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Embracing the tranquility of Fontaine’s lake, Freminet dives into Genshin Influence as a playable character and is able to unleash his Claymore assaults.

Freminet is the taciturn adoptive brother of the magicians, Lyney and Lynette, and is considered one of Fontaine’s best diver on this planet of Genshin Influence. He’s very connected to his mechanical penguin, Pers.

Freminet is a 4★ Cryo Claymore consumer from the area of Fontaine, thus additionally possessing the brand new Arkhe alignment mechanic which aligns him with Pneuma.


Regular Assault – Flowing Eddies

As for each Claymore consumer, Freminet’s Regular Assault is a string of 4 consecutive strikes whereas for his Charged Assault, he performs a steady spinning slash towards all close by enemies and unleashes a robust swing by the tip of the assault sequence.

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Elemental Talent – Pressurized Floe 

When Freminet prompts his Elemental Talent, he executes an upward strike that offers Cryo DMG and grants him Pers Timer for 10 seconds.

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When Pers Timer is energetic, Freminet’s Elemental Talent can be enhanced into Shattering Stress, which permits him to carry out varied different types of assaults relying on the Stress Stage of Pers Timer, and thereafter cancels the impact.

  • Stage 0 – Freminet unleashes a vertical slash, dealing Cryo DMG.
  • Stage 1 to three – Execute a vertical slash alongside Pers, dealing each Cryo and Bodily DMG, scales primarily based on the Stress Stage.
  • Stage 4 – Freminet borrows the facility of a fully-pressurized Pers to deal Bodily DMG and causes his Regular Assault: Flowing Eddies to get replaced by Shattering Stress.

Moreover, whereas Freminet is beneath the Pers Timer state, his Regular Assaults will emit waves of frost to deal Cryo DMG and enhance the Stress Stage of Pers Timer. The Cryo DMG dealt by Freminet’s enchanted Regular Assaults is taken into account as Elemental Talent DMG.

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As a Fontaine character, Freminet’s Elemental Talent also can launch a Spiritbreath Thorn within the type of one other upward thrust at sure intervals, dealing Pneuma-aligned Cryo DMG.

Elemental Burst – Shadowhunter’s Ambush

When activated, Freminet wears his diving helm and unleashes a wave of chilly, dealing AoE Cryo DMG, refreshing the cooldown of his Elemental Talent, and inflicting him to enter the Subnautical Hunter mode for 10 seconds.

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Whereas beneath the Subnautical Hunter mode, Freminet’s resistance to interruption will increase and his Elemental Talent can be granted the next results:

  • Cooldown length is decreased by 70%.
  • The wave of chilly emitted from the improved Regular Assaults offers 200% of their authentic DMG and will increase 1 further Stress Stage of the Pers Timer.

The results can be canceled when Freminet leaves the freezing subject.

Passive Talent (1st Ascension) – Saturation Deep Dive

When Freminet performs his Elemental Talent, Pressurized Floe: Shattering Stress, if the Pers Timer has not reached Stress Stage 4, the cooldown length of the flexibility can be lowered by 1 second.

Passive Talent (4th Ascension) – Parallel Condensers

When Freminet triggers a Shatter response towards enemies, the injury dealt by Pressurized Floe: Shattering Stress can be elevated by 40% for five seconds.

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Skill Breakdown 

Generally, Freminet’s playstyles are outlined by his Elemental Abilities, Pressurized Floe, making him enter a type of ramp-up stat known as Pers Timer, which permits him to extend Shattering Stress to execute totally different variations of assaults primarily based on the extent gained from repeated Regular Assaults.

His Elemental Abilities perform in a means much like Keqing’s Elemental Talent the place you may activate one other time after the preliminary set off for a special impact. From Stress Stage 0 to three, Freminet will deal Cryo injury, whereas at Stage 4, Freminet will unleash a burst of highly effective Bodily injury as an alternative. As such, this permits Freminet to tackle 2 main playstyles, every specializing in a special factor, both Bodily or Cryo.

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For his Elemental Burst, Freminet additional boosts his Elemental Talent functionality, permitting him to forged the flexibility extra usually with the lowered cooldown whereas additionally granting 1 extra further Stress Stage per hit, enabling him to attain Stress Stage 4 so much sooner. Moreover, the frost waves from his Regular Assaults which can be granted by the Elemental Talent can even deal elevated injury.

For his playstyle, in case you need to play him as a Bodily injury seller, deal with getting Stress Stage 4 throughout his Elemental Talent to unleash an enormous burst of injury. On the flip aspect, if you wish to play a Cryo damage-focused Freminet, purpose to make use of his Elemental Burst often for its lowered Talent cooldown so you may unleash Pressured Floe extra usually for the Cryo DMG.


Generally, Freminet’s Constellations grant him some increase in offense and could also be required in case you need to make him your primary DPS.

His Constellation 1, Desires of the Foamy Deep, grants his Elemental Talent, Pressurized Floe: Shattering Stress, an extra 15% CRIT Price. An general good enhance to his injury output by way of higher Crucial Hit consistency.

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Subsequent, Penguins and the Land of A lot, his Constellation 2, restores 2 Power to Freminet every time he unleashes Pressurized Floe: Shattering Stress, and if it’s the Stress 4 variant, recovers 3 Power as an alternative. A good Constellation for Freminet to regain the flexibility to recast his Elemental Burst much more often.

Shifting on to his Constellation 4, Dance of the Snowy Moon and Flute, Freminet will acquire a 9% ATK enhance for six seconds every time he triggers a Frozen, Shatter, or Superconduct Elemental Response on an enemy, as much as 2 most stacks.

This enhances his Constellation 6, Second of Waking and Resolve, which will increase his CRIT DMG by 12% for six seconds after triggering the identical aforementioned reactions, maxing as much as 3 stacks.

Each are good Constellations that contribute to growing Freminent’s general offensive capabilities.

Really helpful Artifacts

For Artifact solutions, since Freminet might be performed as both a Bodily or a Cryo primary DPS, think about having both factor as your primary stat for the Goblet slot. For Sands, deal with ATK% as your primary stat and purpose to attain the beneficial optimum CRIT Price CRIT DMG ratio of 1:2 by having your Circlet possess considered one of both CRIT stat as the principle stat.

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If you wish to play Freminet as a Bodily DPS, the 4-piece Pale Flame set is the beneficial Artifact, granting extra Bodily DMG and additional boosting his ATK every time he makes use of his Elemental Talent. For Cryo primary DPS Freminet, we advocate the Blizzard Strayer set for its bonus Cryo DMG and CRIT Price.

Alternatively, the brand new Golden Troupe set can also be an honest selection for Freminet, growing his Elemental Talent injury, which synergizes properly along with his package.

Really helpful Weapon

For weapon selections, Freminet is moderately versatile so long as the Claymore he wields may present him with loads of offensive stats.

When you owned any of the next 5★ Claymore, you possibly can think about giving it to Freminet so he may make the most of the elevated offensive stats: Beacon of the Reed Sea, Wolf’s Headstone, The Unforged, and Redhorn Stonethresher. One other wonderful possibility is Eula’s signature Claymore, Tune of Damaged Pines, if you’re taking part in him as a Bodily injury seller.

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There are additionally many nice 4★ alternate options for Freminet reminiscent of Prototype Archaic, Blackcliff Slasher, Serpent Backbone, and Snow-Tombed Starsilver for Bodily injury.

Regardless of a lot of Genshin Influence trailers showcasing him with The Bell, it’s truly not a superb weapon selection for Freminet resulting from him not possessing any skills that grant Shields, thus not with the ability to take correct benefit of Claymore’s passive impact.

Workforce Suggestion

Because of how his skills work, Freminet is just capable of be performed as an on-field DPS in Genshin Influence. As beforehand talked about, Freminet has 2 primary playstyles, both as a Bodily hypercarry or as a Cryo primary DPS.

Like different Bodily-focused hypercarry groups, you will want to pair him with an Electro unit to allow the Superconduct Elemental Response, reminiscent of Raiden Shogun, Fischl, or Beidou. For the help and off-field DPS, think about bringing Rosaria, Mika, Diona, Bennett, or Shenhe alongside for his or her buffing capabilities

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Since Freminet is a Claymore consumer, he won’t be viable in Perma-Freeze groups as he can be consistently triggering Shatter reactions and breaking enemies out of their Frozen state. Nevertheless, he generally is a good unit for Soften Groups with Xiangling, Bennett, and Kazuha.

One other various is to fit him in Hyperbloom groups with a Dendro character like Nahida, Yaoyao, and Baizhu, along with Yelan and Raiden Shogun. Nevertheless, for this staff, he won’t be the spotlight as he’s solely there to keep up the Dendro software since Cryo won’t overwrite the factor, permitting the opposite components to do the Reactions.

Since his 4th Ascension passive, Parallel Condensers, will increase his injury when he triggers a Shatter response, working a Hydro character with him will enable him to do barely extra injury.

Remaining Ideas 

Genshin Influence’s Fontaine skilled diver Freminet is in an unlucky place the place regardless of his cool and fascinating package, his stats and injury numbers made him an undesirable character to play in a meta standpoint.

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Even when using him as a Bodily primary DPS, it’s good to think about that such a playstyle is fighting the Spiral Abyss meta for a motive. Regardless of the helps utilized in Bodily groups being top-tier characters, they typically usually are not capable of unleash their potential as a lot as they’d in different groups, largely because of the lack of Elemental Reactions. That is why, for Bodily groups to work, the principle DPS has to have the ability to unleash excessive injury numbers innately like Eula, however sadly, Freminet lacks such injury output.

He additionally suffers from poor Inner Cooldown (ICD), which hinders his skill to persistently apply his factor onto enemies, making him not a superb character for any staff needing a Cryo applicator for Elemental Reactions. Total, Freminet will not be trying good as a unit and I’d counsel avoiding pulling for him until you want him as a personality.

So what do you consider Freminet from Genshin Influence? Will you be pulling for Freminet as soon as he releases in Genshin Influence? Be part of the GamerBraves Discord server and share your ideas.

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