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Have fun Your Encounter Areas This Approach


Roleplaying Ideas E-newsletter #1069

Make your areas memorable. And incorporate the story.

Do these two issues to make encounters even higher.

Right here’s how:

Options => Twist => Secret

Let’s see what to do for every half:

Determine Out The Particular Options

First, give your location a Function.

Generally the sport position for the situation differs from the Function. That is what we wish!

For instance, a constructing was created to fabricate clothes. That’s its Function. The encounter inside triggered by the PCs entails a demon summoning ritual and violent cult members.

The hole there between Function and recreation position or use makes such a spot extra entertaining….

…As a result of our subsequent step is to consider what makes the Function give the situation distinctive options.

What goes on inside the situation? What sort of work, dwelling, or different exercise was it constructed for or modified to go well with?

These particular issues I consider as Options.

What cool options can we add based mostly on its origin and present obvious use?

Intention for 3-5 for a single location.

When considering Options up, search for alternatives of hazard, thriller, and reward. One in every of every is good.

We additionally need to morph Options for impact to the restrict your marketing campaign tone permits.

Morph by making a Function larger, smaller, quicker, more durable, deadlier, slower, trapped, based mostly on the Function’s perform.

Let’s do an instance.

A Clothes Manufacturing unit

(In a fantasy recreation with sword & sorcery vibe)

  1. Spindles of wool and cotton
  2. Meeting tables
  3. Stitching machines
  4. Fabric cutters
  5. Workplace

5 options. That alone helps make your location memorable. Gamers will higher think about the scenes of their minds. And intelligent gamers and GMs will leverage Options for benefit.

Then we morph. We modify the Function then add three qualities that would make our encounter extra interactive, harmful, or intriguing:

  1. Large spindles of wool and cotton (heavy, flammable, entangling)
  2. Rickety meeting tables (throwable, flammable, weak)
  3. Robust stitching machines (arduous piercing, pedal powered)
  4. Sharp material cutters (additional harm, throwable)
  5. Furnished workplace (desk, lockbox, cupboard, chair)

In only a few moments we’ve bought an fascinating location shaping up.

Let’s construct it even additional!

Give the Default a Twist

We deign Options to make the situation stand out and supply a number of potential interactions.

Many gamers won’t catch on that your environments have grow to be extra interactive. So have the NPCs present’em the way it’s carried out.

Getting wrapped up in dry material scrolling quick off the spindle whereas being stabbed many times with material cutters will create fond recollections. Fonder nonetheless from the candy scratching of flint and metal that follows.

So these Options are issues that stand out, leaving the remainder of the situation on because the Default Surroundings. There can’t be discoveries in each foot of a spot.

For almost all of the house, we assign customary, non-special small “f” options. If we don’t resolve this prematurely, we make it up on the spot.

The bottom is a street, or dust forest, or stair. The lighting is vivid, dim, darkish. There’s air, furnishings or terrain, and so forth.

To tick our location up a notch we take the Default Surroundings and provides it a twist.

This may assure your location’s memorableness.

For instance, make ground slippery. Elevated hazard afoot!

The Twist needn’t be a mechanic.

The ground is an incredible tile mosaic. You possibly can’t inform what scene is depicted at encounter begin due to all of the small tables and chairs lining the primary open space. As soon as totally revealed, the mosaic gives an sudden clue.

Including a Twist makes your location distinctive.

The Options construct up what one would possibly anticipate in such a location and add dimensions to gameplay. The Twist will shock your gamers, locking this second of their excited minds.

Give It A Deeper Secret

We hit the level-up stage now in our effort to Have fun the Location and make it memorable in a number of methods.

Bear in mind these material cutters? We wish extra of that response and pleasure from the potentialities and which means of the place.

Options give a spot context and potentialities. We now give it particular which means with a Hyperlink to our story.

For instance, the PCs are monitoring down mysterious disappearances. Clues cause them to a clothes manufacturing unit. Perhaps it’s human smuggling? Slave trafficking. Compelled labour within the manufacturing unit?

Nope. It’s a cult making sacrifices to appease a darkish god. That’s our story Hyperlink.

However we make this Hyperlink a secret the PCs can uncover. Maybe the mosaic is the ritual space. Maybe the employees make sacrificial physique baggage or unusual vestments. Perhaps the workplace has parchments with the ritual’s phrases for members to speak.

Keep away from this error, although, when dispensing a secret: its gravitas should match the hassle required to find it.

I strive to not put lethal obstacles in entrance of small secrets and techniques, for instance.

Wrapping Up

Take any encounter you’ve gotten deliberate and focus for a second on its location.

Stack cool attributes to the situation to make it mysterious, thrilling, and memorable:

  • Add Particular Options (morphed + three gameplay qualities)
  • Give the default space a Twist
  • Add a narrative Hyperlink and make it a discoverable Deeper Secret

Our Deeper Secret means our wonderful location will now be remembered as “That [Purpose] place with all of the [Features] the place that loopy [Link] occurred!”

“That bizarre clothes manufacturing unit the place Krug grew to become a pin cushion and the place that loopy cult lived within the basement!” Now that’s a technique to Have fun a Location in positive trend. Huzzah.


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