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Genshin Affect Hu Tao construct


Welcome to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, the place the useless have by no means seemed so full of life! That is, in fact, all because of the creepy-cute funeral director, Genshin Affect’s Hu Tao. This adorably spooky gal isn’t all enterprise, although. So let’s check out the perfect Genshin Hu Tao construct, that includes all her abilities, greatest weapons and artifacts, and extra.

For those who haven’t managed to acquire Hu Tao but, check out our Genshin Affect’s Xingqiu, Genshin Affect’s Kaeya, and Genshin Affect’s Keqing guides when you want a robust character, or try our Genshin Affect tier checklist or Genshin Affect subsequent banner information. For these of you which might be low on primogems, we’ve additionally created a Genshin Affect codes checklist, so that you’ll have just a few extra possibilities to acquire Hu Tao.

Right here’s every little thing you’ll want to learn about Wangsheng Funeral Parlor director Genshin Affect’s Hu Tao.

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What’s the perfect Genshin Affect Hu Tao construct?

Hu Tao is an incredible primary DPS and may dish out some top-notch single-target injury. She will take a bit of getting used to as a consequence of her distinctive HP mechanic, however her pyro utility is sensible. In keeping with Keqing mains, she’s been thought of one of many premier ‘meta’ models since her launch, succeeding in all sport modes, from the Spiral Abyss to occasions. Nevertheless, additionally they spotlight that she comes along with her personal caveats that may trigger a large variance in her energy, and profiting from her equipment actually is dependent upon how a lot effort you need to put into her as a consequence of how difficult her mechanic is.

As talked about above, Hu Tao is an extremely highly effective single-target targeted unit, which might act as each a profit and a damaging. She’s highly effective in any respect constellations, however combining her C1 with the Employees of Homa weapon sees her injury spike considerably. Hu Tao slots into a number of workforce comps, and doesn’t depend on the highly-contested Genshin Affect’s Bennett like many different models, however does depend on a well-built Genshin Affect’s Xingqiu.

What are the perfect Genshin Affect Hu Tao weapons?

Whether or not at R1 or R5, the Employees of Homa is the perfect Hu Tao weapon by a mile. It’s typically thought of BiS (greatest in slot) for nearly each polearm consumer however, because it was tailor-made particularly to Hu Tao, she’s the one one able to totally using its passive.

For those who don’t have Employees of Homa, Dragon’s Bane is a good choice for vaporize compositions, and beats out Deathmatch in overload groups. Then again, Deathmatch is an easy-to-build choice equal to Dragon’s Bane in most eventualities, beating it out firmly in soften workforce comps or when your Hu Tao is using injury% or elemental mastery buffs.

Weapon Impact The right way to acquire
Employees of Homa Bonus stat: crit injury
Talent: HP is elevated by 20%. Hu Tao additionally receives an assault bonus based mostly on 0.8% of her max HP. When HP drops beneath 50%, the assault bonus is elevated by an extra 1% of Hu Tao’s max HP
Dragon’s Bane Bonus stat: elemental mastery
Talent: Injury is elevated by 20% towards enemies affected by hydro or pyro
Deathmatch Bonus stat: crit fee
Talent: If there are not less than two enemies close by, enhance assault and protection by 16%. If there are fewer than two enemies close by, assault will increase by 24%
Battle go

What are the perfect Genshin Affect Hu Tao artifacts?

As Hu Tao is a pyro primary DPS, Crimson Witch of Flames is the most suitable choice. Alternatively, Shimenawa’s Memory has fairly excessive injury output, too. For early-game content material, you possibly can equip her with a full set of Berserker till you get one thing higher.

Artifact set Impact The right way to acquire
Crimson Witch of Flames Two outfitted: pyro injury +15%
4 outfitted: will increase overloaded and burning injury by 40%, and vaporize and soften injury by 15%. Utilizing an elemental ability will increase two-piece set results by 50% for ten seconds. Most three stacks
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formulation area on Bashui Plain, Wuwang Hill
Berserker Two outfitted: crit fee +12%
4 outfitted: when HP is beneath 70%, crit fee is elevated by an extra 24%
Treasure chests, enemy drops, domains
Shimenawa’s Memory Two outfitted: assault +18%
4 outfitted: when utilizing an elemental ability with 15 or extra vitality, you lose 15 vitality and achieve 50% regular/cost/plunging assault injury for ten seconds. This impact received’t set off once more throughout that period
Momiji-Dyed Courtroom area on Yashiori Island in Inazuma

Artifact stat suggestions

Most important stats:

  • Sands: HP or elemental mastery
  • Goblet: pyro injury%
  • Circlet: crit fee/crit injury (attempt to keep a 1:2 ratio)


  • Elemental mastery (as much as 100)
  • Crit fee/crit injury (attempt to keep a 1:2 ratio)
  • Elemental mastery (100+)
  • HP%
  • Assault%
  • HP
  • Assault

Genshin Impact Hu Tao: Hu Tao from the 3.4 promotional art waving and shouting to someone in Liyue.

What are Genshin Affect Hu Tao’s talents?

Hu Tao’s equipment revolves round rigorously managing her HP to get probably the most out of her talents. Her elemental ability makes use of her HP to deal pyro injury, and when you unlock one in every of her passives, having low HP boosts that injury even additional. She will then restore her well being and deal huge quantities of AoE pyro injury along with her elemental burst, resetting the cycle.

Lively abilities:

Talent Impact
Regular assault: Secret Spear of Wangsheng Regular: Performs as much as six strikes
Charged: Consumes stamina to lunge ahead, dealing injury to enemies alongside the best way
Plunging: Plunges from mid-air to strike the bottom beneath, damaging opponents alongside the trail and dealing AoE injury upon influence
Elemental ability: Information to Afterlife  Paramita Papilio: Consumes a set portion of Hu Tao’s HP to knock again enemies and enter the Paramita Papilio State. Whereas on this state, Hu Tao’s assault is elevated based mostly on her max HP. The assault bonus can not exceed 400% of her base assault. Hu Tao’s injury is transformed into pyro injury throughout this time and resistance to interruption is elevated. This impact ends when she leaves battle or has fallen
Blood Blossom: Whereas within the Paramita Papilio State, Hu Tao’s charged assault inflicts enemies with the Blood Blossom Impact. Enemies affected take pyro injury each 4 seconds
Elemental burst: Spirit Soother Hu Tao summons a blazing spirit that offers giant AoE pyro injury. On hit, a share of Hu Tao’s HP is regenerated. This could set off as much as 5 instances, and if Hu Tao’s HP is beneath or equal to 50%, injury and regeneration are elevated

Passive abilities:

Talent Impact
Flutter By When the Paramita Papilio state ends, all allies (excluding Hu Tao) crit fee is elevated by 12% for eight seconds
Sanguine Rouge Hu Tao’s pyro injury is elevated by 33% when her HP is the same as or lower than 50%
The Extra the Merrier When Hu Tao cooks an ideal dish, there may be an 18% likelihood to obtain an extra “Suspicious” dish

What are Genshin Affect Hu Tao’s constellations?

You possibly can degree up Hu Tao’s constellations through the use of the Stella Fortuna you acquire when receiving a replica Hu Tao. Right here’s each level-up bonus.

Constellation Impact
C1: Crimson Bouquet Whereas in Paramita Papilio state, Hu Tao’s charged assaults don’t devour stamina
C2: Ominous Rainfall Blood Blossom injury is elevated by an quantity equal to 10% of Hu Tao’s max HP when the impact is utilized. Spirit Soother will now additionally apply the Blood Blossom impact
C3: Lingering Carmine The extent of Information to Afterlife is elevated by three
C4: Backyard of Everlasting Relaxation When an enemy affected by a Blood Blossom is defeated, all close by allies (excluding Hu Tao) can have their crit fee elevated by 12% for 15 seconds
C5: Floral Incense The extent of Spirit Soother is elevated by three
C6: Butterfly’s Embrace When Hu Tao’s HP drops beneath 25%, or when she suffers a deadly blow:

  • Hu Tao won’t fall on account of the injury
  • For the following ten seconds, her elemental and bodily resistance is elevated by 200%, her crit fee is elevated by 100%, and her interruption resistance can also be elevated
    This triggers robotically when Hu Tao has 1 HP left and
    can solely happen as soon as each 60 seconds

What are Genshin Affect Hu Tao’s ascension supplies?

Be sure you save up this stuff to ascend Hu Tao as quickly as you possibly can. You possibly can farm the silk blooms in varied locations throughout Liyue, bop Whopperflowers on the pinnacle for his or her nectar, and declare juvenile jade from preventing the Primo Geovishap boss.

Required degree Mora Supplies
20 20k One agnidus agate sliver, three silk flower, three whopperflower nectar
40 40k Three agnidus agate fragment, two juvenile jade, ten silk flower, 15 whopperflower nectar
50 60k Six agnidus agate fragment, 4 juvenile jade, 20 silk flower, 12 shimmering nectar
60 80k Three agnidus agate chunk, eight juvenile jade, 30 silk flower, 18 shimmering nectar
70 100k Six agnidus agate chunk, 12 juvenile jade, 45 silk flower, 12 vitality nectar
80 120k Six agnidus agate gemstone, 20 juvenile jade, 60 silk flower, 24 vitality nectar

Genshin Impact Hu Tao: Hu Tao and Xiangling in the Liyue streets. Hu Tao is hugging Xianglijng and making her drop some dumplings.

What are Genshin Affect Hu Tao’s expertise supplies?

If you wish to degree Hu Tao’s abilities as much as ten, you’re going to want to battle quite a lot of whopperflowers.

Expertise degree Mora Supplies
Two 12.5k Six whopperflower nectar, three teachings of diligence
Three 17.5k Three shimmering nectar, two information to diligence
4 25k 4 shimmering nectar, 4 information to diligence
5 30k Six shimmering nectar, six information to diligence
Six 37.5k 9 shimmering nectar, 9 information to diligence
Seven 120k 4 vitality nectar, 4 philosophies of diligence, one shard of a foul legacy
Eight 260k Six vitality nectar, six philosophies of diligence, one shard of a foul legacy
9 450k 9 vitality nectar, 12 philosophies of diligence, two shard of a foul legacy
Ten 700k 12 vitality nectar, 16 philosophies of diligence, two shard of a foul legacy, one crown of perception

What are the perfect Genshin Affect Hu Tao workforce comps?

Hu Tao is a monster DPS unit so she will be able to slot in a wide range of workforce comps relying on which characters you personal and your most well-liked playstyle. For those who’re utilizing Crimson Witch of Flames in your construct, we advocate a multi-element workforce to take advantage of these response buffs, and ensure to incorporate not less than one hydro unit when you’re utilizing Dragon’s Bane.

Right here’s an instance of a robust Hu Tao workforce comp:

First character slot Second character slot Third character slot Fourth character slot
hu tao iconHu Tao yelan iconYelan zhongli iconZhongli xingqiu iconXingqiu

That’s every little thing you’ll want to learn about Genshin Affect’s Hu Tao. For those who’re searching for a brand new Hoyoverse journey to check out, try our Honkai Star Rail tier checklist and Honkai Star Rail codes. We’ve additionally obtained construct guides for characters like Honkai Star Rail’s Lynx, Honkai Star Rail’s Dan Heng, and Honkai Star Rail’s March seventh.


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