Mastering the Depths: Enhancing RPG Mines

Mastering the Depths: Enhancing RPG Mines

Generally, a few further particulars makes all of the distinction in serving to gamers think about our encounters and take fascinating actions.

RPT GM Chris N. despatched me some nice insights into the complexities of working a medieval or fantasy RPG mine. We will use these incredible particulars to flesh out our descriptions, encounters, and adventures.

Thanks Chris!

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Mines in a medieval fantasy RPG setting want extra element than simply tunnels. There are a number of issues that an underground mine requires to perform. Listed here are a number of gadgets, ideas, and ideas about the way it all works. Notice that I’m specializing in the stereotypical underground mine shaft within the hills.

In medieval occasions, most mines sought ‘native’ ore. That’s, a literal vein of metallic by means of the rock. The tunnels twisted and adopted these veins in typically random style.

Staging Space

Very first thing you want is a big staging space exterior the mine. This can home the camp that staff eat and sleep at, in addition to present house for ore processing. You’ll want mentioned staff after all, and which means entry to recent water, meals, and primary camp provides. Tents at first, then transferring to timber framed cabins and lengthy homes.

Transporting Supplies

The act of transporting supplies to and from the mine should even be thought of. This is usually a highway, however the quantity of supplies a mine transports will profit from water transport. Both means, that transportation route have to be put in place.

Instruments, Operation & Upkeep

Because the mine is dug, instruments want restore and changing, bracing have to be constructed, and materials introduced out. The camp exterior will want a carpenters house, blacksmith and machining store, in addition to a quarry house for crushing and breaking the rocks from the tunnels.

If refining is to be carried out on website, then an in depth system of melting pots, coal fireplace furnaces, skimming rakes, pouring sluices, ingot molds, cooling racks, and even alchemical store are wanted.

Inside the tunnels, quite a lot of instruments and tools are wanted: bores, drills, chisels, hammers, wedges, picks, and different hand instruments to interrupt the stone partitions and tunnel a bit additional.

Then the rocks should all be eliminated. By wheelbarrow is labor intensive, however works for shallow shafts. Because the tunnels deepen, hand carts or field carts pulled by stout mules often get used (contemplate the house and meals wants of those animals within the camp space exterior).

The deepest mines will see mechanical units used, reminiscent of platform lifts, winches, conveyors, or tracks for carts. These methods want a devoted crew to function and restore them, with additionally a primary workshop house for repairs and upkeep provides.

Sorting & Processing

Sometimes, ore items will probably be sorted throughout the mine so that every full cart may be unloaded in a particular space. Tailings are ineffective – they’re simply rock that’s in the best way. These go to a quarry pile, and are sometimes used to enlarge the camp house over time.

Ore has sufficient metallic in it to warrant processing, so will probably be taken to a crusher to interrupt down the rock to permit smelting. This entire course of will contain crushing the rocks with hand instruments or mechanical pounders. Then washing the fabric in massive pots or barrels. The mud is strained out and sieved (or panned) for metals, however the majority of the crushed rock now goes to the refiners for melting, purifying, and casting. Extra of the tailings with no metallic will probably be sorted out, after which the ore is distributed to the furnaces.


Again into the tunnels, except for areas to conduct sorting, there must be areas for instruments to be saved, carts to be staged, and staff to relaxation. Air flow holes have to be bored or dug, and a method of transferring air turns into essential because the tunnels deepen.

Mine shafts additionally always seep water. A mine will flood if this water isn’t handled. Pumps or powered water wheels can be utilized in massive mines. Smaller areas may have a devoted crew of haulers to commonly sluice out the deepest shafts.

The tunnels themselves is not going to be neatly laid out as a result of they observe the ore, however because the mines get deeper, staff will widen and broaden areas to accommodate the employees’ wants underground. Meals and water shops will probably be introduced in, relatively than having miners stroll an hour out to get their meal. Such tunnels could have a easy serving house and tables.

Likewise, instruments will probably be positioned in storehouses throughout the mines so a damaged choose may be swiftly changed. No matter system is getting used to haul the ore and tailings round may even want its upkeep house moved underground.

As soon as the shafts are deep sufficient, it might even be essential to place sleeping quarters underground, although that is uncommon.

One other consideration is Mom Nature (or no matter she’s known as in your sport world). As you dig tunnels, you’re more likely to encounter challenges. Tunnels will encounter voids (’empty’ rooms with no different exit that may have uncommon creatures, be full of poisonous fumes, or be a resting place for an elemental).

Total cavern complexes may be discovered, with underground streams carving out large caverns, slim tunnels, swimming pools, grottos and all method of ecosystems.

Different difficulties can embrace magma pockets, a change in rock strata, or a competing race of miners.


Lastly, again on the floor, the ore introduced out have to be refined, usually by melting and skimming out impurities. This course of requires a gentle gasoline provide for a melting furnace and a big house for the refinery itself, which is able to embrace the furnace and bellows, skimmers, massive melting pots, pouring sluice or channel, and molds to solid ingots or particular types.

As a consequence of these necessities, the ore is commonly shipped to a close-by metropolis for refining.

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Thanks for the incredible particulars, Chris! After I construct my subsequent mine journey, this may assist me map and flesh issues out very effectively.

RPT GMs, I fed Chris’s tricks to Zorgon, the AI we just lately added to Marketing campaign Logger, after which requested him for associated journey seeds. Right here’s what Zorgon gave me, with some tweaks from me:

Journey Seeds

1. Haunted Depths

The stressed spirits haunting the mine should not vengeful however are literally attempting to information the miners to a hidden chamber containing historical knowledge. The gamers should decipher the spirits’ messages and navigate supernatural trials to unlock the secrets and techniques that may support each the mine and the spirits themselves.

Twist: The spirits should not attempting to information the miners however are literally trapped souls in search of redemption. To free them, the gamers should unravel their tragic previous and make amends, bringing peace to the haunted depths.

2. Quest for Silver

The PCs are employed to discover a wealthy silver vein situated deep inside treacherous hills. They have to navigate difficult terrain, take care of rival mining corporations, and shield the precious silver from thieves and bandits who would cease at nothing to say it.

Twist: The wealthy silver vein is not only a supply of wealth however is definitely a sacred website of an historical silver dragon. The gamers should move the dragon’s assessments and show themselves worthy whereas avoiding the grasping grasp of rival mining corporations.

3. The Thriller of the Deserted Mine

A once-thriving mine all of a sudden fell silent years in the past, and its secrets and techniques beg to be unraveled. The occasion is employed to analyze the eerie circumstances surrounding the deserted mine. They have to uncover the destiny of the miners, confront supernatural occurrences, and uncover the reality hidden inside its depths.

Twist: The silence of the mine was brought on by an otherworldly entity that possesses the flexibility to control time. The gamers should uncover the entity’s true nature, navigate temporal disturbances throughout the mine, and forestall it from utilizing its powers for damaging functions.

4. Mining Guild Dispute

A dispute between rival mining guilds threatens to escalate into an all-out battle. The gamers are enlisted as mediators to discover a peaceable decision, whereas navigating the treacherous dynamics between the guilds, uncovering underlying motives, and stopping a devastating battle that might cripple the area’s economic system.

Twist: The rivalry between the mining guilds is a mere distraction from a a lot bigger conspiracy. The gamers should uncover the reality behind an influential noble’s plot to break down the area’s economic system, utilizing the rivalry as a handy cowl.

5. Stolen Quarry

A stone quarry important for a close-by mining operation has develop into the location of smuggling and unlawful operations. The characters are tasked with exposing the criminals, shutting down the unlawful actions, and making certain the quarry continues to function.

Twist: The smuggling actions within the quarry are an elaborate facade for a secret society utilizing the stone to assemble a robust golem. The gamers should expose the society, forestall the golem’s activation, and shield the quarry’s assets from falling into the flawed arms.

6. Essence of Gems

A prestigious jeweler seeks the rarest and most radiant gems to adorn beautiful jewellery for a royal celebration. The participant characters are recruited to discover distant mines, face harmful circumstances, and retrieve the extremely sought-after gem stones. Nevertheless, they quickly uncover {that a} malevolent determine wishes the gems for his or her darkish functions, resulting in a race in opposition to time to guard the mines and the dominion’s repute.

Twist: The gorgeous gem stones should not simply uncommon treasures but in addition conduits of elemental power. The gamers should uncover an historical prophecy foretelling a cataclysm if the gems are misused and discover a strategy to harness their energy for the dominion’s safety.

7. Sabotaged Transport

Investigation right into a sabotaged transportation community reveals an inside job orchestrated by a gaggle of miners dissatisfied with their working circumstances. The gamers should uncover the reality, tackle the miners’ considerations, and forestall additional acts of sabotage.

Twist: The acts of sabotage have been orchestrated not by dissatisfied miners however by a clandestine group in search of to destabilize the area for their very own political agenda. The gamers should navigate political intrigue, expose the conspirators, and restore order to the transportation community.

8. Competing Miners

Rival miners should not in search of riches however as an alternative are a gaggle of refugees looking for a brand new dwelling. The gamers should navigate a fragile stability between the rights of the refugees and the rights of the mine’s authentic homeowners, all whereas sustaining order within the camp.

Twist: The rival group of refugees shouldn’t be as harmless as they appear. They function a entrance for a legal group utilizing the mine as a canopy for unlawful actions. The gamers should infiltrate the group, expose their true intentions, and shield the rights of the unique mine homeowners.

9. Treacherous Terrain

The mine’s collapse was not a pure incidence however an elaborate entice set by a crafty group of bandits who search to put declare to the mine’s riches. The gamers should not solely rescue the trapped miners but in addition outsmart the bandits, uncover their true identities, and produce them to justice.

Twist: Because the occasion delves deeper into the mine and confronts the bandits, they uncover that the chief of the bandits shouldn’t be amongst them. As a substitute, they discover a sequence of intricate and historical marionettes in a hidden chamber of the mine. These marionettes are magically animated and have been controlling the bandits in opposition to their will. The true puppeteer is a reclusive enchanter who lives in a close-by mountain, utilizing the marionettes to control individuals and occasions from a distance. The gamers should resolve whether or not to confront this enchanter or discover a strategy to break his magical management over the bandits.

10. Elemental Forge

The hidden forge is not only a spot of energy but in addition a sentient entity able to forging weapons imbued with elemental spirits. The gamers should earn the forge’s belief and full a sequence of difficult trials to show themselves worthy of wielding its extraordinary creations.

Twist: The forge’s sentience is break up among the many 4 main components: Earth, Air, Fireplace, and Water. To earn the forge’s belief, the gamers should not solely full trials but in addition mediate a disagreement among the many components, which have develop into discordant over time.

11. Dwarven Ancestral Mine

Because the gamers reclaim the ancestral mine, they uncover that the mine itself holds the important thing to unlocking a gateway to the realm of the long-lost dwarven ancestors. They have to navigate a sequence of trials, appease historical spirits, and reunite the fragmented dwarven clans to reclaim their former glory.

Twist: The mine’s key to the ancestral realm is a residing descendant of the unique dwarven clan founders. This particular person, unaware of their lineage, lives in a distant metropolis, and the gamers should discover and persuade them to return to the mine to unlock its secrets and techniques.

12. Elusive Vein

The elusive vein holds not solely useful ore but in addition a dormant celestial being trapped throughout the rock for hundreds of years. The gamers should shield the mine from celestial cultists who search to awaken and management the celestial being for their very own evil functions. Twist: The celestial being shouldn’t be dormant by chance; it selected to imprison itself to forestall its immense energy from falling into the flawed arms. Awakening it might need dire penalties, and the gamers should resolve whether or not the chance is well worth the potential reward.

Dig Deeper with Zorgon!

Liked the concepts for mining in your sport? Dig even deeper into your marketing campaign planning with Zorgon, our cutting-edge AI assistant. Let Zorgon assist you craft intricate worlds, characters, and plots. I invite you to get your copy of Marketing campaign Logger totally free at this time and mine your marketing campaign for simpler GMing.


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