a cake on a plate. She, too, fell into disrepair, turning into Withered Chica and later being changed by Toy Chica. Since then, she has made many various appearances, as seen beneath.

To be taught much more about FNAF’s Chica, just be sure you take a look at our guides.

Variation Appearances Description
Withered Chica FNAF 2 A decayed model of Chica lacking her arms, that are changed by tattered wires, and her arms look like caught in a T-pose. She has two rows of enamel in her open beak, which is continually huge open
Toy Chica FNAF 2 A cutesy model of Chica with shiny, yellow pores and skin, a colored bib, rosy pink cheeks, and lengthy eyelashes, she’s usually seen holding a cupcake on a plate. She loses her beak and eyes when she will get off the present stage
Phantom Chica FNAF 3 A shadowy model of the unique Chica, with charred, yellow pores and skin that takes on a greenish-yellow hue. She’s lacking an arm, and has piercing, white eyes and an open mouth exhibiting her enamel
Nightmare Chica FNAF 4 A monstrous variant of Chica with rows of razor-sharp enamel. Her pores and skin and bib are tattered, exhibiting her endoskeleton beneath, and the cupcake in her palm has taken on a equally monstrous look
Rockstar Chica Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening A cross between unique Chica and Toy Chica, Rockstar Chica has brilliant yellow pores and skin, blue cheeks, and pink eyes. She has crimson lipstick on her beak, her signature bib (which now says ‘let’s rock’ as an alternative of ‘let’s eat’), and she or he’s holding a pair of maracas 

Three versions of the FNAF character Foxy or Mangle

FNAF Cunning/Mangle

A fox animatronic from the unique sport, Cunning is a bit completely different to the opposite basic animatronics. From the offset, he seems broken, with sections of his endoskeleton seen and his hand taking the looks of a hook. He additionally isn’t part of the unique band like Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie, and as an alternative seems on a separate stage often called the Child’s Cove. He, too, was left in a state of disrepair after the Chunk of ‘87, changing into Withered Cunning. Nevertheless, as an alternative of being changed by a normal toy model just like the others, he was changed by Mangle.

Mangle is a closely broken fox animatronic, redesigned as Fazbear Leisure thought of Cunning’s design to be too threatening. Mangle was torn aside by youngsters when positioned in Child’s Cove so usually that the workers stopped attempting to place it again collectively, leaving them as a ‘take aside and put again collectively’ attraction for the kids which led to its disfigured look.

To be taught extra about FNAF’s Cunning, be sure to take a look at our information, because it dives into his character, appearances, story function, and extra.

Listed below are all of the completely different variations of Cunning and Mangle that seem all through the video games.

Variation Appearances Description
Withered Cunning FNAF 2 A decayed, tattered model of the unique Cunning animatronic, the fur on Withered Cunning’s ear has come off utterly, and his muzzle seems very completely different in form, utterly revealing the enamel of his endoskeleton
Mangle FNAF 2 The colorful, redesigned counterpart of Cunning, Mangle has a white, pink, and crimson color scheme, vicious, sharp enamel, and a number of, uncovered endoskeleton components hanging off it
Phantom Cunning FNAF 3 A hallucination of a burnt, ravaged Cunning, Phantom Cunning intently resembles his withered model, although has sustained heavier harm, with a number of components of his physique and swimsuit lacking
Phantom Mangle FNAF 3 Phantom Mangle has the same look to its unique type, although it’s burnt and broken, with darkish pores and skin and glowing, white eyes
Nightmare Cunning FNAF 4 A monstrous model of the unique Cunning animatronic, Nightmare Cunning has tattered fur, uncovered legs, and two rows of vicious enamel
Funtime Cunning Sister Location Funtime Cunning seems to be a cross between the unique Cunning and Mangle designs, with white, pink, and crimson colouration, inexperienced eyes, and a speaker on its chest
Lolbit Sister Location A recoloured, disembodied Funtime Cunning head
Rockstar Cunning Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator A crimson Cunning animatronic with the basic eyepatch, Rockstar Cunning additionally has a inexperienced parrot on his shoulder, a peg leg, a yellow star on his chest, and an accordion

FNAF character Springtrap

FNAF Springtrap

In the course of the evening 5 minigame of FNAF 3, Spring Bonnie makes its first look as a golden animatronic rabbit. Nevertheless, later within the sequence, he turns into Springtrap – a personality seemingly impartial of Bonnie, who’s possessed by killer William Afton.

Springtrap is a weathered, decaying Spring Bonnie swimsuit wherein William Afton’s unique physique died, resulting in his soul changing into trapped. He turns into the principle antagonist and solely bodily animatronic featured in FNAF 3, and later seems in varied types all through the sequence.

Variation Appearances  Description
Spring Bonnie FNAF 3, FNAF 4 A golden rabbit with yellow or inexperienced eyes
Springtrap FNAF 3, FNAF: Assist Needed, Final Customized Evening A weathered, yellowish-green model of the unique Bonnie animatronic, Springtrap has tattered pores and skin, half-lidded white eyes, and is lacking half of one in all its ears
Scraptrap Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening Drastically completely different from the unique Springtrap, Scraptrap has a very new face form, a number of holes in his physique, and is lacking half an arm and a whole ear. Beneath the swimsuit, you may see components of William Afton’s decaying physique and skeleton

A large group of FNAF characters

Different FNAF animatronics

Balloon Boy

Seems in: FNAF 2, FNAF 3, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening, FNAF: Assist Needed, FNAF AR: Particular Supply

Whats up! Balloon Boy, also referred to as BB, is likely one of the toy animatronics that first seems in 5 Nights at Freddy’s 2. In case you’ve ever dipped your toes into this title, you in all probability bear in mind the sound of this creepy, Pinnochio-looking weirdo thumping round within the vents. The restaurant designed him like a balloon vendor for the newly refurbished Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1987. BB and JJ had been the primary humanoid animatronics launched to the chain and, for my part, some of the terrifying. There’s simply one thing about these eyes.


Seems in: FNAF 2, Freddy Fazber’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening

Mainly only a feminine model of BB, JJ is a hidden animatronic who first pops up in 5 Nights at Freddy’s 2. Although she solely seems sometimes all through the sequence, seemingly fairly shy and affected person, she seems to look and act similar to BB. I’m fairly certain she’s plotting one thing, although.

The Puppet

Seems in: FNAF 2, FNAF 3, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening, FNAF: Assist Needed

Lanky mc-danky over right here additionally first exhibits up in 5 Nights at Freddy’s 2 as one of many toy animatronics for the refurbished Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant in 1987, though it’s implied that it first appeared within the unique Fredbear’s Household Diner. Its face seems much like a Pierrot, the staple unhappy clown that originated in late seventeenth-century Italian and French pantomimes.

The Puppet is haunted by William Afton’s first sufferer, a bit lady named Charlotte Emily who was the daughter of Henry Emily, who took the type of the puppet to hunt revenge on her killer.

To be taught much more about FNAF’s Puppet, just be sure you take a look at our information.

Circus Child

Seems in: Sister Location, Final Customized Evening, FNAF: Assist Needed, FNAF: AR Particular Supply

Generally known as Child, Circus Child is the mascot of Circus Child’s Leisure and Rental. She’s possessed by the spirit of Elizabeth Afton, William Afton’s daughter, who was snatched and scooped by the animatronic regardless of her father telling her to remain away. As such, she’s a tragic and sinister but refined animatronic, who speaks in a relaxed, mushy voice regardless of being distraught that she’s caught within the facility. She will also be manipulative, abusive, and crafty, revealing herself to be the mastermind behind the occasions of Sister Location.

She additionally seems within the type of Scrap Child, a brand new design that’s the results of her haphazardly reassembling herself after her destruction. Her hair now consists of wires, her physique and face are cracked and tattered, and he has changed her hand with an enormous claw lined with enamel.


Seems in: Sister Location, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening, FNAF AR: Particular Supply

Probably the most human of the FNAF animatronics up to now, Ballora resembles an precise ballerina. She wears a blue bikini with a purple tutu, adorned with golden orbs. She’s identified to be seductive and lethal, usually coming throughout as calm and composed. She likes to sing, and will be each sadistic and taunting.


Seems in: Sister Location, Final Customized Evening, FNAF: Assist Needed

A pair of small, terrifying baby-like animatronics with crafty, sociopathic tendencies who are sometimes seen alongside Circus Child. An alternate model of the Bidybabs referred to as Electrobab typically seems within the Customized Evening model of Sister Location.


Seems in: Sister Location, Final Customized Evening, FNAF: Assist Needed, FNAF AR: Particular Supply

The Minireenas are small, creepy, puppet-like dolls that accompany Ballora in her gallery and seem alongside her.

Music Man

Seems in: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening, FNAF Safety Breach

Music Man is an unsettling animatronic with a static, grinning face, black eyes, and spider-like legs. He seems upbeat and energetic, however takes his function as an entertainer very severely, showing and jumpscaring you by smashing symbols in your face if you happen to’re too noisy.


Seems in: Sister Location, Final Customized Evening, FNAF: Assist Needed

A twisted amalgamation of all of the Circus Child’s Pizza World animatronics, Ennard is a monstrous determine made up of cables, scraps, and a clown-like face. This terrifying amalgamation is part of Circus Child’s plan for escape.

El Chip

Seems in: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening, FNAF: Assist Needed

A Mexican-themed variation of Funtime Freddy who acts because the mascot of El Chip’s Fiesta Buffet. He periodically interrupts you with ads for his restaurant, attracting sound-sensitive animatronics if you happen to don’t act quick sufficient to cease him.


Seems in: 5 Nights at Freddy’s: Safety Breach

Roxy is likely one of the haunting animatronics you want Freddy’s assist to keep away from in Safety Breach. She’s one of many many jumpscarers you have to keep away from, although her huge keytar helps you determine the place she is likely to be lurking. For extra on this character, take a look at our FNAF Roxy information.

Mediocre Melodies

Seems in: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Final Customized Evening

The Mediocre Melodies are an animatronic band that, as their identify suggests, are fairly mediocre. They’re primarily a funds model of Freddy Fazbear’s band, with goofy personalities and less complicated mechanics, although they nonetheless seem fairly much like the unique FNAF animatronics.

The members of the Mediocre Melodies are:

  • Ned Bear
  • Completely satisfied Frog
  • Mr. Hippo
  • Pigpatch
  • Orville Elephant

FNAF character Vanny

Different FNAF characters

There are heaps of different FNAF characters exterior of the animatronics, every with their very own distinctive function throughout the sequence. Under, we’ve listed those that we really feel have the most important impression on the lore and gameplay – as, if we listed all of them, we’d be right here for months!

Needless to say this part accommodates heavy spoilers, so proceed with warning.

William Afton

The co-founder of Fazbear Leisure and the founding father of Afton Robotics, William Afton is the place all of it started. He in the end acts as the principle antagonist of the FNAF sequence, taking the function of a serial killer who murdered nearly a dozen youngsters in chilly blood. He’s sadistic and wicked, and brought on the downfall of his firm, repeatedly exhibiting himself to be able to hurting anybody – no matter whether or not they’re strangers, mates, or household.

He seems a number of instances all through the retro segments of the sequence, which trace at his previous and involvement with the murders. He additionally has an unnatural means to cheat demise, returning in a number of resurrected types regardless of how he perishes. He’s the one which possesses the Springtrap variations talked about above.

If you need a deep dive into FNAF’s William Afton, be sure to take a look at our information the place we dive into his lore, character, function within the story, and extra.

Elizabeth Afton

The daughter of William Afton and youthful sister of Michael Afton, Elizabeth is seen to be a younger lady with blond hair and inexperienced eyes. She had a deep love for her father, and admired all of his creations, till in the future she defied his command to steer clear of the Circus Child animatronic, resulting in her premature demise. In consequence, Elizabeth Afton’s soul possessed Circus Child, main her to turn into chilly, ruthless, and violent.

Michael Afton

Often known as the aliases Mike Schmidt and Eggs Benedict, Michael Afton was revealed to be the principle protagonist of the FNAF video games. He’s William Afton’s son and Elizabeth Afton’s older brother, and can also be thought of to be both the older brother to Crying Little one, or Crying Little one himself.

Michael Afton is the safety guard you play as within the first FNAF sport, the place the animatronics mistake him for his father. Like his household, many of the details about his character and life comes from the retro minigames you play all through the sequence, although there are additionally tidbits of details about issues like his ardour and expertise for artwork within the Survival Logbook.

Like his father, Michael Afton manages to cheat demise, and at one level comes again as a reanimated corpse, performing as a human host for Ennard. His important purpose all through the sequence is discovering his father, although it’s not made clear whether or not he intends to kill him when he does.

Henry Emily

Initially often called the Cassette Man and the overarching protagonist of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Henry Emily is later revealed to be the previous associate of William Afton who owned Fredbear’s Household Diner, and helped to create the unique animatronics.

In FNAF 2, Telephone Man mentions that Henry Emily has been lacking for years, which is then clarified in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. In the course of the Madness Ending of the sport, extra of his story is revealed, exhibiting that, although he helped Afton make the animatronics, he didn’t know his associate deliberate to make use of them for nefarious functions. It’s additionally revealed that his daughter, Charlotte Emily, was the primary baby to be murdered by William Afton, after which he thought of ending his personal life by way of guilt and grief.

Within the completion ending, Henry Emily tells the animatronics to launch their souls, and condemns William Afton to hell, as he burns the constructing down, destroying the animatronics together with the one William Afton is possessing, Michael, and himself. Earlier than he dies, he addresses Charlotte Emily one final time, apologising for not saving her and asking her to relaxation.

Charlotte Emily

Charlotte Emily, also referred to as Charlie, is Henry’s daughter. She was the primary baby murdered by William Afton, and later possessed the Puppet.

Crying Little one

The Crying Little one is the timid, innocent son of William Afton who undergoes excessive bullying by his older brother, who many followers speculate to be Michael Afton. He’s the principle protagonist of the FNAF 4 finish of evening minigames, and is proven to be the sufferer of ‘the chew of ‘83’, presumably the explanation that the unique Freddy Fazbear Diner was closed down, resulting in the rebranding to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria.

The chew passed off when his older brother and mates jokingly lifted him in the direction of the Fredbear animatronic, of which he was already scared. The Fredbear animatronic bit down and killed him. After this level, it’s believed that he possessed the Golden Freddy animatronic (both alone or alongside Cassidy, one of many different lacking youngsters).


A follower of the digital virus Glitchtrap, the aforementioned type of serial killed William Afton, Vanny seems to be a human in a patchwork rabbit swimsuit. The Princess Quest minigames reveal that she is the protagonist of FNAF: Assist Needed, after which she was corrupted by Glitchtrap. She’s initially proven to be unsure in the case of her process to kill victims, although she later overcomes this, changing into sadistic as she’s additional corrupted.

To unravel all there’s to find out about this enigmatic character, be sure to learn our FNAF Vanny information.


Because the playable character in 5 Nights at Freddy’s: Safety Breach, Gregory is a younger boy who finds himself locked in a Freddy’s institution in a single day. He takes up a friendship with the malfunctioning Freddy, resulting in the pair working collectively to get Gregory by way of the evening. For extra info, take a look at our FNAF Gregory information.


As a safety guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, Vanessa one of many few non-animatronic antagonists within the sequence, with the guard all the time on the hunt for Gregory. There’s a principle that Vanessa and Vanny often is the similar particular person, however it isn’t confirmed. For extra on this character, take a look at our FNAF Vanessa information.

That’s it for our FNAF characters information. We hope it helped you get a greater grip on this chaotic however intriguing, lore-filled sequence! For extra frights, take a look at our picks for the very best horror video games on Change and cell.

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