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by cabletie

You could find a really experimental solo sport of Theatrix (diceless sport) right here on the June 2023 checklist.

It accommodates lampshading of the entire strategy as a part of the plot:

Crumble turns to the display screen. ‘Do not hearken to the witch, Pine. She lies.’

‘Shut up, midget,’ calls the witch in a voice-over. Theatrix is not even an actual role-playing sport anyway. No one cares about Cabletie’s pathetic makes an attempt at screenwriting.’

I digested the Theatrix guidelines as follows:

THEATRIX RULES. Observe: ACT I INTRODUCTION scene(s). The PLOT TURN 1 scene. ACT II CONFRONTATION FIRST HALF scenes(s) together with the PINCH 1 scene. ACT II The CONFRONTATION MIDPOINT scene. ACT II CONFRONTATION SECOND HALF scene(s) together with the PINCH 2 scene. The PLOT TURN 2 scene. ACT III RESOLUTION scene(s).

SUCCESS or FAILURE? Plotline wants Success/Failure + Roleplay (Creativity/Humour/Style/Plot Enhancement). Or BUY success with PLOT POINT: Activate DESCRIPTOR, PERSONALITY TRAIT, or make STATEMENT. Earn PLOT POINTS for SUBPLOTS. SUCCESS: Extent of SUCCESS will depend on expertise and issue. Select SUCCESS WELL DONE or SUCCESS WITH PLOT TWIST or SUCCESS DELAYED WITH SECRET VICTORY. FAILURE: Extent of FAILURE will depend on expertise and issue. Select FAILURE WITH PAINFUL LESSON or FAILURE THEN LUCKY SECOND CHANCE or FAILURE DELAYED WITH FALSE HOPE.


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