Octopath Traveler II: Hikari Realized Abilities Information

Hikari is among the most potent fighters in Octopath Traveler II, and is the celebration member most naturally attuned to be a tanky, bodily, all-out brawler. To make full use of him, nonetheless, you may have to amass a weath of Realized Abilities – talents realized from NPCs.

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On this information, we’ll endeavor to element the greatest realized abilities and the places the place you may get them in Octopath 2 – plus some notes on why these abilities are so good. By following it, you can also make Hikari into much more of a beast than he’s naturally.

The Greatest Realized Abilities for Hikari in Octopath Traveler 2

Some of the most powerful skills in Octopath Traveler 2 can be obtained through the Hikari Learned Skills mechanic.

To utilize the complete potential of Hikari as a fighter, you may have to travela cross the complete world of Octopath Traveler 2 difficult NPC characters to duels with certainly one of Hikari’s Path Actions. Defeating them in duels will unlock a capability related to that NPC.

This Path Motion can solely be used within the daytime, and the variety of talents you’ll be able to purchase is completely monumental – in a way, it encompasses most of the talents obtainable within the recreation interval. We’re going to replace this web page with as many abilities as we will, although the aim of this information is not to listing all of Hikari’s Realized Abilities – as an alternative, it is to pick and pinpoint the places of the greatest abilities, in an effort to prioritize studying them.

As a be aware, it is price saying that Hikari can solely equip a most of 5 completely different Realized Talent talents at any given time – so that you’l have to decide on fastidiously. A few of these abilities can pair properly with different setup choices for those who’ve bought the greatest job mixtures, the secret jobs, EX Abilities, and celebration setup

Under, we complie a listing of some essentially the most useful realized ability talents and extremely recommened that you just decide up a few of these abilitles for your self. 

Our Steered Realized Talent Talents

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  • Limb from Limb: Maybe the strongest the harm ability. This capability does precisely 4 hits and when absolutely boosted the harm can simply surpass the harm cap, destroying something with ease.

    • Location: Stormhail: Sacred Guard Headquarters –  Sanctum Knight
  • Deep Evaluation: Similiar to the scholar’s analyse capability. Nevertheless, this one is vastly superior as It means that you can uncover 3 weak spot without delay.
    • Location: Exterior of the Flamechurch Cathedral – Scholar
  • Final Gasp: A capability that does extra harm the decrease your HP is. That is a tremendous capability for dueling in case it’s worthwhile to one shot a a lot stronger opponent than you.
    • Location: Montwise – Guard
  • Legendary Bore: That is principally a final resort form of capability. It consumes all of your SP to ship a very highly effective strike. That is in all probability one of many best capability to make the most of the 99999 harm cap.
    • Location: Anonymous Village – Beastling
  • Defiant Stance: A tremendous self buff capability that covers each bodily offense and defence.
    • Location: Oresrush – Townsperson
  • Trick of the Commerce: Extraordinarily highly effective capability, this can allow you to increase the assault energy of all of your allies and permit to dodge one bodily assault. 
    • Location: Rogue Island – Service provider
  • Divine Safety: A really damaged capability that lets your character resistant to any assaults. When absolutely boosted, this capability can block 4 hits, making it a will need to have for tremendous bosses. 
    • Location: Canalbrine – Cleric
  • Defend Thief: This capability works similiar to Temenos’s latent powers. It should cut back an enemy’s protect gauge no matter what their weak spot are. Clearly this does not allow you to by cross locked weak spot on among the story bosses.
    • Location: Winterbloom, Thieves Quarter – Thief
  • Frenzied Hearth:  This capability does a random quantity of hits, however it would hit not less than 4 occasions and a most of eight occasions. That is actually good on breaking enemies weak in opposition to bow assaults. 
    • Location: Timberain – Aged Soldier
  • Deadly Fang: Similiar to the power above, this can hit 4 to eight occasions. That is wonderful capability for enemies weak in opposition to dagger assaults, It additionally has a bit of bonus that it may possibly poison enemies as properly.
    • Location: Clockbank – Aged Man
  • Aggressive Thrust: Like the power above, this can hit 4 to eight occasions besides it is spear based mostly.
    • Location: Canalbrine – Bridge Builder
  • Compound Formulae: A magic assault that does hearth, gentle and darkish on all enemies. Its similiar to elemental barrage from the scholar, nonetheless this capability is just advocate when you’ve got Hikari constructed as magic person. 
    • Location: Montwise – Scholar
  • Resting, Resting: Similiar to the product owner’s ability, Relaxation. Enables you to recuperate HP and SP without having objects or if you do not have an assigned healer in your group.
    • Location: Beasting Village – Beastling
  • Deep Sleep: A really highly effective therapeutic abilty that may recuperate 50% of your HP and SP. Utilizing this can put your character to sleep for 4 turns, however this impact may be nullify with a Wakeful Stone for those who’re prepared to sacrifice an adjunct slot.
    • Location: Beasting Village – Beastling
  • Twin Serpents: A very dependable double hit on all enemies. 
    • Location: Beasting Village – Beastling, Ku Throne Room – Benkei 


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