RPG Evolution: When Players Retire

Fascinating article and it ties gaming in with the a lot wider problems with ageing populations, social coverage modifications and lots of different points.
Talking personally, I used to be fortunate sufficient to be able to retire a few years in the past at 58 and I’ve loved it quite a bit. I’ve by no means performed golf and taking part in good customary rugby is previously sadly, however I’ve coached rugby to youngsters, labored in a meals financial institution ( and the way terrible is it that these are essential; there’s sufficient cash to feed want, however not sufficient to feed greed!) and I’m truly working half time on a winery, simply because it’s so completely completely different from something I’ve ever finished.
However regards gaming: the additional time has been an enormous bonus. I’ve extra time to prep for my month-to-month nose to nose group, the place I DM, and I’m additionally a part of two incredible on-line video games, run by @TheSword and @Steampunkette respectively.
And I get to spend extra time with my spouse and my grandkids.
And I’ve simply obtained concerned in teaching a neighborhood American Soccer crew ( that is UK, so nothing like US stage of excellence, however enjoyable).

General although, the surprise of the gaming is that it’s stayed with me, as an enormous a part of my life, since I first performed a white field sport once I was 14, and remains to be an enormous a part of my life nonetheless as a retiree. I typically muse that I used to be 14 once I rolled up Aelric the fighter, and I assume I noticed him a round 22 in my creativeness; he’d be 68 now……if he hadn’t been killed in an orc ambush when he was level3!


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