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New Dragon Quest Treasures screenshots element monsters, recruitment, exploration, and extra


Sq. Enix has shared new screenshots and knowledge for Dragon Quest Treasures, detailing monsters, recruitment, exploration skills, and extra. The data comes from a new submit on Sq. Enix’s official weblog.

The main points may be discovered beneath with screenshots within the gallery, by way of Sq. Enix.

Dragon Quest Treasures is about to launch on December 9 for Nintendo Swap. For extra info on the sport, you’ll be able to take a look at:

In earlier blogs, we’ve launched you to Dragon Quest Treasures and given you the ins and outs of discovering treasure. At this time we’re going to debate one other massive aspect of the sport: the monsters!

In Dragon Quest Treasures, you’re taking management of siblings Erik and Mia, who’re transported to Draconia – a mystical land stuffed with hidden treasures, and populated by multitudes of monsters.


For those who’re to have any hope of discovering treasure, you may have to enlist the assistance of the locals!


Fortunately for you, many monsters are greater than prepared to crew up and allow you to put their distinctive skills to good use.


Recruiting monsters

Monsters roam the floating islands of Draconia, they usually’re recognized to assault hopeful treasure hunters looking out for loot. As soon as defeated in battle by Erik and Mia, nevertheless, some monsters might take a shine to the siblings and ask to affix the gang.

Not solely can these monsters show you how to find treasure, they will additionally show their value on the battlefield as nicely. As your crew grows in quantity, so too will your aptitude for journey!

Right here’s the way you add new recruits to your gang:


A monster attracts close to! After you defeat it, you may simply see a message informing you that the monster has been scouted.


Again at base, you’ll be able to view an inventory of all of the monsters you have managed to scout throughout your forays into Draconia.


They could need to be part of Erik and Mia’s gang, however these monsters will not achieve this for nothing.


As soon as they’ve obtained the objects they require, although, they will fortunately enroll as official members!


Every monster you recruit will probably be given a ranking, indicated by the color of the body round its portrait. The frames may be bronze, silver, gold or rainbow-coloured. Monsters with a rainbow body are the rarest – and in addition probably the most tough to recruit.


Earlier than you deliver a monster into the gang, you’ll be able to view its attributes, resistances, traits, favorite treasures, skills and extra to verify it is the proper match for you.


Some points, like resistances and treasure capability, are the identical for all monsters of a species, however every monster can also be distinctive in sure methods.


Some monster species can carry extra treasure than others, and every one has a distinct space of experience. So if there is a explicit sort of treasure you are after, or a sure space you need to discover, attempt switching up your occasion to see what’s attainable!


As phrase of Erik and Mia’s exploits spreads, some monsters will apply to affix the gang of their very own accord. As you gather extra treasure and show your expertise, the monsters will certainly begin flocking to your base!

Particular monsters

Throughout the story, you’ll meet some monsters who need to be part of the gang out of sheer enthusiasm. These particular pals are distinctive in look and title.


Oozabella, a cutie slime, is the primary good friend Mia makes after touchdown in Draconia. She’s by no means seen with out her cute yellow ribbon.


All kinds of monsters name Draconia their house. Some will probably be acquainted, however others are fully new to the DRAGON QUEST sequence. Let’s take a better have a look at a number of of them.

Marble Slime


A desert-dwelling slime. All of the sand it swallows builds up inside its physique to type a fantastic, stratified sample.

Fiery Dragling


An cute dragon that inhabits lava-filled caves. It might look cute, but it surely spits out jets of burning breath when angered.

Stormy Sabrecat


When this legendary beast seems it means a storm shouldn’t be far behind. Its fur stands up straight because of the robust electrical present flowing by way of its physique.

Valhalla Vulture


An airborne hunter that soars over snowfields. Its sharp, highly effective claws can grip even probably the most hardened of icy cliff faces.

Exploring the world with Fortes

In Draconia, treasure may be present in each place conceivable, from the very best mountains to the deepest valleys, and even in probably the most unassuming of hiding spots.

Erik and Mia will battle to seek out all of it by themselves… however fortuitously, they’ve a crew of monsters to name on when the going will get powerful!

Every monster has a particular skill known as a ‘Forte,’ which permits them to soar by way of the air or dive into the bottom to bypass obstacles en path to the loot!

Listed below are all of the Fortes you should use:

Forte 1: Launch


With the Launch Forte, monsters can propel Erik and Mia up into the air, permitting them to succeed in lofty ledges and platforms which can be too excessive to climb to.

Forte 2: Glide


Monsters with the Glide Forte can use their wings or jet boosters to assist Erik and Mia float softly down from excessive locations or trip on air currents to succeed in distant areas.

Forte 3: Dash


The Dash Forte permits for speedy traversal of the terrain. Every monster strikes at a distinct velocity and has a distinct stage of stamina for carrying Erik and Mia.

Forte 4: Stealth


With the Stealth Forte, the monster dives into the bottom with Erik or Mia – good for passing by way of very low entrances and staying out of enemy sight.

Forte 5: Scan


When the Scan Forte is triggered, any close by foraging factors will probably be highlighted and the variety of crafting supplies obtainable at every one will probably be proven.

As you’ll be able to see, the monsters you crew up with can have a big effect in your treasure-hunting potential. A good selection of crew, and sensible utility of their expertise, can result in a lot of pretty loot!

Expertise it for yourselves from December 9, 2022, when Dragon Quest Treasures launches for Nintendo Swap!

The sport’s obtainable to pre-order now bodily, with some very pretty bonuses for individuals who achieve this:

  • 5 Chimaera Wings – Returns gamers to base instantly with out shedding any treasure

  • 15 Higher Buddy Bullets – Will increase the probability of a monster wanting to affix the participant’s gang

  • 15 Fullheal Pellets – Totally restores the HP of a single ally


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