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Guardian Tales Tier Record – All Characters Ranked – Gamezebo


Beginning a brand new gacha sport can typically be a frightening expertise. That’s the place our Guardian Tales tier checklist is available in! This information ranks all characters within the gacha RPG from S tier to D tier that can assist you determine who to save lots of your pulls for.

Guardian Tales is a gacha RPG that pulls inspiration from basic Legend of Zelda titles. You continue to accumulate characters like regular, however the sport performs out throughout plenty of 2D isometric ranges, with you actively taking part in fight. There are puzzles to unravel, myriad bosses to defeat, and traps to navigate throughout all kinds of sport modes. For those who’re into retro video games, you’ll be proper at dwelling right here.

For extra details about Guardian Tales, you should definitely go to the official web site. We’ve additionally acquired a helpful Guardian Tales codes information should you’re on the hunt for some freebies! For those who’re in search of new video games to play, take a look at our Tower of God: New World codes and Tower of God: New World tier checklist.

Guardian Tales Tier Record

Please notice that tier lists are solely subjective! Our rating relies on stats and the capabilities of every character throughout fight – let’s dive a bit deeper into what every tier means.

What Every Tier Means

  • S Tier: The most effective characters to acquire in the meanwhile – it’s greatest to attempt to get certainly one of these characters as quickly as doable to assist carry your crew
  • A Tier: For those who don’t have an S tier character proper now, that’s okay! Characters in A tier are additionally good choices on your get together
  • B Tier: These characters aren’t one of the best by way of skills and stats, however they do a good sufficient job – don’t be ashamed to position certainly one of these characters in your get together for now
  • C Tier: Characters in C-tier are often solely helpful initially of the sport – swap them out as quickly as you’ll be able to although!
  • D Tier: Don’t even trouble making an attempt to improve or utilise these characters

S Tier

  • God of Harvest Kamael
  • Darkish Magician Beth
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Robbers’ Killer Lina
  • Divine Beast of Harvest Mayreel
  • Summer season Innkeeper Loraine
  • 9-tailed Fox Garam
  • Demonsire Depend Claude
  • Demon Queen Lilith
  • Celebration Crasher Mad Panda Trio
  • Little ndroid AA72
  • Android Mk.99
  • Future Princess

A Tier

  • Future Knight
  • Eight-tailed Fox Nari
  • Necromancer Noxia
  • Drunken Swordmaster Lynn
  • Half Vampire Priscilla
  • Legendary Hero Erina
  • Slayer Andras
  • Idol Captain Eva
  • Dancing Archer Tinia
  • Noble Succubus Biance
  • Govt Pink Hood Arabelle
  • Sea Witch Ara
  • ce Witch Lupina
  • Sword of Werebeasts Rey
  • Exorcist Miya
  • Santa’s Little Helper Rue
  • Seaside Maid Amy
  • Sea Vendor Sia

B Tier

  • Chosen One’s Archpriestess Veronica
  • Trickster Lucy
  • Goddess of Wealth Eleanor
  • Grim Reaper Hana
  • Goddess of Warfare Plitvice
  • Flower Woman Bari
  • Scientist on the Seaside Sohee
  • Mecha Warrior Oghma
  • Priest Xellos
  • Flame Harpy Scintilla
  • Grasp Swordsman Gourry
  • Mannequin Worker Parvati
  • Elemental of Christmas Carol
  • Autonomous Android Mk.2
  • Warlord Mercenary Orca
  • Seaside Dragon Knight Shapira

C Tier

  • The Sure Baby Clara
  • Lifeguard Yuze
  • Knight Woman Lapice
  • Vampire Woman Karina
  • Sniper Hekate
  • The Knight
  • Film Star Eugene
  • Druid Kanna
  • Pink Hood Elvira
  • Mad Scientist Gremory
  • Pirate Rahcel
  • Engineer Marianne
  • Aspiring Warrior Craig
  • Scrivener Lagn
  • Grand Amiral Marina
  • Swordsman Akayuki
  • Dragon Avatar Vishuvac
  • Leaf Fairy Aoba

D Tier

  • Innkeeper Loraine
  • Twin Healer Favi
  • Dragon Searching for Woman Neva
  • Kung Fu Grasp Mei/Fei
  • Desert Mercenary Marvin
  • Dimension Traveler Catherine
  • Twin-personality Maid Amy
  • Twin Fighter Lavi
  • Knight Captain Eva
  • Swindler Magician Dolf
  • Dragon Knight Shapira
  • Succubus Adventurer Yuze
  • White Beast
  • Fireplace Dragon Girgas
  • No.9 Miss Chrom
  • Battleball Woman Rie
  • Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang
  • Goldem Rider Alef
  • Scientist Sohee

How Usually is This Tier Record Up to date?

This tier checklist will likely be up to date as quickly as a brand-new character is added to Guardian Tales. It is going to take a bit of little bit of time to rank the character after their launch, however we intention to get them into the tier checklist as quickly as doable. You may as well anticipate to see frequent updates to this tier checklist as and when the sport receives patch updates. As a result of nature of patch updates, characters can obtain a nerf or a buff, which means they’ll transfer up or down a tier checklist over time.


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