In the present day’s Wordle Reply #473 – October 5, 2022 Answer And Hints

The reply to at this time’s Wordle puzzle (#473 – October 5, 2022 ) is marsh. Based on the Oxford English Dictionary, a marsh is an space of soppy moist land, which is well and often flooded in moist seasons or at excessive tide, and so stays waterlogged always.

The phrase marsh has its origin in Center English’s “mersh,” which is from the Outdated English phrases “mersc” or “merisc,” which means marsh or swamp. It is also probably derived from Late Latin’s “mariscus,” which is itself from Proto-West Germanic “marisk” derived from “mari” or “mere.” The latter two phrases each imply sea or physique of water (by way of Etymonline).

Like yesterday and the day earlier than, we solved the puzzle in three tries at this time, despite the fact that our first guess, wound, is nowhere on the expert-recommended listing of Wordle starter phrases. See? Breaking the principles pays off generally! Which means we now have an official three-try streak going, which is thrilling, however we might be extra excited if this text helps you resolve your Wordle puzzle in report time, as properly.


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