Save Your Village From Homicide Hobos – 5 Fast Suggestions

Save Your Village From Homicide Hobos – 5 Fast Suggestions

How will we defend villagers from Homicide Hobos? We deliberate some nice roleplay on the town, however then the social gathering decides they don’t like being sassed and all of a sudden we’re rolling for initiative. Listed below are a 1d4+1 concepts, impressed by Dragon Journal #109, on how we can assist commoners save themselves.

1. Discover (or Turn out to be) a Protector

Given the fact of their world, commonfolk would search the umbrella of somebody sturdy sufficient or who has sufficient sources to repel bandits, invaders, and most dreaded of all, the participant characters.

In the event you like irony, think about a personality hook the place the PC’s purpose is to turn into highly effective sufficient to defeat adventurers presently bullying their family and friends.

2. Degree-Up

Given a frontier dwelling of hazard with out security internet, beef up commoners’ stat blocks to replicate their laborious existence. Whether or not its common militia coaching, previous encounters repelling gnolls and trolls, or just hardier stats, upscale your NPCs to allow them to defend themselves higher towards the hobos.

I took this strategy for my Homicide Princess marketing campaign and made the typical NPC stage 7, with in-game causes for this, and it labored nice.

3. Rivals

What’s attracted the characters to this area has probably attracted different mercenaries and vagabonds. Use these to create rival adventuring teams to distract the social gathering, or as thugs villagers might rent to enact some retribution.

4. Don’t Anger the King

Talking of retribution, ought to the social gathering trigger injury, they’ll be made to pay for it, even when the King should ship a military after them. Extra probably, kings and leaders of areas stricken by aggressive hobos will ship particular forces to cope with particular opponents. Assassins, balanced strike groups, and maybe a name for divine intervention.

Kings additionally make legal guidelines that get backed up with enforcement and penalties. Flesh out your authorized system a bit and consider how a world would cope with occasional wild playing cards that typical guards can not deal with alone.

5. Get Off My Garden!

Retired adventurers on the lookout for a peaceable life within the lands they helped save gained’t take kindly to disruption. They may escalate to epic ranges if allure diplomacy fails. Time to get the band again collectively….

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Use these 5 concepts, maybe together, pretty much as good in-game the explanation why the PCs can’t simply roll roughshod by way of your villages.

How do you retain commoners secure in your marketing campaign? Hit reply and let me know, or be a part of the dialogue thread right here.


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