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On the subject of Marvel Snap decks, there’s loads of choices for tips on how to set them up. Nonetheless, with numerous mixtures between the playing cards throughout the roster, it may be onerous to determine what precisely is essentially the most potent mixture of highly effective and playable playing cards. That’s the place we are available in, with our detailed Marvel Snap decklists.

If you wish to get your fingers on this comedian card sport sooner relatively than later, try our Marvel Snap obtain information, or if you wish to see our ideas on the entire bundle, see our Marvel Snap evaluate and Marvel Snap tier listing. Or, when you’re trying to save the world in another manner, take a flick through our picks of the very best My Hero Academia video games.

Marvel Snap decks

With each card sport, there’s loads of potential combos on supply to startle your opponents. It’s no completely different on this one, with the very best Marvel Snap decks constructed in a particular approach to grasp round a sure synergy, particular card, or mixtures that up the percentages of victory. We’ve determined to separate our suggestions into newbie decks, for these nonetheless getting used to the format, and the very best of the very best Marvel Snap deck builds for taking up fellow gamers on-line.

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Marvel Snap starter deck

All of us start with the identical starter deck in Marvel Snap, that includes some highly effective fundamental playing cards however few potent results. Whereas it’s not the worst set on this planet, it’s value buying and selling out playing cards like Hulk and Abomination for Odin and Gamora once you decide them up as battle move rewards as their on-reveal results will be game-changing. Thankfully, your whole early battles can be towards bots, so you should use this mediocre set till you unlock the required elements for our newbie deck suggestions.

Marvel Snap newbie decks

In the event you’re nonetheless attending to grips with this superhero-powered card sport, it is smart to check out considered one of our newbie Marvel Snap deck options. We’ve chosen builds that get you used to the thought of ideas like summons, mixtures, and destruction results, and are all obtainable in card pool one (assortment stage rewards 1-214). After getting your head round these concepts, you have to be assured sufficient to strive constructing your personal deck, however when you aren’t, discover your manner a bit additional down the web page for among the greatest Marvel Snap deck recipes we may muster.

Custom image of Onslaught, Ka-zar, and Blue Marvel cards for Marvel Snap decks guide

Ongoing results 101

Decklist: Antman, Squirrel Woman, Nightcrawler, The Watcher, Mister Sinister, The Punisher, Captain America, Ka-zar, Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Onslaught

Ongoing results are troublesome to cope with as they proceed to alter the sport after you play them, so it’s no shock {that a} deck constructed across the idea is likely one of the most viable pool one Marvel Snap decks. There’s loads of mixtures right here, with Kazar offering boosts from Squirrel Woman – and her squirrels – in addition to Antman, Nightcrawler, and the Watcher. Blue Marvel additional boosts the assault energy of all of your heroes by one, and when you play Onslaught on the identical location, you possibly can flip this right into a double enhance.

On reveal results 101

Decklist: Hawkeye, Mantis, Nightcrawler, Angela, Cable, Scarlet Witch, Wolfsbane, Groot, White Queen, White Tiger, Odin

Orientating round a bunch of highly effective on reveal results, this deck is simple to assemble with playing cards you possibly can decide up from the primary pool (rewards for assortment ranges 1-214). The primary gimmick right here is to arrange on reveal results throughout two areas whereas looking for Odin for a robust finish sport play. Odin’s impact permits for on reveal results to occur once more on the location you play him at, which may enhance Wolfsbane’s assault into terrifying territories, present one other 7-power tiger with White Tiger, or double Groot’s energy factors.

Custom image of Apocalypse, Blade, and Lady Sif cards for Marvel Snap decks guide

Destruction results 101

Decklist: Angel, Nightcrawler, Nova, Blade, Carnage, Wolverine, Girl Sif, Sword Grasp, Enchantress, Klaw, Spider-Girl, Apocalypse

That is the riskiest of our three newbie decks, nevertheless it’s additionally the set with essentially the most potential to be an absolute nightmare in your opponents, With the hand destruction results of Girl Sif and Blade in a position to energy up Apocalypse by 4 factors for every time it’s destroyed, I’ve seen combos that find yourself with the mighty planet smasher with greater than double it’s authentic energy factors. Pair this with Enchantress’ means for shutting down ongoing results, and Spider-Girl reducing your opponent’s energy factors, and there’s a whole lot of disruptive late-game performs on supply right here.

Marvel Snap intermediate decks

With playing cards from swimming pools two and three, these intermediate decks pack extra of a punch than our newbie decks, however have easier-to-understand methods than our meta picks.

Custom image from the destruction 101 Marvel Snap deck with Deadpool and other heroes

Self-destruction Deadpool

Decklist: Bucky Barney, Carnage, Deadpool, Deathlok, Forge, The Hood, Hulk Buster, Killmonger, Nova, Taskmaster, Wave

Not solely is Deadpool one of many largest hitters within the field workplace, however he’s additionally one of many wildest regeneration engines in all of Marvel Snap. With an impact that brings the hero again to the hand with its energy doubled, which over the course of some turns can flip Deadpool into one of the vital potent playing cards within the sport. Match this with Nova, who boosts her fellow heroes by one energy level after destruction, and Bucky Barnes’ transformation into the Winter Soldier when taken down, you possibly can create a area that the opponent doesn’t know tips on how to work round.

Sera Mystique summons

Decklist: America Chavez, Ant Man, Angela, Bishop, Colleen Wing, Dracula, Maximus, Mojo, Mysterio, Mystique, Scarlet Witch, Sera, Star Lord

Constructing a deck across the combo between Sera and Mystique is a good way to become familiar with summoning in Marvel Snap. Sera permits for faster summons with an ongoing impact that subtracts one power level from the price of playing cards in your fingers. Mystique makes like she does within the motion pictures and serves as an unimaginable mimic, copying the final ongoing impact you performed. This tots up for a complete of -2 to the power price in your hand, which could not sound OP, however belief me after I say that it’s.

Custom image of Wong Marvel Snap deck heroes including Wong himself and Spectrum

The Wong Spectrum

Decklist: Ant-Man, Armor, Colossus, Cosmo, Ebony Maw, Goose, Lizard, Mystique, Mister Unbelievable, Quinjet, Spectrum, Wong

Like we talked about earlier, getting your head round card mixtures is pivotal to discovering your manner on this sport, and there’s few higher methods of doing this than between Wong and Spectrum. Wong’s impact is easy sufficient in that it causes on reveal results in a set location to occur twice. Mix this with Spectrum’s on reveal plus two energy enhance, you may get a simple plus 4 in your heroes in a single play.

There’s one other trick to this deck too although, with a lot of gamers selecting to incorporate quite a lot of ongoing impact heroes that assist to manage the sphere. The perfect of the bunch are Mister Unbelievable, Goose, and Lizard, nevertheless it’s additionally a good suggestion to incorporate a duplicate of Ant-Man to profit from management over the sphere with a plus three energy enhance potential.

The perfect Marvel Snap meta decks

In the event you’re an excessive amount of of a hero to play with the freshmen, fear not, we’ve obtained the very best Marvel Snap decks for taking to on-line play. As extra playing cards arrive within the sport, we’ll be again to replace these Marvel Snap decklists with the freshest of the superfine superhero units.

Custom image of the Deathpool Marvel Snap deck with Death and Deadpool

Deathpool self-destruction

Decklist: Bucky Barney, Carnage, Deadpool, Demise, Deathlok, The Hood, Hulk Buster, Killmonger, Nova, Taskmaster, Wave

This deck is popping with card results that use self-destruction as a method of taking out opponents’ playing cards, rising your hero’s factors, and summoning the highly effective entity of Demise herself. Demise’s impact makes taking part in her on the sphere simpler by costing one much less power level for each card destroyed within the sport, and with the kamikaze results of Deadpool, The Hood, Venom, and extra, you possibly can simply get her out in an endgame state of affairs.

Sera Zemo summons

Decklist: Angela, Bishop, Carnage, Lizard, Maximus, Mysterio, Purple Cranium, Sera, Taskmaster, Typhoid Mary, Zero

Sera is likely one of the most OP playing cards obtainable within the present Marvel Snap roster, with an impact that lowers the power level price of playing cards in your hand. Mix this with Zero, a veritable bear entice of a card that cancels out the following impact used, and you’ll shortly end up ready of energy on the board. Add in Taskmaster to profit from highly effective summons and also you’re nicely in your approach to taking down opponents.

Screenshot of Patriot and drones Marvel Snap deck with pictures of Patriot, Ka-zar, and Ulton

Patriots, drones, and clones

Decklist: Blue Marvel, Debrii, Ka-zar, Mister Sinister, Misty Knight, Mystique, Onslaught, Patriot, Shocker, Squirrel Woman, Ultron, Wasp

This deck combines two separate methods to create one of the vital in style Marvel Snap decks within the present meta. The primary half of the thought behind this deck is within the synergy between Patriot, with an impact boosting the ability factors of playing cards with no impact by two, Ka-zar, who provides an extra plus one energy level to heroes that solely have one to begin with, and some seemingly weak playing cards like Wasp, Misty Knight, and Shocker. If all that wasn’t sufficient, Blue Marvel additionally makes an look in some builds of this set, boosting the ability factors of in-play with an ongoing plus one.

The second a part of this deck’s total technique is in swarming the sphere of play with low-cost tokens – we’re calling them tokens for lack of a greater phrase, these are on-field heroes with no authentic playing cards however are created by the impact of different heroes, like tokens in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Playing cards like Ultron, Debri, and Squirrel Woman can all create tokens, and these tokens additionally obtain the ability level enhance from Blue Marvel and Kaz-ar. For the ultimate flavour on this unimaginable deck, add a duplicate of Onslaught, who throws this deck into OP territory by doubling the impact of any ongoing results in play.


Decklist: Nova, The Hood, Armor, Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Colossus, Deathlok, Inexperienced Goblin, Killmonger, Warpath, Hobgoblin, Destroyer

This is likely one of the trickier Marvel Snap decks to get your head round, with loads of results that may solely work out when you play clever combos. There’s a number of concepts at play right here, from utilizing Inexperienced Goblin and Hobgoblin to occupy areas in your opponent’s facet of the sphere whereas decreasing their total energy factors. Then there’s the destruction results similar to the Deathpool deck, however with the added flavour of Destroyer as an end-game monolith able to overpowering a full location simply by himself.

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There you may have it, our picks for the very best newbie and meta Marvel Snap decks. To make some room for extra video games in your telephone, see our tips on how to delete apps on iPhone and tips on how to delete contacts on iPhone.


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