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by Flyboy Connor

Session #60: Lastly Some Good Loot
November 24, 2022

Me (Pieter)

Gamers (degree 9):
Aiden: Ranger (Marijn)
Amafrey: Sorceror (Merel)
Kaen: Paladin (Kiril)
Reef: Rogue (Michal)
Zul: Warlock (Paris)

Jalana: Cleric (Lisa)

Within the ruins of the hut

The occasion now had the chance to loot the hut, and so they discovered a block of incense for Zul, a set of Pipes of Haunting for Aiden or Harald, a scroll of Mass Treatment Wounds and a scroll of Revivify for Kaen, and an Oil of Sharpness for Reef. Moreover, Reef discovered that the stone he was carrying was a Stone of Good Luck. The most important discover, nevertheless, was the sword hilt, which within the palms of Kaen was a Sunsword, with a blade of sunshine, which desired nothing greater than to rid Barovia of evil.

Aiden tried to scry Strahd, however discovered that was inconceivable.

The occasion rested exterior the swamp, and within the morning was visited by Muriel Vinshaw, who was joyful to see that they survived. She really helpful that the gem that was recovered was returned to the Vineyard, both by way of her, or by way of the Martikovs in Vallaki, or immediately.

Vallaki once more

The occasion returned to Vallaki, the place they met Urwin Martikov within the inn. Once they confirmed Urwin the gem, he advised them that this was the primary time he noticed one. The occasion thought that he was the one who stole the third gem, however evidently that was not the case. Urwin stated that he can be joyful to return the gem to the Vineyard.

Urwin then revealed two issues to the occasion. First, he and his household are wereravens. They spy round Barovia and attempt to discover out secrets and techniques which will assist them to overturn Strahd sooner or later. Contemplating that the occasion gave the impression to be the most effective likelihood that Barovia had on this regard, he was prepared to disclose this secret to them, however requested them to maintain it to themselves, as a result of Strahd didn’t learn about it. He would ship Muriel Vinshaw and a few actual ravens with the occasion to help them with scouting.

Second, he and Danika had been invited for a marriage at Citadel Ravenloft, the place Strahd would marry Ireena. This was to happen in six days time.

The occasion then talked to Rictavio, who was on the inn. He knew concerning the wedding ceremony, and noticed this as a chance. Clearly, Strahd had his eyes elsewhere for now, and can be occupied for a couple of days, which might be a wonderful time to execute some plans round Ravenloft.

The occasion aimed to return to the fort to get Kasimir’s sister and steal the dragon’s cranium. They wished Rictavio to affix them, however Rictavio was unwilling to do this, as he stated that he was struggling beneath a curse which might lead all his companions to an early demise. In the event that they have been going to immediately confront Strahd he is likely to be prepared to contemplate it, however he wasn’t happening a heist with them. Nevertheless, in the event that they have been going to invade Citadel Ravenloft, he promised he would go additionally, on his personal, and keep on with the shadows the place he might doubtlessly intervene with no matter would come for the occasion.

The occasion suspected that he would additionally see this as “a chance to do some injury,” however they have been okay with that.

The occasion agreed that the following day they might journey to the fort, and method the catacombs whereas flying in direction of the home windows overlooking Barovia Village. Harald would keep within the inn within the meantime.

GM’s Ideas

This session was all speak.

On the spot I made a decision to present the occasion six days to the marriage. Because it was already the night of someday, that will principally give them 4 days of freedom, and the fifth day would be the wedding ceremony. To allow them to go to Ravenloft to steal the cranium, the following day return the cranium to Argynvostholt, then take a day to journey to Ravenloft once more, and they also would have someday left which they will fill in nevertheless they need.

Rictavio let it shine by that he supposed to be on the wedding ceremony, and that he would take pleasure in ensuring that no matter Strahd was planning that will make him joyful, would fail. The curse would deal with that, after all, however I want one thing to make the curse activate. That may be Rictavio, or maybe the Knights of the Order.

The occasion could resolve that they don’t need to be on the wedding ceremony. In that case, then after the marriage (which I’ll make certain Ireena won’t survive) Strahd could have his palms free and his anger boiling and he’ll assault the occasion immediately and as decisively as he can. Nevertheless, since they know that Strahd is at the moment occupied and thus they now have the most effective likelihood to do one thing about him, they most likely will need to go for Strahd earlier than or in the course of the wedding ceremony. Throughout the wedding ceremony could also be a good suggestion as they know at the moment the place Strahd will likely be. I’ve to see how they’ll method it.

When studying up on the catacombs I discovered that there’s a Luck Blade there which has one want remaining. Aiden can use that want to assist Harald. Naturally, the Darkish Energy in him doesn’t need that, however Aiden nonetheless controls himself, and if as quickly as he can he makes use of that want, the Darkish Energy can’t cease him and Aiden can break his bond at any time from then on. If, nevertheless, Aiden hesitates and doesn’t use the want, then the Darkish Energy can take over his physique when he’s asleep and destroy the want, as an example by utilizing it on one thing trivial. Anyway, they might not discover the Luck Blade in any respect, after all. However it’s good to know that there’s not less than the opportunity of Aiden succeeding in his quest.

The occasion puzzled if Rictavio might steal the cranium for them. Rictavio refused, as he wasn’t curious about taking pointless dangers. I thought of letting him herald Ezmeralda, as I discover her an fascinating character, however I didn’t need to dump one other NPC on the occasion. I could use her as a final resort if the occasion will get in actually massive hassle, however for now I’ve no use for her.

As for Kasimir, as soon as he resurrects Patrina he’ll most likely take her with him to the Vistani camp to recuperate and relearn her spells. For the reason that camp is on the way in which to Argynvostholt, he’ll inform the occasion to select him up once more (hopefully with Patrina) once they go there. Patrina will refuse to forgive Kasimir for what he did to her, and can inform him that he has to earn her forgiveness over time. How I’ll deal with Patrina I have no idea but. In response to the marketing campaign ebook she’s going to solely attempt to study issues of the occasion and can then betray them. I believe it might be finest to present her the motivation to develop into the substitute of Strahd, which her brother additionally needs to be, and Aiden as effectively if he doesn’t break his bond. Once more, I should see how this develops.

Subsequent session ought to be fascinating!


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