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by Yemeshi

Has the rain arrived? [Middling] (F): 10. Sure. 

The subsequent morning the climate turns to the more serious – a drizzling rain units in and every part appears to be moist. His cloak, his hat, Whitefoot, the grass, every part.

Journey (F + 2S [TN14]): 10 + 5 + 6: Success with bonus! The subsequent occasion is 3+1 hexes away, previous our vacation spot.
Cut back fatigue: Journey (F + 2S [TN14]): 7 + 4 + 1: Failure. No discount in fatigue for talent, 1 for Whitefoot's vigor= 1 Fatigue for the journey.

Tolman arrives on the ruins from his reminiscence round noon on day three of journey. It’s nonetheless intermittently raining and the sky is overcast. Between the rain squalls, a darkish band of clouds could be seen approaching from the south-east. Tolman hurriedly begins his seek for the mushrooms.

Was the mushroom season good? (Middling): 9. Sure! There may be mushrooms to be discovered. 
Now to search out some... Scan (F + S [TN12]): 6 + 4: Failure!

Looking out across the base of the ruined tower, Tolman finds mushrooms – however not the range Bilbo has despatched him for. Eyeing the clouds, he continues to look.

Discover one other web site close by: Discover (F + S [TN14]): 9 + 3: Failure!

Whereas there may be the stays of a number of ruined buildings, none of them have mushrooms of any type close by. It’s now nightfall & Tolman’s ideas flip to meals, mattress and at last being barely drier. He makes an attempt to discover a sheltered spot close to one of many ruins.

Discover (F + 2S [TN12]): 3 + 2 + 2: Failure! 

Not one of the ruins present a lot shelter. There isn’t a overhead cowl and the very best he can discover is a nonetheless standing nook that shelters from two instructions. The climate turns nasty and the promised storm arrives, rain sleeting down in nice sheets. Tolman realizes he is in a spot of trouble and makes an attempt to not less than get a fireplace going within the nook of the ruins. The spot is protected against direct rain not less than however the wind whips previous.

In poor health-favoured Searching (Min(F,F) + 2S [TN14]): 1 + 3 + 2: Failure! 

No hearth tonight! Tolman is in for an sad evening. The tinder is all moist, Tolman is moist, the world is moist. Huddling subsequent to Whitefoot within the driest spot he can discover, Tolman makes an attempt to not less than relaxation.

Is Tolman's evening about to worsen? (Doubtless, poor bugger): 4. Sure.


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