Lord of the Rings On-line excursions by way of Earlier than the Shadow’s Cardolan

Now that Lord of the Rings On-line has correctly launched its upcoming Swanfleet zone, the studio’s shifting its focus to selling the opposite member of the Earlier than the Shadow pair: Cardolan. In a brand new video, World Designer Matt Elliott gave viewers a tour by way of this pastoral area that lies to the south of Bree-land and Lone-lands.

The large landmark of Cardolan is the ruins-pocked metropolis of Tharbad, which straddles a significant river. However Elliott mentioned that the zone could also be pointing to greater and higher issues: “One of many issues I’m actually enthusiastic about with this explicit house is issues that it teases sooner or later, just like the Greyflood heading south. It’s a part of our teasing a wider, larger world.”



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