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Honkai Star Rail Asta construct


Aboard the Herta Area station, it’s close to unattainable to do something with out first working it by the lead researcher, Honkai Star Rail’s Asta. This beautiful younger girl instructions the whole area station, and is on a continuing seek for new information to sate her curiosity. So come together with us as we go stargazing with Honkai Star Rail’s Asta, and be taught all about her persona, abilities, eidolons, greatest gentle cones, and relics.

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Now let’s get this analysis mission underway, as we fly straight into our Honkai Star Rail Asta construct information.

What’s the very best Honkai Star Rail Asta construct?

Honkai Star Rail’s Asta is a four-star fireplace character who treads the trail of Concord, which means her principal position is to buff her allies. Her assorted equipment could seem underwhelming at first look, however can actually shine below the fitting circumstances. She suits fairly a distinct segment position, growing her allies’ velocity along with her final, and buffing their assault by dealing harm by means of her passive.

Should you equip her along with her signature gentle cone, she works greatest with different fireplace characters like Honkai Star Rail’s Hook and Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko. Nevertheless, she’s not essentially the most sustainable with no shielder or a healer on her crew, which restricts your crew comp choices fairly dramatically. Alternatively, the buffs she provides are to not be sniffed at, as they will rapidly sway a battle in your favour.

When constructing Asta, we advocate aiming to enhance her fireplace harm, impact hit price, and velocity above different stats.

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Which gentle cone ought to I take advantage of for Honkai Star Rail’s Asta?

The four-star gentle cone Planetary Rendezvous is tailor-made particularly to Asta’s equipment. Nevertheless, its talent may be very particular, and is simply worthwhile in case you have a mono-fire crew. Subsequently, below different circumstances, it could be higher to equip her with a distinct gentle cone to fit your crew’s wants.

However the Battle Isn’t Over is a powerful five-star possibility which will increase Asta’s power regeneration price, restores talent factors for her crew, and boosts an ally’s harm. Apart from that, just about all the Concord-aligned gentle cones supply helpful buffs for Asta’s crew, so be at liberty to choose no matter one fits your required crew.

Gentle cone Impact Methods to acquire
Planetary Rendezvous When all allies deal the identical harm kind as Asta, harm dealt will increase by 16% Gacha
However the Battle Isn’t Over Will increase the wearer’s power regeneration price by 10% and regenerates one talent level when the wearer makes use of their final on an ally. This impact can solely happen as soon as each two makes use of of the wearer’s final. When the wearer makes use of their talent, the subsequent ally that takes motion (aside from the wearer) offers 30% extra harm for one flip Gacha or the Starlight Change retailer 

Which relics ought to I take advantage of for Honkai Star Rail’s Asta?

Asta’s equipment (other than her ult) revolves round shelling out fireplace harm and hitting as many enemies as attainable. As such, 4 items of Firesmith of Lava-Forging is a good possibility for the hearth and talent harm enhance.

By way of her two remaining slots, we advocate Fleet of the Ageless for its team-wide buff, or Pan-Galactic Business Enterprise to spice up her impact hit price.

Relic Impact Methods to acquire
Firesmith of Lava-Forging  Two geared up: will increase fireplace harm by 10%
4 geared up: will increase Asta’s talent harm by 12%. After she makes use of her final, will increase her fireplace harm by 12% for her subsequent assault
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Conflagration in The Xianzhou Luofu’s Stargazer Navalia
Fleet of the Ageless Two geared up: will increase Asta’s max HP by 12%. When her velocity reaches 120 or larger, all allies’ assault will increase by 8% World 3 of the Simulated Universe
Pan-Galactic Business Enterprise Two geared up: will increase Asta’s impact hit price by 10%. In the meantime, her assault will increase by an quantity equal to 25% of the present hit price, as much as a most of 25% bonus World 5 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat suggestions

When selecting relics for Asta, we advocate prioritising the next stats. The will increase impact hit price is meant to assist her hit extra enemies along with her bounce talent, so you possibly can profit from her passive and use it to buff the assault of your whole crew.

We advocate constructing her velocity, too, so you possibly can capitalise on the buffs provided by the Simulated Universe relic units, and probably proc her passive extra often.

Major stats:

  • Ft: velocity
  • Neck: fireplace harm bonus
  • Article: impact hit price


  • Fireplace harm bonus
  • Impact hit price

Honkai Star Rail Asta in the Space Station

What are Honkai Star Rail’s Asta’s talents?

Listed below are all of Asta’s talents. In fight, we advocate utilizing her final as usually as attainable to maintain boosting your crew’s total velocity. Her talent doesn’t deal a dramatic quantity of harm at base worth, but it surely’s good for chipping down enemy weaknesses and charging up her final sooner.


Talent Impact
Fundamental assault: Spectrum Beam Deal 50% of Asta’s assault as fireplace harm to a goal enemy
Talent: Meteor Storm Deal 28% of Asta’s assault as fireplace harm to a goal enemy and bombard them 4 extra occasions. Every bombardment offers 28% of Asta’s assault as fireplace harm to a random enemy
Final: Astral Blessing Will increase the velocity of all allies by 45 for 2 turns


Talent Impact
Astrometry Astra features a charging stack for each completely different enemy hit, plus an extra stack if the enemy hit has fireplace weak point. For each charging stack Asta has, all allies’ assault will increase by 6% as much as 5 occasions. In the beginning of each flip, Asta’s charging stack rely is decreased by three


Talent Impact
Miracle Flash Instantly assault the enemy. After coming into battle, deal 50% of Asta’s assault as fireplace harm to all enemies

What are Honkai Star Rail Asta’s eidolons?

Honkai Star Rail’s eidolons, like Genshin Influence’s constellations, are bonuses and upgrades you possibly can unlock by pulling a couple of copy of a personality. Listed below are all of Asta’s eidolons.

Eidolon  Impact
E1: A Star’s Lyricless Tune When utilizing Asta’s talent, deal further harm as soon as to a goal enemy
E2: The Moon Understands its Cycle When utilizing Asta’s final, she doesn’t cut back her charging stacks for the subsequent flip
E3: The Ecliptic Meteorite’s Change Will increase the extent of Asta’s final stage by three, as much as a most of stage 15, and the extent of her fundamental assault by one, as much as a most of ten
E4: When the Aurora Manifests When Asta’s expertise charging stack rely reaches one or larger, her power restoration price will increase by 25%
E5: Thriller of Deep Area Objects Will increase the extent of Asta’s talent by three, as much as a most of stage fifteen, and will increase the extent of her fundamental assault by one, as much as a most of stage ten
E6: Sleep Below the Milky Means The chagrin stack discount of Asta’s expertise is decreased by one

What are Honkai Star Rail Asta’s ascension supplies?

You may get Asta all the way in which as much as stage 80, however it’s essential to use particular supplies to lift her ascension rank at sure intervals. Listed below are all of the supplies it’s essential to get Asta to max stage.

You may get the silvermane badges and their higher-grade counterparts, silvermane insignia and silvermane medals, from the silvermane guard enemies on Jarilo-VI, Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe enemies, project rewards, and the embers trade retailer. The endotherm chitin are drops from the Form of Blaze Honkai Star Rail Stagnant Shadow in Jarilo-VI’s silvermane guard restricted zone.

Required stage Credit Supplies
20 3.2k 4 silvermane badges
30 6.4k Eight silvermane badges
40 12.8k Two endotherm chitin, 5 silvermane insignia
50 32k 5 endotherm chitin, eight silvermane insignia
60 64k 15 endotherm chitin, 5 silvermane medals
70 128k 28 endotherm chitin, seven silvermane medals

Who’s Honkai Star Rail’s Asta?

Asta is the lead researcher of Herta Area Station, who possesses a wealth of data in regards to the galaxies round her. She’s a fiercely inquisitive and extremely energetic younger lady, who takes all the trials of her job in her stride.

Whether or not it’s managing opinionated workers, coping with gossip, dealing with the Intelligentsia Guild, or preventing again the fragmentum, Asta handles it effortlessly, with a well mannered, approachable manner belying a firmness that calls for the respect she deserves.

Asta’s English voice actor is Felecia Angelle, and her Japanese voice actor is Akasaki Chinatsu.

And that’s all the things we’ve acquired on Honkai Star Rail’s Asta. For extra Hoyo enjoyable, take a look at our Genshin Influence tier checklist, Genshin Influence codes, Genshin Influence banner, and Genshin Influence occasions guides.


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