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by ToCa81

Lodi (1/1), Rian (11/11), Inggar (4/4), Dacome (1/4)

Lodi and Inggar each take a couple of moments touching varied objects across the room to check out this unusual new sensation of their arms. To their shock, they each discover that their grip sticks far more firmly to almost each floor. “Appears to be like like Inggar and I have been affected a lot the identical as Slypri,” notes Lodi.

Rian checks his personal grip, however doesn’t discover any change from its pure state. “I don’t suppose it did something to me,” he says with a touch of disappointment in his voice.

“So now what?” asks Inggar. “Are we going to try to open that secret door? There’s gotta be some good loot again there in the event that they went via the difficulty of making an attempt to cover it.”

“We are able to additionally take these mutamole corpses again to the Underdragon to see what sort of reward it provides,” Dacome reminds the group. Even uttering the beast’s identify once more elicits some disgusted seems and murmurs of dissent, so she raises her arms in a placating method. “I do know what that that creature did to poor Faudrig was despicable, and it might very properly greet us with hostility if we return, however we did full the duty that it assigned to us. Maybe it is going to be in a extra beneficiant temper once we return with proof that the deed has been accomplished. The reward could also be definitely worth the danger, and we are able to at all times scoop up the corpses on the way in which again via this library. One thing to think about at the least.”


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