Rhythm Encounter 117 – Underrated Ultimate Fantasy Music

In relation to Ultimate Fantasy music, for each “One-Winged Angel,” there are a dozen lesser-known songs in a given sport that don’t at all times get their deserved time within the highlight. Right now’s panel got here loaded with eight songs they really feel are neglected, underrepresented, and, sure, underrated from throughout the Ultimate Fantasy collection. So sit, Sephiroth, right now we’re going to listen to from Relm, Jecht, and a few good avian mates.

Be aware: One in every of us made a mistake when discussing a track within the third block, however please proceed listening earlier than writing in, as we found out the problem throughout the track break! Apologies for any confusion there, however benefit from the music nonetheless.

That includes: Mike Salbato, Tin Manuel, Lucas Greene, Jimmy Turner; Edited by Jono Logan


0:09:38 – The Selkie Guild (Hidenori Iwasaki & Ryo Yamazaki) – Ultimate Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers
0:12:03 – Galdin Quay (Yoko Shimomura) – Ultimate Fantasy XV
0:27:42 – Damcyan Fort (Nobuo Uematsu, arr. Yuko Komiyama) – Ultimate Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster
0:30:17 – Horror of the Abyss (Takeharu Ishimoto) – Ultimate Fantasy Kind-0
0:48:26 – Coin Music (Nobuo Uematsu, arr. Shiro Sagisu) – Ultimate Fantasy VI Piano Collections
0:53:08 – God’s Cradle (JP: Kami no Yurikago), Relm’s Theme (Nobuo Uematsu, arr. Risa Ohki) – Ultimate Fantasy Vocal Collections II “Love Will Develop”
1:16:54 – On Our Fates Alight (Masayoshi Soken) – Ultimate Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
1:20:50 – Otherworld (Invoice Xtillidiex Muir, Nobuo Uematsu) – Ultimate Fantasy X 
1:51:51 – Jimmy’s Bonus Observe!

Album Hyperlinks

Ultimate Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster OST

Piano Collections “Ultimate Fantasy VI”

Ultimate Fantasy X Unique Soundtrack

Ultimate Fantasy XV Unique Soundtrack

Ultimate Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers Music Collections

Ultimate Fantasy Vocal Collections II “Love Will Develop”

Ultimate Fantasy Kind-0 HD Unique Soundtrack

Shadowbringers: Ultimate Fantasy XIV OST

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