Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster tier checklist September 2023

If, very similar to the protagonist himself, you’ll be able to’t inform your Clouds out of your Zacks, you then’re going to wish a Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster tier checklist. On this information, we hope to help you in choosing out the perfect characters from First Soldier right through to Creation Youngsters so you’ll be able to take Sephiroth down with ease.

Earlier than we fill your thoughts with ideas of Tifa, Crimson XIII, Barret, and extra, it is best to check out our Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster codes, our checklist of the perfect Remaining Fantasy video games, and possibly even our Remaining Fantasy Disaster Core Swap assessment.

Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster tier checklist

We’re certain this checklist will change with any future updates. And keep in mind, should you like a sure character, simply use them!

Tier Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster character
S Aerith, Cloud
A Barret, Matt, Tifa, Zack
B Glenn, Crimson XIII
C Lucia
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Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster weapon tier checklist

Right here’s how we rank every of the Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster weapons, this checklist is a piece in progress and will change over time.

Tier Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster weapon
S Apocalypse (Cloud), Apology In Hell (Glenn), Broadsword: Axis (Matt), Enemy Launcher (Barret), Fairy Story (Aerith), Falchion (Zack), Hardedge (Cloud), Heavy Hauser (Barret), Mad Minute (Lucia), Murasame (Cloud), Platinum Collar (Crimson XIII), Prime Quantity (Matt), Relaxation in Peace (Glenn), Serpent Eater (Lucia), Slick Beetle (Matt), Sonic Striker (Tifa), Tiger Fangs (Tifa), Wizard Employees (Aerith), W Machine (Barret), Zweihander (Zack)
A Arc Sword (Zack), Assault Gun (Barret), Black Rifle (Lucia), Crewkicker (Glenn), Crystal Sword (Cloud), Crystal Sword (Z) (Zack), Crystal Gloves (Tifa), Cutlass (Zack), Full Metallic Employees (Aerith), Jiggy Fam (Glenn), Junk Collar (Crimson XIII), Kaiser Knuckles (Tifa), Motor Drive (Tifa), Mythril Rod (Aerith), Mythril Saber (Cloud), Organics (Cloud), Piece of Cake (Glenn), Powersoul (Tifa), Pulse Gun (Lucia), Shockbuster (Glenn), Silver Employees (Aerith), Stable Bazooka (Barret), Stingray (Matt), Wizer Employees (Aerith)
B Absolute Royal (Matt), Buster Sword (Cloud), Butterfly Edge (Cloud), Core Defender (Matt), Defender (Zack), Improve Sword (Cloud), Flame Projector (Barret), Guard Stick (Aeirth), Gold Collar (Crimson XIII), Grand Gloves (Tifa), Heavy Vulcan (Barret), Iron Blade (Cloud), Max Ray (Barret), Noble Collar (Crimson XIII), Orthodox Raven (Matt), Private Fashion (Glenn), Rage Collar (Crimson XIII), Rubber Collar (Crimson XIII), Modern Collar (Crimson XIII), Tranquilizer Gun (Lucia), V39 (Lucia)
C Barn Swallow (Lucia),  Espee Rapiere Subsequent-G (Matt), Gatling Gun (Barret), Hardcore Squad (Glenn), Leather-based Collar (Crimson XIII) Leather-based Gloves (Tifa), SSR1976 (Lucia), Putting Employees (Aerith), Sort-99 Longsword (Zack)

Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster pores and skin tier checklist

Every character additionally has completely different skins that provide passive buffs. Very like the weapons, we plan to check every of those out and study which is greatest for every character post-release.

How do I carry out a Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster reroll?

Right here’s the way you carry out an FFEC reroll:

  1. Full the primary chapter of Remaining Fantasy Ever Disaster
  2. Redeem all of your foreign money on the banner of your selection
  3. For those who’re blissful, proceed enjoying. If not proceed with the subsequent steps
  4. Click on the three traces within the top-right nook of the house display
  5. Scroll all the way down to the underside
  6. Discover the delete account button and press it
  7. Repeat these steps until you get your required end result

That’s every little thing now we have for you for now, for extra content material like this head over to our Honkai Star Rail tier checklist, Genshin Influence tier checklist, and Honkai Influence tier checklist.


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