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Freebies, Gross sales, and Charity Bundles for Might 21, 2023


Welcome to the Bundles, Freebies, and Gross sales Information, the weekly column at EN World that helps ensure you don’t miss out on huge tabletop RPG bundles, charity fundraisers, and gross sales from across the web.


Freebies and Pay What You Need

Observe: Whereas “Pay What You Need” downloads can be found at no cost, please help the creators in case you are in a position!

Squidhead Video games launched a whole sport system as PWYW for his or her rules-lite RPG Heroic Tales. The d6 cube pool system already has a personality growth out there with 18 pregens, 10 new species, 19 particular skill, and extra guidelines expansions. And if conventional fantasy isn’t for you, they’ve already launched Heroic Tales: Bizarre West Complement with new guidelines for mounts, explosives, playing, and extra setting-specific skills and choices.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $0.00 every)

Dicey Prospects launched The Backstories E-book: Martial and Arcane Characters Quantity II which incorporates seeds for distinctive and fascinating backstories for participant characters, allies, and villains.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $1.00)

The second quantity of Iskandar Explorers expands on the 5e marketing campaign setting Iskandar from M. T. Black Video games with eleven articles which can be helpful for these taking part in within the setting or for any 5e sport together with a d100 Dungeon Themes desk, Bizarre Grassland Encounters, a group of latest treasures, a brand new character choices, and much more.

The RPG Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings has a brand new bestiary with Mud Devils, Goblins, and People that includes over 100 creature entries with descriptions and stat blocks for every being.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $0.00)

Spencer Hibnick brings us a useful useful resource for brand new sport designers, Pesto’s Information to Testing. This guide explains to the best way to put together for testing, what to search for in a very good tester, the best way to lead a suggestions dialogue, drafting surveys, organizing the info, and extra.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $5.00)

Caeora has 4 units of tokens, Creature Pack 17 with 8 mimic tokens, Creature Pack 18 with sci-fi zombie tokens, Creature Pack 19 with eleven farm animal tokens, and Creature Pack 20 with 5 werewolf tokens. Every token comes as PNG recordsdata able to import into your VTT with model with and with out shadows.

On Dungeonmaster’s Guild, we’re beginning off with an journey for Fifth-Sixth degree characters from Jesse Charle, Zombies in Haftorn Cemetery. This one-page journey has a easy premise: “Higgles, the gnome groundskeeper of Haftorn Cemetery, is determined to eliminate the zombies plaguing the land.”

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $0.50)

If you need an journey with a bit extra substance, Jon Hild has LPA2 Halcyon Days, a 30+ web page journey for degree 7-9. The journey pits the occasion towards creatures and abominations of huge energy, however they’ll additionally discover highly effective allies as effectively. It additionally consists of effectively over a dozen new monsters, new magic objects, and a brand new playable race of vazalkyon, the “kids” of the “upstart goddess” ice phoenix.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $2.00)

Jackson Cato revealed Rise of the Crabomancer, an journey for 2nd degree characters that options 4 new monsters and 4 new magic objects and I assume many crabs.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $2.50)

Garymere’s Tales of Unbelievable Feats – Quantity 1 by Bas Klein includes a assortment of 5 new feats: Copycat, Intestine Feeling, Decide of Character, Trip Into Battle, and Sensible Warrior.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $1.45)

Should you’ve by no means been happy with the immunity and resistance guidelines in 5e, Ryan Breadinc has a brand new take with No Extra Immunity: Homebrewed Alternate options to Creature Resistances & Immunities that makes an attempt to show flat mechanical penalties into extra fascinating standing results with 12 non-obligatory guidelines.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $0.50)

Therin a’Ghaleon brings one other method at integrating psionics into 5e with Psychic and Religious Handbook, an enormous 230-page sourcebook with new guidelines, new races, new lessons, new feats, new spells, new monsters, the brand new Airplane of Desires, and naturally a full algorithm for psionics. And in the event you’re already utilizing one of many many third-party psionic guidelines on the market, that is designed to broaden on these ideas and can be utilized in full or partly alongside them.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $15.00)

On Storytellers Vault, David Gibson desires to assist new gamers get into the World of Darkness with Welcome to the Night time, recommendation for Storytellers to introduce new gamers to the sport and its deep lore together with handouts over the setting typically and for the totally different Clans that may be handed out without delay or snipped out for use at particular moments.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $2.00)

Peter V. appears to replace and broaden on the Darkish Age period of Vampire: The Masquerade with Spiritus Remastered containing 10 powers, 5 Ahrimanic Rituals, and different updates to convey the principles in step with Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Version.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $2.00)

Odin Sama launched a marketing campaign setting for Wraith: The Oblivion titled Darkish Kingdom of Ticum set in South America targeted on the wrestle of the Hierarchy of Stygia who search to prepare the lifeless into a military of Legions and the Darkish Kingdom of Ticum who resist the Hierarchy beneath the blessing of historical indigenous deities. You can too get this 200+ web page sourcebook in Portuguese.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $9.99 every)

The Hearth GM has Lantern’s Cross a full metropolis able to be dropped into any sport and because the setting for a lot of adventures with NPCs, factors of curiosity, rumors and plot hooks, and a number of other VTT-ready maps.

If you need some cute (or horrifying, relying on the way you play them), Gabriel Gro has the brand new playable species of the Cuddlians, plush guardians initially woke up by wizards to guard kids who’ve developed their very own full tradition.

  • Value: Pay What You Need (Prompt: $1.49)

This week, we now have a bunch of lessons for our lightning spherical. These are all out there both free or Pay What You Need with the steered worth in parentheses.


Bundles and Gross sales

Observe: I’ve included finish dates when listed for the next gross sales, however please be warned that these with out revealed finish dates could finish immediately so make sure you plan purchases accordingly.

Over on Itch.io, Gizmo is internet hosting a sale on Mörk Borg dietary supplements with a bundle of 15 adventures, guidelines expansions, settings, instruments, character choices, and extra. And whereas not exactly a charity bundle, it’s for a very good trigger: Gizmo has a brand new canine whose birthday is subsequent month and deserves treats.

  • Value: £8.00 (85% off)
  • Finish Date: Might 31, 2023

On DriveThruRPG, EN Publishing’s system Degree Up: Superior Fifth Version now has its personal system class to make it simpler to search out third-party merchandise revealed for the system. In celebration, lots of these titles each from third-party publishers and EN Publishing itself are on sale.

  • Value: 25% or extra off
  • Finish Date: Varies, however most can be on sale via Might 31, 2023

Each DM, GM, Narrator, Loremaster, and so on. can at all times use extra random tables when the gamers go off the rails, and Chaos Gen brings us the Fantasy Wilds Tables Bundle with 4 d100 tables with random encounters in forests, coastal areas, and mountains and a bonus one in every of trinkets that may be discovered within the wild.

And in the event you run sufficient methods to know all these totally different titles for the one who runs the sport, you probably might use the Monday Monsters Quantity 3 bundle with ten new monsters with the bundle amassing the totally different variations for D&D 5e, Pathfinder 1st Version, and Pathfinder 2nd Version.

On Dungeonmasters Guild, the Outcasts Class Bundle is a group of 5 full new lessons and a number of other subclasses for every together with The Bloodmage, The Mutationist, The Psionic Warrior, The Vagabond, and The Witch.

And the Alternates Bundle has 5 extra lessons meant as alternate options to current D&D lessons or to work alongside them with The Elemental Scion, The Felknight, The Hierophant, The Revenant, and The Warlord.

Drizzt’s Travelogue of All the pieces is a pair of sourcebooks with new magic objects, lessons, subclasses, races, ancestries, and much more guidelines choices created in collaboration by a number of DMs Guild creators. The bundle is accessible in PDF and in print-on demand softcover and hardcover with PDFs included.

  • Value: $26.60 for PDF (33% off)
  • $37.32 for Softcover (61% off)
  • $53.32 for Hardcover (56% off)


Charity Bundles and Gross sales

Over on Bundle of Holding, Privateer Press has the Iron Kingdoms: Requiem bundle utilizing the 5e guidelines set. This steam-powered sword and sorcery fantasy bundle consists of the core rulebook, the Monsternomicon, GM’s Toolkit, and the adventures Legend of the Witchfire and An Echo within the Darkness whereas the bonus connection provides on the sourcebooks Borderlands and Past and The Borderlands Survival Information plus three extra adventures set within the Borderlands.

  • Value: $14.95 (77% off) with variable-cost Degree-Up choice
  • Finish Date: Might 26, 2023
  • Charity: Direct Aid (10%)

Earlier than Shadowrun, earlier than BattleTech, even earlier than the unique Star Trek RPG, FASA Company was often called a licensee producing dietary supplements for the science fiction sport Traveller. And now Bundle of Holding has collected lots of their basic adventures and sourcebooks collectively within the FASA Traveller Bundle. The bundle consists of six adventures together with maps of the ISCV King Richard and a Starport Lodge Advanced, whereas the bonus assortment provides on eight extra starship plans, the Sky Raiders journey trilogy, and the FCI Client Information.

  • Value: $9.95 (85% off) with variable-cost Degree-Up choice
  • Finish Date: Might 22, 2023
  • Charity: Direct Aid (10%)

On Humble Bundle, Paizo launched the Starfinder Solidarity Bundle that includes a full library of Starfinder books. Should you’ve by no means performed the area fantasy spinoff of Pathfinder, the bottom degree options the Starfinder Core Rulebook, Alien Archive, Participant Character Folio, GM Display screen, Newbie Field, and the primary journey within the We’re No Heroes journey path. The highest-tier degree is a full library of 27 digital merchandise plus two bodily merchandise, the hardcover of Alien Archive 2 and the reference playing cards Crucial Hit Deck (delivery additional).

  • Value: $5/$15/$25/$45 (89% off at high tier)
  • Finish Date: June 1, 2023
  • Charity: The Trevor Mission (user-defined, default 5%)

Catalyst Recreation Labs and Humble Bundle gathered collectively a library of basic BattleTech novels. Even the $1 degree will get you 4 wonderful books, the guide that received me into BattleTech, Robert Thurston’s Means of the Clans plus the novel that began off the road, William H. Keith’s Choice at Thunder Rift together with a pair of novels by Robert N. Charrette, Inheritor to the Dragon and Wolves on the Border. The second $10 degree provides on six extra books from Michael A Stackpole, Loren L. Coleman, and extra and the highest tier $18 is a tremendous deal for sixty novels in your alternative of EPUB or MOBI format for simple studying on any ereader, pill, telephone, or pc.

  • Value: $1/$10/$18 (94% off at high tier)
  • Finish Date: Might 25, 2023
  • Charity: The World FoodBanking Community (user-defined, default 5%)

That’s all for this week! If you understand of any bundles or gross sales beginning quickly, please contact me on the EN World Discord, tag me on Mastodon, or ship me a message right here on EN World. Low cost percentages have been rounded to the closest complete quantity and are based mostly on the usual retail worth offered by the positioning. Observe: Hyperlinks to Amazon, Humble Retailer, Humble Bundle, Fantasy Grounds, and/or DriveThruRPG could comprise affiliate hyperlinks with the proceeds going to the creator of this column.


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