[Guide] Honkai Impression third – Must you pull Li Sushang

Jade Knight, or formally often called Li Sushang, is the S-Rank Psychic Valkyrie and the latest addition to Honkai Impression 3rd following the discharge of model 6.1.

She is an Ice help whose principal gimmick brings Elemental Breach and Ice harm buff to the desk.

Li Sushang Package Overview

Being an Ice Valkyrie, its sufficient to say all her assaults will deal Ice harm.

For her Chief talent, Realm of Taixuan, she will increase the workforce’s complete harm for his or her fundamental, combo and cost assaults and provides a bonus to Ice harm when your workforce is absolutely consists of Ice Valkyrie.

Li Sushang comes with a gauge referred to as Blade Sanction and holding the assault button when the gauge is full will enter her into Sword Array mode.

When in Sword Array mode, you may faucet the Final button to do a Bolt Slash and three consecutives Bolt Slash adopted by a Regular Assault makes her solid Again Wind Slash that reinforces your workforce’s ranged Ice harm.

Li Sushang most notable passive is her Forge Blades the place she follows as much as deal Ice harm to enemies when your energetic workforce member makes use of a weapon talent, combo or charged assault.

Her Final talent “The Crown of Eminence” is her principal disposal to help Ice groups. At a excessive price of 150, she is going to deal large Ice harm and grants Elemental Breach to all of your Ice Valkyries for 18s, resetting upon one other set off of her Final.

Li Sushang Gear

Weapon How one can Get Weapon Energetic Talent Weapon Passive Weapon Passive 2 Remark
Nocturnal Stealth: Beam Nocturnal Stealth obtainable from Provide Drop (Gacha). PRI-ARM to get Nocturnal Stealth: Beam Wield a Wave Splitting Edge in the direction of targets, dealing 485.6% (800.0% at 6★) ATK of Ice DMG and forming a line of Torrent that lasts for 25s. Triggering it once more resets the length. Whereas Torrent is on the sector, it produces a wave every time a goal takes Ice DMG, dealing 60.7% (100.0% at 6★) ATK of Ice DMG, as much as 5 waves. CD: 2s. When Jade Knight casts this talent in Sword Array, she instantly connects it with a Again Wind Slash. After utilizing weapon talent, the workforce offers 20.0% extra Ice DMG for 22s (can not stack). Triggering it once more resets the length. Jade Knight equip bonus: Recuperate 12.0 SP every time Torrent produces a wave. CD: 2s. Ice DMG dealt by Combo ATKs will increase by 12.1 (20.0% at 6★). Complete DMG dealt by the workforce will increase by 6.1% (10.0% at 6★) (can not stack). Her BiS weapon is Nocturnal Stealth: Beam as not solely does it helps her with regaining SP upon energetic, the PRI-ARM added passive will increase the entire harm for your entire workforce.
Cosmic Duality Nebulous Duality obtainable from Provide Drop (Gacha) or Alternate Store for 4000 Weapon Resonance. PRI-ARM it to get Cosmic Duality The wielder features Ignore Interrupt and 10% ATK Velocity for 10s, throughout which she restores 8.2 (20.0 at 6★) HP and three SP per 0.5s. Fu Hua equip bonus: Hitting an enemy with the ultimate hit of any set of her combos boosts her Hearth DMG by 13.3% for 15.6s (18.0% for 18.0s at 6★) (stacks up tp 3 occasions) and provides 1 cost (Max: 3). This impact may be triggered as soon as each 2s; triggering it once more resets the length. Utilizing the weapon energetic grants 3 stacks. When the wielder leaves the battlefield, every cost boosts teammates’ Complete DMG by 4.2% for 15.6s (5.0% for 18.0s at 6★) (triggering this impact once more resets the length), then all fees might be eliminated. At any time when a workforce member casts Final, the wielder restores 142.8 (300.0 at 6★) HP and 5.3 (10.0 at 6★) SP. Crew-shared CD: 15s. Cosmic Duality is the finances choice for Li Sushang as its PRI-ARM passive and weapon energetic might help her with gaining SP to solid her Final.

Li Sushang Crew

First Slot Second Slot Third Slot
Primary Ice DPS Reverist Calico Jade Knight

This workforce comp absolutely makes use of Li Sushang as a help, offering Elemental Breach and Elevated Ice harm to the entire workforce.

Rotation sensible, you’d need to begin with Pardofelis and instantly do a Combo Assault along with her to set off Li Sushang’s QTE. Swap her in as she instantly enters Sword Array Mode due to QTE and solid Again Wind Slash to extend your workforce’s ranged Ice harm.

Instantly after, maintain the assault button to permit Li Sushang to make use of her cost assault and swap in Pardofelis mid-attack to person her Final and Inflict Rime Trauma.

That is the place your principal DPS is available in. Simply go ham with all of the buffs from the 2 helps till the enemy dies and simply repeat the rotation if it doesn’t die.


Li Sushang brings to the workforce her Elemental Breach and large buffs to Ice harm to the entire workforce from her base package alone. The Shieldbreak she brings can also be invaluable to Captains that wishes to tier within the Area and keep in Nirvana rank.

To not point out she additionally has a excessive hit rely in her Sword Array Mode to take out these pesky enemies with hit rely protect. With all of those, you may say goodbye to Haxxor Bunny in your third slot in your Ice workforce.

Weak point

Her principal weak spot comes from the primary utility that she brings. Her elemental breach comes from her Final and that very Final prices a whopping 150 SP. That makes her Final one of many highest price Final within the recreation and with out her signature weapon, it could take a surmountable of effort to regain sufficient SP for a second solid.

Her harm exterior of her Final can also be subpar. A lot so, that you wouldn’t be capable of absolutely make the most of her package when enjoying as a principal DPS when her playstyle is generally to activate her buffs after which swap in to the subsequent character.

Ought to You Pull

She is farmable via the Battle Treasury and comes with a reduced value in model 6.1, so it’s advisable to not roll for her. Her weapons nevertheless, is a should pull if you’re planning to have her in your workforce.

With out it, you may be struggling very a lot when it comes to SP for the entire workforce as Pardofelis alone can not present sufficient SP for Li Sushang’s Final even along with her spectacular SP restoration for the workforce.

After you have her and her full gear, she could be indispensable in your Ice workforce for a very long time and he or she may successfully exchange Haxxor Bunny.

Honkai Impression third

Developer: miHoYo

Launch Date: 2016-10-14

Android, iOS, Microsoft Home windows

“Honkai, a mysterious drive that annihilated human civilization on a number of events, has re-emerged on this as soon as peaceable world…”
A squad of younger women burdened with the final hopes of humanity should struggle for survival on this apocalyptic world full of zombies and Honkai beasts.
Because the Captain of the Hyperion, you will need to lead these women into battle in opposition to zombies and Honkai beasts in varied locales world wide. Expertise the women’ distinctive personalities, problem and conquer varied raids and phases, and benefit from the wealthy storyline of the Honkai Universe! Be part of the Valkyries and struggle for all that’s lovely on the planet!


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