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by CoreInteractive

Whats up avid gamers… our Patreon: www.patreon.com/interstellarmedia

The quilt and particulars for the Neuro Warfare multi-media sport is right here at our web-site! : : www.neurowar.wix.com/coreinteractive Count on this in late October from www.thegamecrafter.com .That is an epic cyberpunk RPG tactical-strategy sport. Assume Appleseed, Neuromancer, Ghost In The Shell and Robotech:



Mecha, hawt babes, kill-Sats, vampires, cybertech, netrunning and orbital colonies… that is the setting of Neuro Warfare. This sport is a “Mixed Sport” which mixes technique with RPG with modular tactical warfare sim. That is protected by U.S. and Japanese patents. It may be huge in France!

Please word that I’ve purchased the rights for the Infantry Hybrid Media Universe from my older brother Del, as soon as a recognized at these boards. To replace you he received a lawsuit towards a number of psychiatrists and in seperate information was shot and wounded whereas preventing as a serviceman in a Huge Topical Warzone. He’s nice. I can’t focus on the household. (Please mods).

Me and my spouse’s technique sport Mekka: The Programs Warfare is in improvement… the place Dune meets Neuromancer!

That is rapidly adopted by extra superior tactical board-games, RPGs, and technique video games. Additionally stay up for my first manga comedian ebook: Neuro Warfare!

A NEW option to play … NEW video games … Manga!

set within the Universe of… NEO INTERSTELLAR!

And now Galactic Historical past concerning the occasions of Submit-Containment Planet Fall; the precursor occasions to the rise of Earth and Higher/Decrease Mekka the place legends had been made from heroes of braveness and honor! Extra Galactic Historical past to return!

The story of MEKKA.The Precursor Galaxy – A time of peace. The Yr 200 Submit Containment.

The rejects and criminals of Containment, a Gaian Ant/Wasp Queen together with her consort, a Draconian black-ops work-tech crew and a legal Hume caravan whereby resided an excellent woman scientist, all fled to Galactic Quadrant 2 when Containment was disbanded. They unfold all through and made good time forward of the supernova that adopted them and their brimming caravans.

These folks had been the favored wager for long run prosperity among the many many terraformers fleeing Suns’ captivity having not invested as a lot on a jungle planet as others had. Additionally they had invested in prime grade rocket gas and manufacturing vessels.

The three tribes got here to be recognized to the distant different communities because the Triad. They grew, they beloved, they discovered. They had been formidable. This neighborhood discovered peace they could not obtain as half-breeds and rogues although the human contingent had black marks from their earlier crimes in Containment and had been consistently on report and disenfranchised. Regardless of some unrest the individuals of the Triad rallied round and had been protected by a a stellar Draconian fortress and celebrated bumper crops yearly with festivals seen through-out the programs at harvests. Superior enforcement expertise and wily furry bounty searching groups stored cyborg takeovers down and peace between species had been adjudicated by former claimed Earther Jo-Lai Cre’Aig, a physicist. The Draconians promised protection from evil, constructing bigger and bigger protection platforms to carry pirates and brigands at bay. The Core Programs grew, held sway and made authorities out there for outlying sectors. They even turned the attention of Tok Programs who had been consistently embroiled by Bounce-gate expertise they didn’t fully perceive.

Peace lasted, This time period was often known as the pact 350. The Trinity.

Nevertheless not all that’s good and nice lasts perpetually…

400 years later.

Jo-Lai Cre’Aig has gone lacking.
The insect Gaians have overgrown their dwelling planets and now swarm-raid others.
The Draconians disguise behind their cellular Star Fotress and say little.
The Hume Guardsmen are in revolt, a criticism of little pay.

There’s nevertheless hope. Whereas the members of Trinity Sector (as this civilization is now known as) are thought-about depleted, gear as much as to go away a spatially/environmentally and fusionally breaking, power sucked hazard of a house information is that Jo-Lai Cre’Aig had spoken of getting found “Gravium”. The individuals of Tok verified earlier than contact was misplaced with Tok whereby they praised Jo-Lai for actually being onto one thing, a “JumpGate”. Trinity Council stated it, council voted for it, all may work in direction of and thru the approaching conflict in direction of a house for all, if the the Trinity did not rip each-other to items. As nicely there are rumors of horrors and weapons being developed within the far off mining programs. All contact was misplaced 10 between the mines and Hume years earlier, involving a number of deaths.

The dream is to outlive as the unique Triad, the Trinity, now with respects to a brand new dwelling for the peoples of all species of Trintity, a spot an actual planet a respite, a house often known as MEKKA.

This was the histrory of the wrestle… of PLANETFALL!

Please subscribe to unique content material and or buy Mekka: The Programs Warfare technique sport!

You will not be dissatisfied!

Michael A. Cores,

Core Interactive


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