Reply: Common Function-Enjoying:: Re: QOTD MAY 17: As a GM, what was the hardest module (customized or printed) that has been run? What made it so exhausting?

by Whymme

AZBarbarian wrote:

Whymme wrote:

AZBarbarian wrote:

Whymme wrote:

I do not run modules. That is a D&D kind of adventures or situations, proper? I do not run D&D.

I suppose you would substitute ‘printed journey, situation, or equal’ for ‘module’ and nobody would thoughts.

Then I desire that we use the overall phrases as an alternative of the jargon that’s used solely in a single explicit RPG.

Many instances when a phrase is coined for the very first thing of a sort, that factor turns into synonymous with the merchandise. For instance, a lot of individuals within the USA use the time period ‘Kleenex’ fairly than ’tissue.’ Why? Kleenex was first and dominant available in the market. I might say the identical factor applies to the time period ‘module’ since D&D was the early dominant recreation available in the market.

True typically. However I’ve all the time famous that, within the locations that I go to on the web a minimum of, ‘GM’ is extra ubiquitous than’DM’, ‘situation’ is used extra typically than ‘module’. ‘D&D’ itself, in contrast to ‘Kleenex’, has not come to face for the pastime as a complete.


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