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by aramis

ctimmins wrote:

aramis wrote:

It is truly simpler to disarm utilizing sure axe head shapes…

OK, so I watched this on Netflix on some Viking kind present, all fiction. I am not saying I do know something about it or that it is “genuine”, and so forth. However, on the present the Viking shields proved very troublesome for the (non-Viking) opponents who have been utilizing stabby-type weapons. OTOH, the Vikings would put their axes excessive of their (non-Viking) opponent’s shields, then yank again – biting the small “beard” on the underside of the axe head into the again of the defend, after which pulling it again and down, the defend going principally horizontally, so one other Viking might then smack the shield-bearing-guy within the clear. This was carried out in quite a few scenes with about every-other Viking yanking down shields and the subsequent Viking over chopping the off-balance shield-wielding man’s face in. It appeared very efficient, and because it looks like such a pure maneuver I am guessing it was truly used?

sure, it’s a recognized interval method. Factor is, most vikings in interval illustations have swords, axes, and shields.

Plus, thrusting-point geared up broadswords (pretty frequent for Viking interval Norse, Danes, and the Low International locations) can pierce chainmail fairly properly. Their main assault, nevertheless, is the swing; the swing would not open the mail. That stated, the thrusting strategies can’t be safely carried out with rebated metal, nor even with decently stiff simulators, and so do not get proven in lots of films. Which results in a mistaken perception that the swords cannot thrust. THey can. It is extremely efficient. I’ve seen damaging testing; stated testing was carried out at an SCA occasion with each interval type riveted and butted (unriveted) ring.

A swung axe and a swung sword have comparable contact patches, particularly by way of chainmail, and swords are likely to have longer attain and better speeds at contact, whereas the shorter arc axes make up with extra mass and fewer bodily flexibility of the weapon. A sword thrust can break up open chain. (Seen damaging testing. As in, was 5 toes from, and had examined the supplies prior bodily with my palms.)

It is not arduous so as to add a thrusting level onto a sword being solid. If one has the talent to make an honest sword, one ought to have the ability to add the purpose simply by doing the form. (Whereas Kendo would not train the thrusts, nearly all of the tachi and gatana households, the latter together with the katana and wakizashi, have ideas that very a lot CAN be used for thrusting. It might probably (and can) open chain with a thrust. ) A tip-centered level is extra ergonomic, however barely tougher to make on single edged blades… however the trangular formed swords with a tip on the backedge do thrust simply high-quality. Damaging testing into leather-based over meat. Including the tip later ruins the pre-extant mood…

There are a variety of sword strategies for hitting round a defend. Many have been recognized to the Vikings.

TLDR: Sure, hooking shields is interval. No, the axe didn’t displace the sword out of use.


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