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Prepared to make use of Hex – Snowcap Mole individuals – Tito RPG


Hexmaps are good, however typically an eye fixed sweet that might match simply on a hexmap makes them even higher.

Verify this image of Nevado Sajama, in Bolivia.

A dormant volcano standing proudly

A single dormant volcano, surrounded by a flat desert on all sides, with sizzling springs close by. Significantly, if I got here up with a map like this, individuals would accuse me of being unrealistic and demanding extra mountains and hills beside it.

Additionally, the entire thing occupies roughly a 6 mile hex, which will be inserted in any desert/mountain map. An alternative choice is downloading the map with out marks and run from that. I’ve used outdated ski maps from Switzerland and it labored nice.

The small village on the foot of the mountain additionally evokes the form of frontier metropolis so in style with RPGs, and serves as a waypoint to the riches beneath the mountain.

Since most dwarfs in my recreation have been pushed from their mountain houses, this place is inhabited by Mole individuals!

Earlier than attending to the moles themselves, I gotta develop the city just a little. For that I’ll generate one thing on Donjon and adapt it to my wants.

The generator offers me a tiny hamlet inhabited by 180 moles and people. This quantity can be my benchmark for what sort of items can be found there: something underneath 180 silver items, or 18 gold for many fantasy video games. This covers most meals and beverage, easy weapons however hardly any armor.

The generator additionally urged a Guild Corridor, shared by the locals, and a theater. Since politics is essential, let’s describe the native rulers.

Residing underneath the shadow of an awesome mole individuals mountain group is protected, however stifling. They don’t need to draw consideration to them, and thus, you possibly can’t develop a lot. The human-led council is conscious of that, and other than native points, they seek the advice of with the molepeople consultant for many issues. In return, the council has a monopoly on the buying and selling of sure items the moles make, corresponding to cutlery, instruments and glass or crystal containers. When hiring adventurers, the council could decide to pay them in such items, or make them wait till commerce season to be paid.

Upon consulting town generator, the individual working the theater is a feminine elf referred to as Chimpe, with a troupe of skilled snakes. Coincidentally, I’ve simply completed studying “Stranger in a Unusual Land” by Robert Heinlein, and one of many characters is an unique dancer with a troupe of snakes!

Utilizing Heinlein’s character as a trampoline, I’ll raise from her two peculiar traits: her physique was lined in non secular tattoos, depicting the lifetime of a proeminent determine, and he or she was very confortable in carrying solely her pores and skin (and dwell snakes). With this, I’ve a bunch of lazy politicians, and a unadorned elf girl who’s one thing of a non secular nut. Sufficient to amuse gamers in such a small city.

Now we’d like some good tables for drinks, meals, carousing, journey hooks and the mole individuals’s marriage traditions when partaking with non-moles. However that’s for an additional day!


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