Immediately’s Wordle Reply #456 – September 18, 2022 Resolution And Hints

The reply to at this time’s Wordle puzzle (#456 – September 18, 2022) is stick. It may well operate as each a noun and a verb, and describe punishment or the specter of punishment used to implement compliance to or cooperation with a typical. As a verb, stick means to carry one thing firmly by adhesion, or to pierce or stab one thing with a pointed instrument. Additionally, the gearshift of automobiles are additionally referred to as sticks, and so are the lengthy items of wooden used for enjoying video games like pool or hockey.

The phrase stick has roots in Center English “stikken,” from Outdated Excessive German “sticken,” which implies to prick (by way of Merriam-Webster). Immediately we selected one among WordleBot’s really useful starter phrases, slate, as the primary guess. It was a fortunate first guess, because it turned one tile inexperienced and one other yellow. We adopted up with the phrase stoic, which provided sufficient info for us to guess the reply accurately on the third guess. We hope you do it in even fewer tries.


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