Random: Did You Catch This Workforce Star Easter Egg In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet?

Pokémon Team Star Easter Egg
Picture: Nintendo Life

Spoilers: Do not learn previous this level if you have not completed the Starfall Road questline!

As we have been tackling Pokémon Scarlet and Violet‘s Starfall Road quest, by which you may should battle a bunch of bases run by Workforce Star on the request of the mysterious Cassiopeia, we won’t assist however marvel… why are these names so odd? The Workforce Star gangs are named issues like “Segin” and “Schedar”, and we had been left feeling prefer it was both one thing in Spanish, some sort of anagram, or some reference we had been simply not sensible sufficient to get.

Seems it is the final one — and the names are a reference to the precise Cassiopeia constellation, which is made up of 5 stars within the form of a W (it is purported to be Queen Cassiopeia’s chair). Workforce Star’s gangs are named after these 5 stars: Schedar, Caph, Segin, Navi, and Ruchbah.

However wait! There’s extra! Take a look at the place the bases are on the map, and you will find out that… they’re within the form of Cassiopeia, too.

There are extra enjoyable Easter Eggs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and we have compiled an entire listing of them proper right here in case you’re in search of extra:


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