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by aramis

m3tan wrote:

You have cited a bunch of video games I personal or beforehand owned however do not know a single individual (excluding searching for out fanbase on the net) who would play them right now – as in arrange a desk in open gaming at a con and decide up 5 gamers. A lot of these sport programs have moved on from these roots. 5e is way extra well-liked than AD&D – most individuals simply ignored these modifiers anyway. Mongoose and Cepheus Engine are much more well-liked right now than CT. OSR nostalgia being the exception. I nonetheless personal Phoenix Command however purely as a reference.

Humorous, however CT continues to be promoting, and is performed fairly a bit. Sufficient to be on the Orr report. From the numbers, it is not the grognards… or, extra appropriately, not simply the grognards. Grogs do not trigger many new gross sales. CT is promoting in PoD, on CD of PDF, and as particular person PDFs.
Rolemaster continues to be producing new gross sales with a present version. It is also received clones.
I can not argue individuals liking/enjoying Phoenix Command – it is not promoting and LEG is lengthy out of the enterprise.
AD&D continues to be promoting (in PDF), nonetheless getting a major share of on-line play. Very similar to CT, it is not the grognards. It is a mixture of all ages over about 15… some who by no means plated it when it was in first run.

Regardless of that you simply can not or won’t conceive of the fanbase persevering with to exist, it does.

CE, by the best way, was a design to hybridize CT and MGT1. It is not a real retroclone of both. Supply? Jason Kemp, creator of CE.
I ran a CT demo at a conference this summer time. I used to be the one one within the room over 30 years previous. Full “desk” of seven. No drawback in any respect getting gamers.
I’ve seen AD&D being performed at native cons proper as much as the lockdown.


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