Octopath Traveler II Aspect Quests information: Walkthrough for all Aspect Tales

Octopath Traveler II is stuffed with numerous facet quests. This information will provide you with tips about how you can get began and full the entire Octopath Traveler 2 facet quests – that are so voluminous you could actually count on this to be a protracted web page! 

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Either side quest is listed on this information, divided up by area. Non-obligatory quests & facet tales are marked with a yellow star in your map. The very first quest you may recieve will all the time happen in your beginning character’s residence area, and all the time entails retrieving a Traveler’s Stolen Bag. This serves as a tutorial, and principally showcases that facet quests in Octopath 2 are principally puzzles that require using Path Actions to resolve. 

If you happen to ever lose rely of the quantity of facet quests there are, or which you’ve got accomplished, do not forget you’ll be able to open your menu and test your journal. There, Octopath Traveler 2 handily types the entire facet tales and quests by area – which can be precisely how we have formatted our information. What a coincidence! So, here is each quest within the sport:

Full Octopath Traveler 2 Aspect Quests & Aspect Tales information

The first of the Octopath Traveler 2 side quests you encounter is always the same - but after that, a plethora of unique side stories await.

Under you may discover a record of all facet quests in Octopath Traveler 2, plus temporary directions for how you can full and resolve either side story, plus their rewards. It is a lengthy web page, so make sure you use the anchor hyperlinks to get round! 

If you would like extra assist with elective and missable facet content material in Octopath 2, make sure you take a look at our guides on the Secret Jobs, EX Abilities, Hikari’s Realized Abilities, and the Crossed Paths storylines.

Toto’haha Area Aspect Quests

  • Beastling Village
  • Tropu’hopu
  • Anonymous Village
  • ???

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Winterlands Area Aspect Quests

  • Cape Chilly
  • Winterbloom
  • Stormhail
  • Sundering Sea Lighthouse Island

Leaflands Area Aspect Quests

  • Cropdale
  • Wellgrove
  • Timberain

Wildlands Area Aspect Quests

  • Oresrush
  • Unfinished Tunnel
  • Gravell

Brightlands Area Aspect Quests

Crestlands Area Aspect Quests

  • Flamechurch
  • Montwise
  • Merry Hills

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Harborlands Area Aspect Quests

  • Canalbrine
  • Conning Creek 
  • Rogue Island

Hinoeuma Area Aspect Quests

Our side story walkthroughs will guide you through every single side quest in Octopath Traveler 2.

Toto’haha Area Aspect Story guides

Beastling Village

Constructing Bridges

  • Goal: You’ll need Throne to steal a Beastling Amulet from a younger beastling woman within the west facet of the village. Once you purchase the amulet, give it to the boy to finish the facet quest.
  • Shopper: Human Boy
  • Reward: Vital Nut, Resistant Nut

Culinary Crafty

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  • Goal: You’ll need to get the spicy rooster recipe for the shopper. That is performed by utilizing Osvald’s scrutinize on a meals vendor in Tropu’hopu: Floating Theatre.
  • Shopper: Cooking Fanatic
  • Reward: 3000 leaves, Gluttonous Glaive


Pearl Hunt

  • Goal: You’ll need discover a Fairly Pearl for the NPC. There are a number of areas to search out the pearl, the best one is to have Agnea and search for a beastling within the east a part of the village after which have Agnea appeal her for the pearl. 
  • Shopper: Human Boy
  • Reward: 15000 Go away, Cupid’s Bow, Empowering Lychee (L)

The Late Riser

  • Goal: It is a very easy request, deliver Ochette or Hikari and problem the fisherman subsequent to him. Once you knock him out, the request shall be accomplished.
  • Shopper: Grasp Fisherman
  • Reward: 4800 leaves, Slippery Nut (M)

Stage Actors

  • Goal: Head to the Floating Theater. Problem the Stage Director in fight and win. The occasion scenes performs otherwise depehnding on who’s Path Motion you employ to finish the hunt. 
  • Shopper: Stage Director
  • Reward: 4500 leaves, Bodily Belt

Anonymous Village

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  • Goal: Carry both Temenos or Agnea to have this Beastling tag alongside. There may be somebody that talk the identical gibberish language as him within the west a part of the Beastling Village.
  • Shopper: Beastling
  • Reward: 10000 leaves, Stupefying Stone Axe

A Gate Between Worlds

  • Goal: This request requires finishing each character story within the sport. You additionally should full the beginning request with traveler that has his bag stolen at the start of the sport. Or else the subsequent a part of this quest is not going to seem. Then you’ll need to finish two extra quest, Procurring Peculiar Tomes and From the Far Reaches of Hell. Each quest are from Montwise. 

    After finishing the 2 request, you’ll achieve entry to the final word secret boss of this sport. That is discovered within the island that east of Toto’haha Area that’s marked with a ??? identify. You can see the gates are unlocked. Go inside to come across the key boss of the sport. 

  • Shopper: Traveler Al
  • Reward: ???

Winterlands Area Aspect Story guides

Cape Chilly

The Child’s Coming

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  • Goal: Converse to the troubled villager on the Cape Chilly’s entrance. You’ll need discover a midwife for him. Journey all the best way to Flamechurch and recruit the midwife within the inn. Carry her to shopper to finish the request. 
  • Shopper: Flustered Villager
  • Reward: 3000 leaves, Nourishing Nut

Ruffians’ Redoubt

  • Goal: After listening to the story of a robbed pebbler within the beginning a part of Jap Cape Chilly, use a canoe on the river to discover a hidden pathway. There you’ll uncover the Ruffian Hideout. Defeat the gang of ruffians and communicate to the peddler to gather your reward.
  • Shopper: Peddler
  • Reward: 6000 leaves, Peddler’s Feathered Cap


Sword within the Stone

  • Goal: Discuss to the troubled girl to begin the facet quest. There may be two strategies to finish the hunt, first technique is to go to Oresrush’s weapon store. There’s a miner there with a research pickaxe you will get with a Path Motion. Carry the sturdy pickaxe to the lady to finish the facet quest.  One other technique is to recruit sufficient individuals in your get together so that you’ve a crew of 8 individuals after which speak to the lady to finish the hunt. This facet quest can be a part of the Armsmaster questline, and having the rusty weapon will begin the Armsmaster questline. 
  • Shopper: Troubled Lady
  • Reward: 7000 leaves, Rusty Sword, Revitalizing Jam

A Current for My Son

  • Goal: After aquring the questline, head to the sphere map in Cape Chilly. Search for a retired scholar throughout day time on the west facet of Cape Chilly. You’ll need both Throne or Partitio’s subject motion to get the Silver Quill. Carry it again to the shopper to finish the hunt.  
  • Shopper: Considerate Father
  • Reward: 300 leaves, Magic Nut(M), Refreshing Jam

A Disquieting Store

  • Goal: Once you enter the Stormhail common retailer, speak to shopkeeper’s daughter, you’ll discover one thing is amiss. Carry a personality like Throne that has a Path Motion to knock out the lady beside her. 
  • Shopper: Shopkeeper’s Daughter
  • Reward: 12000 leaves, Sharp Nut (L), Slippery Nut (L)

Lingering Love

  • Goal: This facet quest has two totally different strategies to compete it. With totally different story beats on the way you deal with it. You’ll be able to both steal the amulet on her in order that she places her ex behind her. Or you’ll be able to search for her ex-lover, Eugis in Merry Hills and convey him to her to finish the hunt. 
  • Shopper: Dismal Lady
  • Reward: 14000 Leaves, Alluring Ribbon

Sundering Sea Lighthouse Island

The Washed-Up Letter

  • Goal: To begin this quest, you’ll need to get a ship of your individual. Journey to the Lighthouse Island that’s situated within the north middle of the world’s map. Discuss to the Lighthouse Keeper’s Spouse to get the hunt. Then journey to Timberain and search for a NPC named Ruby within the north a part of city by the bridge.
  • Shopper: Lighthouse Keeper’s Spouse
  • Reward: 6000 Leaves, Jade Dagger

Leaflands Area Aspect Story guides


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Crop Revival

  • Goal: After selecting up the hunt from the weaver. Carry Osvald or Castti in your get together, then search for the person outdoors of the village within the east half. Use your Path Motion on the person, you’ll find out it is a few hidden merchandise. With that data, you’ll find a hidden merchandise within the watermill shut by. Head inside and decide up the hidden merchandise, Crop Tapestry Sample. Carry it to the weaver to finish the request.
  • Shopper: Weaver
  • Reward: 3000 leaves, invigorating Nut, Inspiriting Plum (M)

The Soused Nobleman

  • Goal: Knockout the drunkard within the bar along with your Path Motion to finish the request.
  • Shopper: Tavern Assistant
  • Reward: 4000 leaves, Prosperity Attraction


Ineffective Fruit

  • Goal: After selecting up the request, journey to cropdale. Carry a personality with a Path Motion to inquire data. Then search for the Educated Villager by the bridge. Inquire details about along with your Path Motion then deliver it to the cilent to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: Thoughtful Youth
  • Reward: 6000 Leaves, Beastly Scarf

Proof of Innocence

  • Goal: After selecting up the hunt close to the courthouse, deliver Temenos or Agnea. Then go the bridge close to the inn. Recruit the sickly girl and convey her to Meylan to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: Meylan
  • Reward: 11000 Leaves, Nourishing Nut(L) , Olive of Life(M)

Proof of Guilt

  • Goal: This quest will seem after finishing Proof of Innocence. Discuss to Meylan to select up the hunt. Go contained in the courthouse to assemble data. Then deliver somebody’s Path Motion to get data. Discuss to the Remorseful Outdated Man simply straight south of the courthouse. Use the trail motion to inquire data, it’s going to reveal a hidden merchandise by the Inn. Decide up the merchandise and provides it to Meylan to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: Meylan
  • Reward: 12000 Leaves, Vital Nut (L)

Proof of Justice

  • Goal: This quest will seem after finishing Proof of Guilt. Head contained in the courtroom to get data. Then go away city by means of the east exit, head to the small lake above, you will notice a hidden merchandise across the pier above. Decide up the hidden merchandise which is the homicide weapon. Then deliver somebody that inquire data with their Path Motion. Journey to New Delsta and search for the Dour Aged Lady, who occurs to be Meylan’s aunt. Inquire details about her with the Path Motion after which go to the courthouse with this data to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: Spectator
  • Reward: 30000 Leaves, Fortifying Nut(L), Magic Nut(L)

Wildlands Area Aspect Story guides

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Stolen Items

  • Goal: After selecting up the hunt, go to the north facet of the city. There’s a man guarding a home, use a Path Motion that may knock him, and open the treasure to search out the stolen items. Carry it to the Peddler to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: Peddler
  • Reward: 3000 Leaves, Mild Nut, Therapeutic Grape (M)

Wished: A Good Joke

  • Goal: To finish this quest, you’ll need to inquire some data from a listing of NPC. This requires Osvald or Castt. Get data on the next individuals; Ned within the tavern, Harry outdoors close to the inn and Nikki on the inn second flooring. Return this data to Joe to finish the hunt. 
  • Shopper: Joe
  • Reward: 3500 Leaves, Invigorating Nut

Unfinished Tunnel

The Cave Monster

  • Goal: This quest will routinely begin whenever you enter the Unfinished Tunnel. The Unfinished Tunnel is accessible as quickly as you are in a position to knock out the employee guarding the tunnel. In any case, to finish the hunt merely defeat the boss on the finish of the dungeon. 
  • Shopper: Foreman
  • Reward: 5000 Leaves, Resistant Nut (L)


In Search Of The Divine Weapons

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Reaching for the Stars

  • Goal: After selecting up the hunt, the youth needs to sneak out ultimately. This requires you to modify to nighttime time and knock out everybody that’s outdoors. 
  • Shopper: Retired Blacksmith, Porta
  • Reward: 15000 Leaves, Gaudy Hat

The Lacking Woman

  • Goal: After selecting up the facet quest from the apprehensive mom, you’ll need to deliver Agnea into your get together, that is required for later. Go away city by means of the west exit, and search for a set of ladders that lead you under to Ivory Ravine. That is elective dungeon stuffed with degree 50 monsters. The lacking woman is situated on the finish of the dungeon, however you’ll need to defeat a strong elective boss earlier than you will get to her. When you’ll be able to speak to the woman, you’ll need Agnea to attract her to deliver her again to city. 
  • Shopper: Fearful Mom
  • Reward: 15000 Leaves, Sister’s Amulet

A Genius Inventor

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  • Goal: This questline is a part of the Inventor job quest. You can see a home to the east a part of New Delsta Highroad. Inside there speak to the inventor, Arkar to get the inventor job. For extra data on the place to search out the supplies to unlock the complete potential of this job, test our inventor information.
  • Shopper: Arkar
  • Reward: 12000 Leaves, Mechanical High Hat

New Delsta

A Playing Man

  • Goal: Head to the west a part of city the place the slums are. There may be man that desires to gamble, use a Path Motion and knock him out to finish the request. 
  • Shopper: Involved Spouse
  • Reward: Victory Ring, Energizing Pomegranate

A Devilishly Scrumptious Dish

  • Goal: After selecting up the request, Carry somebody that may take an merchandise from a NPC like Throne, Partitio or Agnea.  Then search for the elective dungeon, Sunken Maw. That is discovered just under the Delsta river utilizing the canoe. Inside there you’ll an aged fisherman in a cabin close to the top of the dungeon. Use a path motion to take the particular bait from him. With that you just go to the top of the dungeon and use the Particular Bati to battle a secret boss. After defeating it, deliver the Delsta Satan to the chef to finish the request. 
  • Shopper: Tavern Prepare dinner
  • Reward: 5000 Leaves, Chef’s Ladle, Grasp Rod

The Bourgeois Boy

  • Goal: Go inside the home subsequent to the inn. Discuss to the rich boy couple instances. Then deliver Temenos to your get together and journey to Canalbrine’s Chapel. Discover the boy’s father and information him. Carry the daddy to the boy to finish the request.
  • Shopper: Weathly Boy
  • Reward: 6000 Leaves, Sharp Nut (M)

Completely Exhausted!

  • Goal: After speaking the cilent close to the theater. Carry somebody with a Path Motion that may knock somebody out. Then search for the woman hiding behind the tree, knock her out and speak to the cilent to finish the request.
  • Shopper: Exhausted Man
  • Reward: 6000 Leaves, Dragon’s Scarf

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My Beloved Catharine

  • Goal: Carry Temenos to information him, his beloved is definitely his cat. The cat is discovered within the business facet on the west space. 
  • Shopper: Haggard Man
  • Reward: 12000 Leaves, Cait Powder

Descended from Royalty

  • Goal: There may be two potential answer to this quest. The primary answer is to journey to the Deserted Village. There’s a villager that has an merchandise you’ll be able to take to show his identification. The opposite technique to finish the hunt is to journey to Montwise and convey somebody with a Path Motion to inquire data. Then for the Royal Historian within the Montwise Library, deliver this data to the cilent to finish the request. Each model gives totally different story scenes.
  • Shopper: Royal Descendant
  • Reward: 6000 Leaves, Resistant Nut (M)

For whom the Clock Tower Tolls

  • Goal: Discuss to the technician to begin the request. Then have Temenos information him together with his Path Motion. Head to the west a part of city, there’s a tiny pier that you should use. The canoe will lead you below the bridge and convey you to the place the opposite facet of the damaged bridge. This may also allow you to entry the clock tower which is a degree 44 dungeon. 
  • Shopper: Clock Tower Technician
  • Reward: 10000 Leaves, Invigorating Nut (L)

Crestlands Area Aspect Story guides

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Pilgrim Safety

  • Goal: To finish the request you’ll need to deliver 3 candles to him. There are numerous NPCs on the town that carries a candle in the course of the day time and Partitio or Throne can get the require candles for this outdated man. Finishing this facet quest may also take away random encounters within the path to the Cathedral.
  • Shopper: Elder
  • Reward: 6000 Leaves, Resistant Nut (M)

Flamechurch – Cathedral

Cathedral Window Restore

  • Goal: It is a actually easy request, simply merely deliver a Massive Hearth, Ice, and Thunder Soulstone to the cleric to finish the hunt. These are discovered generally all through treasure chest world wide. So you’ll ultimately have the supplies in your stock to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: Cleric
  • Reward: 8000 leaves, Psychic Workers

Will Analysis for Cash

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  • Goal: Carry Temenos and use his Path Motion to information him. Carry him to the Octopus Enthusaist within the Conning Creek Tavern to finish the request. This quest is very suggest on compeleting to have a better time farming Octopuff enemies.
  • Shopper: Octopus Researcher
  • Reward: Octopuff Pot

Tourney Champion

  • Goal: After getting the hunt from the lady, head all the way down to the underground area. Then problem the guard to the proper. Defeat him after which take his place. You’ll face one other boss, defeat the boss to finish the hunt. 
  • Shopper: Fearful Lady
  • Reward: 2000 Leaves, Reinforcing Jam

Procurring Peculiar Tomes

  • Goal: This request is a part of the questline to unlock the final word secret boss. You’ll need to search out three objects for the tome specialist. The primary merchandise could be discovered by touring to Crackridge. There’s a scholar blocking the home, knock him out and take the From the Far Reaches of Hell. The second merchandise is present in Beastling Village. Converse to the service provider close to the save level, and have Partitio or Throne’s path motion take the Dispatches from Beastling Island from him. The third merchandise is discovered by scholar standing outdoors earlier than the hills to Stormhail Citadel. Use the Path Motion and take the The Curious Legend of the Nice Wall from him. With the three objects in hand, journey to Montwise Library, and donate the books to the tome specialist. Come again and speak to her once more, you’ll find the books are stolen and can begin the subsequent quest, From the Far Reaches of Hell.
  • Shopper: Uncommon Tome Specialist
  • Reward: 6500 Leaves, Librarian’s Amulet, Refreshing Jam

From the Far Reaches of Hell

  • Goal: This request is a part of the questline to unlock the final word secret boss. First additionally, you will must accomplished the facet quest, Procurring Peculiar Tomes. With this request accomplished, journey to the Anonymous Isle. That is the island simply north of Anonymous Village and ought to be accessible whenever you get the ship. Attain to the top of the realm to come across a boss battle. After defeating the boss, deliver Osvald or Castti to inquire details about the scholar  that you just simply rescued. It would impart you with information on how you can deciper misplaced langauges. Carry this data to Al in the proper facet of the Montwise Library to finish the request.
  • Shopper: Al
  • Reward: 4500 leaves, Coat of Arms, entry to the final word secret boss after clearing all tales.  

Merry Hills

A Mysterious Field

  • Goal: Inquire data on the Younger Collector. Then journey to Timberain. Take the east exit and go to the lake by the north pier. Within the small shrine lies a hidden merchandise. Decide it up and to get a secret be aware. Then go to the Home Mellows Manor south of Timberain. Change to nighttime time and look for a woman within the second flooring and provides her the mysterious field to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: Younger Collector
  • Reward: 6666 Leaves, Reaper’s Sickle

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Ready All Day and Evening

  • Goal: Carry somebody that has a Path Motion to recruit him in the course of the day time. Change to nighttime time to search out his brother to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: Ready Youth
  • Reward: 3000 Leaves, Magic Nut, Empowering Lychee

Traveler’s Misplaced and Discovered

  • Goal: After getting data from the shopper. Carry somebody with a Path Motion that may take objects. Then journey to Beasting Bay: Anchorage. Test the Ferry Workers and take the Bottle of White Powder from her and convey it to the cilent to finish the hunt. 
  • Shopper: Younger Traveler
  • Reward: Vital Nut (M)

Lighthouse Restoration

  • Goal: It is a easy quest, speak to Lighthouse Keeper. You can see all of the supplies you want within the Sundering Sea Lighthouse Island. This requires a ship of your individual to get there. The supplies are situated within the treasure chest contained in the lighthouse. Carry all of the supplies to the cilent to finish the hunt.
  • Shopper: City Lighthouse Keeper
  • Reward: 12000 Leaves, 

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Conning Creek 

Goading the Grapes

  • Goal: Discover the Grape Farmer in Western Conning Creek Freeway. Discuss to him to get a touch. Carry Osvald or Castti to your get together. Then journey to Cropdale’s tavern, there may be somebody you’ll be able to inquire data for grape farming recommendation. Carry this data to the farmer to finish the hunt. 
  • Shopper: Grape Farmer – Conning Creek Coast
  • Reward: 10000 Leaves, Nourishing Nut (M)

The Fish Filcher

  • Goal: To finish this request, you’ll need both Throne or Castti for his or her evening time Path Motion. Discuss to the fisherman on the coast space to begin the hunt. Wait a number of minutes for the time to vary. Thieves will seem and you’ll need to make use of the Path Motion to knock out the thieves. When the thieves are knocked out, speak to the fisherman to finish the request. 
  • Shopper: Head Fisherman
  • Reward: 6000 Leaves, Fortifying Nut (M)

A Younger Woman’s Want

  • Goal: Use Osvald or Castti to inquire the woman to know her want. Then journey to the smaller chapel in Borderfall the place the place you get the Cleric License. Inquire data on the cleric novelist. Then journey to New Delsta and get the Deluxe Crepe with a Path Motion from the crepe maker close to the theater entrance. Journey to Timberain and convey Temenos with you. Head to the north a part of Timberain and search for a NPC named Roland close to the fountain. Information him with Temenos and convey him to the woman to finish the hunt. 
  • Shopper: Apathetic Woman
  • Reward: 15000 Leaves, Vest of Pleasure, Revitalizing Jam

Plans from a Ruined Nation

  • Goal: Discuss to the carpenter within the east a part of city. Carry a personality that may take objects with their Path Motion. Then journey to Canalbrine Tavern, take the merchandise from the person within the middle. Carry the plans to the Carpenter to finish the request. This may also repair the wooden planks close by providing you with entry to the treasures (Refined Sword and Battle Hatchet). 
  • Shopper: Grasp Carpenter
  • Reward: 6500 Leaves, Robust Nut (M)

Sword Hunter within the Decaying Temple

  • Goal: Discuss to the warrior on the north a part of the village. Then you’ll need to alone in your get together, you cannot deliver anybody else. Then go away Sai by means of the south exit. Then take the east exit and head to the north a part of the map and search for the Decaying Temple. You’ll be able to solely entry this temple whenever you’re alone and that additionally no recruits both. Problem the boss whenever you’re alone, it is a degree 40 Boss and could be fairly tough with out the correct preparation. Defeat the boss and convey the Souvenir Sword to the Younger Warrior to finish the hunt. You can even steal the Sword from the warrior’s possession if you wish to use the sword.
  • Shopper: Younger Warrior
  • Reward: 12000 Leaves, Refreshing Jam

Ku (Accessible After Beating Hikari’s Story)

The Treasures of Ku

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  • Goal: Decide up the hunt from the Treasurer inside the home earlier than the fortress. Afterwards, deliver somebody that may take objects with their daytime Path Motion. Journey to Canalbrine and search for the Suspicious Peddler close to the ship. Steal or purchase the Dragon Vase from him. Then get the second treasure by touring to Crackridge Harbor. Purchase or steal the Phoenix Fan from the Suspicious Man. Carry the treasures to the cilent to finish the hunt. 
  • Shopper: Treasurer
  • Reward: 15000 Leaves, Workers of Carnage

The Strongest

  • Goal: Discuss to the 2 childhoods mates. You’ll need to problem them to a duel or provoke them along with your Path Motion. Knock them each out to finish the request. 
  • Shopper: Childhood Good friend
  • Reward: 10000 Leaves, Defend of Power, Spear of Power

The Runaways

  • Goal: There are two strategies to finish this facet quest after selecting it up, The primary technique is to knock out the horse thief situated in Jap Wellgrove Path. One other technique to finish the hunt is to information a horse coach in Oresrush and convey him to the horse lender. 
  • Shopper: Horse Lender
  • Reward: 20000 Leaves, Mild Nut (L)

A Tower of Trials


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