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Coming in June’s concern of the Gate Cross Gazette, the official journal of Stage Up: Superior fifth Version!

Battlefield Horrors: The Cadaver Gorgers
Making their dwelling on recent battle grounds and forgotten mass graves alike, the creatures collectively often called cadaver gorgers are totally different levels of the identical life cycle. Options the hungering blood maggot, the unsettlingly intelligent corpse fly, and a strolling illness vector within the type of the gorger zombie. By Tim Korklewski

Nicely-Outfitted: Objects of Intrigue
In each noble courtroom throughout each aircraft, behind the pageantry, wealth, and gaiety, there’s one factor in widespread: intrigue. The next magic gadgets and armaments on this article are meant to provide any participant character or NPC an edge—figuratively and actually—on this harmful sport, all whereas making certain that they give the impression of being elegant and well-attired. In any case, if one goes to stroll the halls of energy, one in every of course have to be correctly geared up. By Sarah Breyfogle

Methods to be Fey
What occurs when make-believe believes it’s actual? This text contains a new Heritage within the type of the fey creatures often called the dreamborn, in addition to the Dreaming Wilds and Fey Courtroom Cultures and the Fey Servant Background. By Ryan Nock

Lone Rangers: Braving the Wilds With out Spell or Beast
A request that has been circulating within the Stage Up neighborhood for the reason that launch of the Adventurer’s Information is for a ranger with out spellcasting or a pet. Because it seems, that’s a reasonably broad set of parameters, so on this article you’ll find not one, however three such ranger archetypes! By Peter N Martin



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