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Have You Performed… Darkish Souls 2?


It is simple to position Darkish Souls 2 in your crosshairs and take purpose at its variations. Its map would not intertwine like Darkish Souls 1 or 3. Plenty of bosses do this factor the place they summon in some mates and it is fairly annoying. The ambiance lacked that magic glaze. And but, its quirks and frustrations make it considered one of my favourites.

Like I discussed in our 2014 Time Capsule, the sport takes a scattershot method to Darkish Souls’ conventional world order. You shoot between darkish forests and historical peaks and there is even some extent the place you journey a spooky ghost ship. Nevertheless it’s this lack of cohesion that makes it so memorable, as you are just a few undead warrior occurring this odyssey by means of a ravaged land, encountering all its bizarre beasties.

The DLCs elevate the sport’s standing as an idea album, whisking you off to 3 forgotten kingdoms to reclaim crowns from ice-blasted cities and sunken Aztec-inspired temples. And whereas quite a lot of its ranges are pretty linear, you ponder whether they set the stage for Elden Ring‘s open world. I imply, Elden Ring definitely resembles the DS2 expertise out of all FromSoftware’s choices however ups the intricacy ranges and ties issues collectively higher.

Cheers to Darkish Souls 2, a wild journey.


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