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by aramis

Mallet wrote:

AZBarbarian wrote:

I believe ‘race’ is likely one of the most misunderstood phrases in RPGs. The notion of the time period’s use in RPGs has definitely modified over the a long time.

So, what is that this up to date 2022 definition of the phrase “race” in RPGs that everybody agrees upon ?

Simply curious to know.

As an example, are dwarves and elves “races”, or one thing else altogether ?

There are a number of understandings of the time period in RPGs, and these understandings return to the early 80’s or earlier than. (I began taking part in in ’81, and had such discussions not solely with gamers, but in addition with just a few theologians.)
Race = Species
Race = Subspecies
Race = Breed/phenotype (visibly bodily totally different shapes and capabilities, however identical subspecies)
Race = mixed phenotype and tradition
Race = any visually distinct or culturally distinct group.

Tolkien implies some being subspecies degree, others additional, however by no means calls out particularly which. We all know his Elves, Numenoreans, and People are an interfertile clade. I do not know if others are inside Tolkien, however his authentic Orc idea was basically “Mongols with tusks” – which is arguably breed degree, and by his personal admission, fairly racist.
The mythologies Tolkien borrowed from do not make a lot of a distinction previous being bodily totally different.
Norse trolls, dwarves, aelfs, and Jotun have dimension points… they breed true, tho’ some are mentioned to be kids of elves, trolls, and jotun, so in all probability breed degree. However observe: The norse gods shapeshift for many of their interbreeding, or at the very least, Loki breeds broadly, and does so by shapeshifting. Loki can also be bodily genderfluid.
The Greeks indicate that the Nymphs and Satyrs are suitable… with one another and with people and the Olympians… however the Olympians can breed with something, or, as with Zeus begetting Athena, nothing in any respect. No assist there.

Most sci-fi video games “races” are clearly species, or, not often, subspecies.

The issue is that the bigotry in opposition to people of even the identical phenotype with distinction of tradition and skintone has been a trait of people, and is one that could be a massive drawback; it actually must cease being weaponized by the “anti-woke” crowd. It might be good if the woke avenger sorts would contemplate that the opposite makes use of aren’t all unhealthy.

I imply, nobody expects a toy poodle to carry the identical energy as a malamute, nor the malamute to swim in addition to the poodle. (Poodles had been bred particularly for wetland looking. Malamutes can swim, however are bred for pulling sleds. And pulling them arduous for 14 hours a day at a trot in subzero climate.)


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